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Most girls have low self-esteem and they try to get guys to notice them more than we guys do. That girl is too shy around you to say she loves you, but the reason why she wont tell you she loves u is because she actually does. She just thinks you are kind and stuff, and has another BF. A girl will not say she loves you until you say so yourself. And you have to look confident otherwise the girl will not be confident to put her in your hands.

Also, try to hold her hand and hug her once in a while. Not too much, cuz then they will think u r a creeper, the worst comment a girl could make about a guy. Just tell her that you love her and hug her. Be very kind to her. Make some jokes, and no sex jokes. Those turn girls off. I know what I am talking about. Oh yeah. Gel your hair. Girls like big ass hair thats wild and standing up. I like this girl very much. I like her very much and wish I knew that she does. Guys, just have be true to your heart, true to yourself dont change who you are , and be straightforward and confident.

Thats all it takes. And lets face it, looks do count, but there not everything, your attitude, personality, career, the way you hold yourself holds equal value too. Looks are the initial point, and while if u have it, it helps alot, u can balance out your other qualities. But really, just do some basic grooming, be clean, confident, and be true to yourself.

And if you like someone, just tell them so dont go over-board , but ask them out, and spend time with them. Okay, you guys are trying to hard. If you have acne and zits: Buy some Proactive or Clean and Clear or something. Do some research, maybee go to college? If she likes the type of guy that is the foot ball butt slapper type: Lift some boxes, join the gym, and join some sports. Find out what she likes. And to be honest, this is rare, but there is some girls that like nerds. These types of girls usually like a challenge… Even if the guy looks like a foot.

I hope my advice has helped you. I am new to this forum.

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I just found it and the messages look interesting. A lot of women say the want a nice guy, but they look for the bad guy. The nice guy is always some schmuck she uses to cry on his shoulder when the bad guy she is with is…, well…, bad to her. What did these women think was going to happen with a bad guy. They always want to get the bad guy, and then try to change him. Women always like trying to change whatever man they are with, even when they say they love him the way he is.

Men pretty much look for women they think they will be compatible with if they are looking for a long term relationship. Now here is the kicker. There is something to be said for being committed to someone, but staying with someone who always makes you miserable is taking it to the extreme. For instance, if men see another man being a jerk, then most men know that the guy is a… wel… a jerk. Instead, she sees Mr. Go figure! On the flip side, if a man encounters another man who is polite and helpful, then the that man usually sees someone that he would call a pretty cool dude.

Here again, a woman sees something totally different. Instead, they mistake nice for weakness. Again, go figure. A real good example of what I am talking about is this: Did you know that a lot of the male prison poplation have no trouble getting one or more women wanting them. Here again, a man will see such men for who they are.

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No, what they will see is a knight in shining armor. You never hear of men trying to hook up with female convicted felons. Not by a long shot. These are the kind of women I seem to always encounter. Or are there just not many of these women around? We were in school. She knows I like her and she avoids me now. Now I am left with everything average in my life… nothing special. There seems just no way to get her. It seems impossible that a girl would accept a boy whom she had once rejected. Can anyone please suggest something?? Is there any chance?

I think anyone who tries too hard is doing something wrong. Truthfully, if something is going to happen, then just let it happen. I met this girl on the internet and we talked for a few days and then we started dating over the internet. We liked each other a lot we called each other a lot almost everyday. But she told me its not my fault. I just want to know what I can say or do to maybe get this relationship back on track, because things were amazing and we were both constantly happy.

I truly miss her. First off. Take a step back, and re-read the header on this page. Be yourself. Find out if they really are a person you would like to be around a lot. Look fellaz. I met an amazing woman last year. She took me home and we started seeing eachother not long after that. She used to say she was madly in love with me, she would practise writing her new initials and signature for when we get married.

When I was in rehab she visited everyday, but when I got out I gave her the flick, then recalled her into my life. Our turbulent relations lasted a year and then we parted amicably. She has had a short relationship since with someone violent. Am I just a booty call? I think I love her this time and yes I know her favorite colour, movie, songs, reactions, sense of humour and yes I think about her romantically. Fellow peers who like you have come to this site looking for help. Cuz the author isnt going to read all of these and help every one of you. Presumably the majority of you are men.

Well then be manly. If she said no, keep in contact but stop hoping and wishing for a magical formula to make it work. Here the thing that I had. So what we have to explain my and her parents if the time that we want to marry with each other arrive? Wait for help by ideas. Cause I have no any idea about it at all. What do I do? Feel free to include how stupid I am for asking this question, thanks. I am a loser essentially. I have a girlfriend as well but i am not showing much towards her sadly and we barely talk. Please help meh. Well theres this girl ive known for three years.

We are good friends, and i just got msn about a week ago and every second day we have stayed up from 10 to 4 am talking and I make her laugh alot. I love talking to her. And I miss her alot.. I love her obviously. And she doesnt know. I dont know what I should do, is there any ways I can impress her or make her feel special? Or how do I tell her? I thank you so much. I really hopes this works. John, that was really up lifting and going to try tomarrow to start being nice and judging my self. Thanks for all the help, and p. She is sooooo hot! First of all I want to say that your girl or your friend is very lucky, the way you described her was really amazing; it touches me deeply.

I m sorry you love her ok!!!!!!!!!!! But tell her everything trust me! First of all, I find it a little sad that you have to come to this website for your love life,but I also find it sweet. You want someone to fall in love with who YOU are. Otherwise you will have to put on an act eveyday which is very difficult, trust me. You have to do what you feel is right.

Also, become friends with them. Hugging is a good thig because, not only does it make a girl feel secure, it makes them feel wante. This is VERY good. And, every girl needs a good listener. Ok I like this girl a lot but she has a boyfriend that she has been going out with for like 2 and a half years. We are both good friends and have the same interests. Do you think she likes me at all? We both are freshman in a fairly small highschool in texas. However, it is hard seeing a girl I really like hold hands and hug another guy.

Hi I am in love with a girl down the street from me. She is one year younger then me. So one day I asked her if she would be my girlfriend. She said no and ran away from me. When she ran home I think she told her parents because they used to like me but now they hate me. How do I fix it? This is a girl speaking. And again,if you like a girl, just tell her, its that simple, maybe she likes you too and is just waiting for you to make a move. Stop crying and move on if the girl you love has a bf.

Now if shes having a difficult time deciding, then id say you have some wiggle room. Ladies would you agree? Should I? I have no idea but I really like her. Theres a girl out there for ya, you just gotta find her. My Girl friend left me about 2 months ago and I cant believe how stupid I was for letting her go… It went wrong to start with because I put too much pressure on her asking demanding questions. I never really gave her enough time to fall deeply in love with me and after I asked the wrong question she ended it… I miss her so much and cant believe how dumb i was, I have searched the internet for answers and ways to get her back.

I spent hours think about her in the past and now she has gone all the energy has turned to making myself into her perfect guy, working out, improving charisma and trying to become better. I need help I dont know how I can approach her anymore, we are still in touch but only as friends and I cant seem to compliment or flirt with her without her seeing it as me hitting on her, it feels like a dead end. In most the internet advice I have seen it suggests not trying to win them back and just going with the follow and only trying to influence them back into falling in love with you.

I need some help with how exactly i can influence her and make her see how much i love her. I asked a girl out. She said we would try it out for a week or two. I told her that then asked her out. We text all the time. How do I make her stay with me?

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Were in grade school. Please help…!!! I am in love with a girl, a girl that I loved for years and years. We are kind of a friend before but not anymore after I have said I am in deep love with her,and she is just keep on ignoring me.

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I like this girl but she likes someone else and it bothers me because i dont feel very ugly and i just have more few freckles i try to make her laugh but she never pays attention. We know each other for 2 years. We did our studies in the same college. I have completed the course and now I am working in an organization. We are very close to each other. I can feel her sadness, pain, happiness and all and I will share everything to her. I am very friendly and sincere to her. She says that she loves me so much. She can understand me well. She loves me since I became her friend.

I understood that thing on the day we separated. Now i am far away from her. I want to be with her. I want to marry her. I am waiting for the day to see her…I miss you a lot my girl…. I know! No matter what she is in all if my dreams. I fell completely in love with a girl in one of my classe. I will always be here for you. Hi Tareq. Even my friend has the same problem. My advice is just OPEN yourself to her. When she is knows your point of view in you should stand bold buddy. Express yourself and take care!

Everything u wrote is everything we already know. Ultimately what u say in all articles is for a guy to love himself and value himself first and the rest should fall in place on its own. She wants to breakup the relation. I understand that she wants to fulfill her dream and I too, I gave her time also but she said no. Her answer is negative for this. At first, i think you should know who you are: Know yourself! Love yourself, at first! We hate it! Secound: be real. Make it often, but on a day, tell her all your feelings.

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But you have to try, even it being hard. Thirty: Give her flowers in commun days. Hug her, make she feels like she was a queen. Because I love you, understand it? Is it clear? This is essential. Think about you. Look at mirror and try to see out of your image. Try to see you heart. Ive been working with this girl for about 2years now, I really liked her, and even asked her out, then i found out she had a boyfriend.

Though then we started talking and she started calling me, then i would call her, and when we talked, she would hardly ever mention her boyfriend. I keep telling myself i dont need her, yet i keep having thoughts and dreams about her. So please help me. Most girls wants them to rich and remaing want the looks. So there is never be a single girl who loves a boy for his heart….. We knew each other for 1 to 2 years. I have completed the course and now I am working in a company.

I can feel her sadness, pain, happiness and all. She says that she loves me than I love her. She can understand what it truly means to love someone. She began to love me after we talked a lot. Now i am kms away from her. One more thing: There seem to be a lot of guys on here who like girls already in relationships. Lastly, consider some possibilities with me. Think of some genuinely decent and desirable girls who are married. Now consider that those girls probably had more than 1 boyfriend besides the boyfriends they each married. Similarly, guys are capable of feeling love for more than one girl over their lifetime.

I hope this goes a long way to help guys begin to release their neediness. It was very crazy for me. My 8 yr old just about hated her but he was influenced by his mother. We ended up breaking up after living together for about a year. It broke her Heart. She would still come to my house and sleep over times a week. This went on for over 2 months. Then just the other day I found my self missing her really bad. The next day I decided she was the best thing that ever happened to me and I instantly was in love with her. I wanted her back and i wanted to give her my whole heart.

She then went on to tell me that She came to say goodbye because she met someone earlier in the week and was just about in love with him. On the 6 day she wants to see him again. She also says she wants to do the same with him be friends until she can come to terms about me now falling in love with her. Is it possible to get her back? Thank You. I need help. I like this girl from school, Shes perfect. What does that mean?? But i do like this girl a lot i just get nervous to start a conversation an that i might get rejected….

But she has a boyfriend who is the star football player. What do I do?!?! Hi dear. Could you help me please? Please give me some advivces, Best regards. I liked this girl for 2 years and she seems to look at me sometimes during class.

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She sometimes looks at my hand and my feet. Everytime she laughs at a joke our teacher tells she looks at me. If not then what signs am I suppose to look for? When i first started to love her i had chances and she was in love with me too. Please help I need advice on how i can build my self-esteem. So all of that make me to think about her all the time day and night and i started to feel different in my way of thinking about life and future and to asked my self one day is this really love who make me to feel like this?

So I advise all the guys to wait and be patient everyone of us have his partner so it depend of the time of seen her. Love is complicated. I really like my best friend. She likes me. She has a boyfriend. Just a tool. Pretty messed up. Before anyone can say about treating her right, making her feel good etc. Her BF also likes my, cause i play the guitar, and he wants me to play guitar with her, cause she plays too, and he thinks she is excellent. I love her much more than as a friend.

My love for this girl has reached an uncontrolable point, to where she utterly controls my thoughts. She does not flirt or talk about relationships with me at all, yet i make her happy and sometimes laugh when i speak to her. We have a lot in common, and recently i found out that her mum knew my mum 15 years ago. This sparked a strange feeling i think we both shared, which brought us together as friends.

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I now think of her as a female version of me, except much more confident and popular. I love her so much, she is so talented and clever, and so massively beautiful, although some of my mates call her ugly, perhaps out of jelousy towards her boyfriend. I want more that friendship, i value her more than anything else in my life, and this has been building for a long time. I want to spend my life with this right girl. I need to appeal to her thoughts! Help me, i shout to the world!! Every girl i meet wants to be my best friend. Dont make her love you. What if she dont wanna be loved?

I didnt, but he didnt care and made me fall for him. He broke my heart, just stop and think about it, some girls dont wanna be loved. Love is so beautiful and painful at the same time. I think the key is to love without attachment. Love yourself more than the other person because the most important relationship you will have in life is with yourself. Love other people abundantly but without expectations.

Do what is best for you and try to improve yourself for your own sake because you love yourself, not for anyone else. Love without possessiveness. Maybe you will never have these ladies, but you can still love them in a corner of your heart. Loving yourself is the main point, giving love is important, recieving love from yourself is essential, recieving love from others is not important. But are you guys officially dating? If you are dating, then you should ask her what is wrong with her brain.

Invite girls over to your place, treat them in her own favorite ways, make her jealous. So I think the best thing to do is discuss your relationship between the two of you. Keep me posted! And good luck!! I have been in love with this girl for 7 years. In that time I was in a 5 year relationship with another girl and was engaged to be married. I thought about this other girl almost all the time, so much so that it eventually broke apart my relationship.

I know that she cares for me a lot…like a brother. They do nothing for me. Like a complete moron I am, I made these feelings stronger. She comes back from across the country after 3 years and specifically wants to move in with me. I was in a dream land.

All our friends call us married. We argue about insignificant things. We sleep in separated beds. We even shared a bachelor suite at one time. We have everything in common. I make her laugh. I know I am valuable to her.. Perhaps she does it to see what I will do. She says she just wants to be friends but i cant seem to convince her.

Nelson: Different people need different things to know that they are loved. Some people need to be touched, others need to hear it, others need to see actions done. Sometimes getting your life together is the best thing you can do to fix a relationship. Get your life together first, then talk to her and invite her into it, along with with your unborn child. Becca: You can be friends or you can be lovers.

The transition is hard to do if you start by being friends first… instead, be lovers first and then develop the friendship alongside. Graeme and Light, just both try to be friends with your girls. They might hate you now becuase they think you have lost their trust, but if you try and just be friends they both will realise what they did was wrong, and then they will want you back. Gd luck. I agree with Sam, Steven.

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My grandmother told me before if you let her date someone else she will come back and see how good and valuable you really are to her.. But my opinion on this is that a girl is not as precious as a friend, and in your case your best friend. Forget about her, do not let her tempt you to ruin your friendship with your best friend, because what will happen is; you and your friend will have a fight, stop talking, then you get to date the girl for a while, and then you realize how much of an idiot you are to choose a girl over your best friend. Find another girl, i know its hard, especially when your crazy on one girl.

But it your choice to make, its either her, or him. Good luck. I had to move to California temporarily where i have been here for about 4 months. We talked so much that we ran out of things to talk about, literally. I come back in a week and she just broke up with me.

I do want to be her boyfriend. I need help in a big way. My ex broke up with me telling me I was to over protective and wanted to see her to much but a week later was with another guy who she. She told me everything about she and her bf, even what they did. We shared our past relationships with each other.

Then we start talking about schools, our friends, parents etc. And then i made a confession to her telling that i loved her, she told me she loved me too. We then start to went out together. And then, few weeks pass, her ex came to ask her for patch. She asked me, if she should accept him. Well, me being a good guy, told her and persuade her to accept him. If you are a total stranger and she does not like you, you might end up being depressed so try to make friends with her and then yeah, do what you gotta do. Our hearts go with you halfway across the world.

May your calling inspire ours. I can't find that post right now. Anyway, whoever said that, I completely agree with you. Each time we meet we put the smallest coin we have with us in a little box. Women all over the world do the same thing; many of them do it each time they pray. I feel really weird putting a penny or a nickel in a donation box, but they made me because the other women insisted that we're proving an amazing point.

I was skeptical until I saw the numbers. Just imagine how many pennies and nickels that is! Every little bit counts. I was blown away. G, When you come back, tell me what the girl outside the brothel is doing. I've been afraid to ask all day, but I can't tell. The comments have left me with so many wonderful forever nuggets on faith and this very sacred community and the journey of this restless spirit.

Hey Monkees!!! I have read and digested all during school today. Just a couple of thoughts to add. There is so much to be done by Christians to show the love of God to those around us that at times we seem overwhelmed and just sit down and do nothing— what a tragedy! RAther than look at it that way—perhaps its better to say—hey there is so much to do that I get to help make a difference. The site I shared last week is about a young lady that was called to go to Uganda and now has 14 adopted daughters.

Her blog blesses me so much. There is a site called hopemongers. You can go on the site pick out anything you want to do and support it. That's an awesome way to find something that really speaks to you and get involved. I have been so blessed to sit back and watch my son and daughter-in-law step out in faith and decide to do what they could to make a difference here and abroad.

Meg has run marathons, held a boutique at their home and lots of other things to raise money to send to Africa to make a difference. She has certainly opened my eyes to all the things that we can do to help others. It is my priviledge to sponsor children in Ethiopia and India. I love looking at their little faces and praying specifically for them. There is a native pastor in EAst Rwanda that I share with two other families in my church. We pay his support so that he can reach his own people. Several Sundays ago a couple in their twenties came to our church during a mission emphasis— they started Africa for Jesus when they were I was amazed.

They are like sister — they feel called to go. I sat with tears in my eyes listening to how God is using them in Africa. God has given us each gift, talents and had things for us to do to make this world a better place. It might be ministering to the people in your own little corner of the world or heading out to some other corner. Sometimes its a BIG thing and other times a relatively small thing. The size isn't important it the obedience to what God calls us to do. We just need to be willing and he will make us able. I think my little mission field is the 3 classes of new students that I met today.

They were put in my class for a reason and I need to be willing to help as needed. Today I was introducing myself. I love to tell them about my life so that they are willing to share theirs with me. Its fun to tell them about all the things I love— especially Jesus. I feel called to be there and willing to do what ever God wants. Its so much fun to work with my kids. I know I have rambled on and on but I wanted to share my perceptions of the conversation. It was fun to see my Megan making comments.

I am not sure she wants to me associated with me but the cat is out of the bag. Susie, Thank you for the kind words your encouragement has made me feel more confident already: and Glennon.. I have every intention of e-mailing you regarding the sponsorshp program, I would like very much to be a part of it.. I have actually been trying to find the right time.. I guess this is my opportunity.. We actually know eachother in the "real world" which makes this all the more intimidating to me. I don't even know where to start.. Anonymous — I am so happy you came out of your shell today!

I often feel these exact same things as you — haunted by images of these girls or in fact any story I see on the news that revolves around children. This book, this blog, this group of Monkees is in the process of saving me — in so many ways. Though I have to admit, as I write I begin to feel more anxious because I feel like I can't act quick enough to help. I am sure that as my husband walks through the door tonight and I tell him that I too want to sponser our own child — he will look at me with that 'oh boy, you have been reading G's blog again, haven't you?

It's a small step, but as Susan wrote "little is much, when God is in it. On another note hopefully somewhat related , this past year my husband and I had a very tough year. We lost a best friend to suicide and a week later my mother passed suddenly. I have felt like the past 11 months I have been in a fog. Soon after these events we joined an amazing church in Reston.

We were lost. We didn't know what to do with our grief, our confusion, and the pain — so we turned to God. We both found groups at our church and they have rescued us. Every Sunday, we get up early, go to church, hold hands and I cry. I cry every Sunday. At first I thought I certainly needed meds or some kind of therapy, but then I came to realize that when I am there, I am safe. It's an incredible feeling. It's kind of like being here — a part of this blog.

He told a story that I can't stop thinking about. Several years ago a biblical teacher, Vance Havner spoke about being a visiting preacher at a church. He stepped off of the plane and was greeted by the pastor from the church he would be visiting. They stopped at an Italian restaurant for dinner and it was located in the cellar of an old building. The sat down at the table and the room was very dark — lit by only candles and Vance Havner says 'Wow, it's so dark down here, looks like tonight I will have to eat by faith and not by sight'. As they ordered and chatted, the other pastor says 'you know Vance, after a while you kind of get used to the dark'.

Vance looked up and said 'Thank you. You just gave me the title of my new book — 'Getting Used to the Dark'. Though our Pastor on Sunday was speaking mainly of having the wrong idea of grace — I think this statement is so incredibly powerful for me. I often find myself on a daily basis trapped, used to daily routines, work, caring for others, etc.

I love this. Ironically today as I googled Vance Havner a daily devotion popped up. It read:. Be courageous and visionary, believing in the power of just a few vibrant witnesses to transform the world. It is so easy to be overwhelmed…I know. But try, try not to be. There is simply too much for us to do, too many for us to love. A couple of years ago at the IJM Benefit Dinner, Gary H, said something to the effect of…all of the effort is worth it…if we just save one person from slavery.

Anonymous at , I am so glad you posted! You are absolutely not stupid and I used to be a major worrier like you too! I want to let you know that there is a song, I don't know the name. How great is that! Yeah for that. Also, when you start getting overwhelmed by what these children might be going through remember God loves them perfectly and even more than you or I love our children, so I have to trust that He has a good plan for them. And we can always pray pray pray. I hope this helps a little. You sound like a mighty mama bear monkee. I'm not done with the book and haven't read even half of the amazing comments, but am already moved to tears with pride at being a Monkee!

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. I have never commented on this blog before.. I guess it is that "fear factor" rearing it's ugly head again.. I often feel lke my opinions don't matter so why why anyone want to hear them.. My insecurites seem to have a pattern as you will soon realize with what i am about to say.. I am speaking out today because i feel strongly about this cause.. I always have.. I just don't know what to do about it.. I can't get these images out of my head..

I am so afraid that if I expose myself and actually sponser a child I will forever be haunted by the thoughts and images that I create in my head that I know are real and true about this child that I can't protect.. I am fiercley protective of my daughters as i am sure we all are I am that mother that is annoyingly worried ALL of the time that someone might hurt them, take them away from me..

To help a child I can not physically protect, wrap my arms around them and let them know everything thing is going to be ok..? I can't explain it.. Do you all remember that entry Glennon wrote about,when she and Craig donated money to to an orphange and later found out that they helped a 4 year old little girl that was raped by her step father..

I need help.. Thank you Sister, for having more courage than I, to take on such a enormous and important responsiblity.. I hope i can follow in your footsteps one day. Glennon, Sister, and fellow Monkees, I just rocked my sweet baby to sleep and that is usually my best chance for some quiet time and to hear God. Whether we are moms, or teachers, or writers, or any combo of these or anything else I forgot to mention.

We have come here to tell the truth and we even read about or are going to read about another truth in this world. We may not be able to go to the front lines but we can pray about it and talk about it to our friends. I am going to tell my children about this I will try to keep it age appropriate and we will pray for Amanda and the children she will encounter over the next year. I can not forget that we are exactly where we are supposed to be and as longs as we let Him, God will get us to where we need to go.

G, Can someone who has been desribed by her father very lovingly as " a fart in a wind storm" be a committee chair? If so, I'm in! And I don't want you to spend a single moment feeling guilty for leaving the five of us, who will likely starve here while you are do-gooding. Sister, Monkees: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To tell you the truth, my biggest fear for the year has been the thought of seeing those horribly abused kids on the street and being hopeless to do anything for them.

Thinking that I would be utterly heartbroken and paralyzed. It has been keeping me up at night and making me worried I will not be strong enough to do the work I need to do there. The fact that you and the Monkees have sponsored a child this year will comfort my heart whenever I see them. I am without words. I choose to think our child is that toddler I read about. I love him and so do we. Thank you for loving him. Thank you for giving me the support I needed to prepare.

I love you Sister. I keep trying to imagine Glennon passing around a tray of tea and crumpets. But every time I try to see the tray in my mind's eye, there is an open bag of Cheetos on it instead. Susan, I think a grass roots commitment to pray for those who are desperate for help would change things faster than anything else.

Maybe you could be the committee chair. Megan, Yes! I love that. I think because I have been saved from what I can only re-late to as my own private hell on earth, I want to give back so badly. I want to give back hope and love and happiness. I want every single person to know that God is bigger than every single evil in this world. I just have 5 kids to take care of and they need me to make them number 1 for now. They have not always been number 1.

I hate to even write that out, but it is true. I am going to have to make peace with the fact that right now they are my zone and maybe praying for or checking into more "doable" things here, where my children are is enough. Amanda and Chimmy, you're amazing. I haven't read the book, but one of my resolutions this year was to do more reading. I'm hoping to get through books this year.. Anyway, reading this post there is one comment…that Christians give 14 reasons why we cannot stop violence and injustice…this reminded me of one of my favorite sayings..

I may not be able to make a huge difference in the world, but I can do something. A friend of mine preached a Mothers' Day sermon several years ago about that "Mama Bear" instinct we all have to protect our children. Then she wondered aloud, what would the world look like if each mother found a way to extend her Mama Bear love to one other unprotected child on the planet.

I still think of that and wonder how I can do that. If all the mothers did it, it would be a revolution. For those of you who haven't read the book and the other books by Haugen, I would encourage you to do so. Am I ignoring them? I always thought that when I got to Heaven, the first question that I would ask God would be…. We can and should do it right here. We are Warrior Girls. We are meant to be fearless. We are to be strong. We are to be love-filled, courageous fighters, who stand up for what is wrong.

We are monkees. Here is more food for thought. I love the message that we should not allow ourselves to become comfortably numb and settle into a mundane spirtual existence that ultimately bores us. God gave us too much fire inside to be mundane. I love how Haugen reinforces how God challenges us to really step out on faith, beyond what we can control and that with every leap we take small or giant ones we become more and more brave, less complacent on our spiritual path and definitely closer to God.

I also felt conflicted because I am a firm believer in that the answer to our restlessness our calling is different for each and every one of us. And the possibilities and purpose of each of our souls is unique and matters even if you are not one of the brave souls on the front lines.

There are ways that many people the world over are seeking justice, fighting for it, and IJM is just one of those remarkable and brave ways and sometimes that sentiment was lost in the pitch for IJM and their work. Sometimes the voice of the inspiring, fearless spiritual brother reminding us that we can do many hard things beyond our imagination, many hard things beyond our control, many hard things because we are designed that way was lost in the IJM pitch or cal to join them.

Of course, as I near the end of the book, the conflicted feelings are not my take aways. This book was far too amazing for that. It left me feeling humbled yes, which I like. And I am very very very connected to my brethren, sistren, and monkeeren the world over! I have a very dear friend who works in Conflict Resolution and I am sending him this book to remind him that he is fulfilling a great purpose. He goes through some moments when he feels very defeated and even though he isn't really the 'religious type' I think he will connect with this book because he feels compelled to go to the world's most notorious spots to help bring reconciliation, justice and peace.

He has worked with warring tribes in countries I have never even heard of because they don't make the "world" news. Michelle — your front lines may be different than Sister's front lines, but they are God's work too. I think we all experience pain, risk and difficulty in varying degrees, and are made brave and closer to God in how we reach in ourselves and reach out to one another and to God to overcome them. Sister — you ROCK! He takes her home where she is welcomed by the family and Travis' sister's newborn child. To make up for missing their dinner date they have one in the front yard, where she tells him she heard everything he said whilst in the coma.

The last shot is of Travis and Gabby with their children and dogs sitting in the gazebo called Gabby's Point, looking out onto the shore and up at the stars. Welling plays Ryan, a doctor at his father's practice who is Gabby's boyfriend, and Grace plays Travis' sister, Stephanie. Principal photography on the film began on October 13, , in Wilmington , North Carolina , [10] [11] and lasted through November The Choice received negative reviews from critics.

The site's critical consensus reads, "Like the 10 Nicholas Sparks movies before it, The Choice finds tragedy striking star-crossed lovers in the sun-dappled South — yet even for those who loved its predecessors, this gauzy melodrama may feel painfully formulaic.

Frank Schenk of the Hollywood Reporter criticized the film as being "the cinematic equivalent of staring at a Hallmark Card for two hours. Dowd of the A. Club called it "a formulaic mush". The movie was released for inclusion in Amazon Prime membership in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Choice Theatrical release poster.

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