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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Mauris nunc erat, commodo ac placerat at, cursus vitae nibh. She opens the door, and calls to Paul, but he can't hear her over the dust storm.

He collapses a short distance away, but finds something growing among the rocks, and eats it. The following morning, he carries Sandra up to a shelter he built during the night. He tells her that it is their new garden of Eden. Alan and Helena arrive, and ask where he got the steam to be up all night. Paul shows them the "manna from heaven" he gathered. Helena says they need to run some tests. Paul tells her he already "tested" it. She suggests they stick to the survival rations for breakfast, says she'll run what tests she can, and if it seems safe, they can have it for lunch.

Alan decides to go "mushroom hunting" just in case it is safe. To which, Koenig replies that when the Moon passes beyond the warmth of the sun, its atmosphere will turn to ice and crush Alpha. But on a positive note, Victor also informs John that the graphite covered Eagle is ready. Koenig and Mathias lift off again in search of the downed Eagle.

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When Helena has finished running her tests on the "manna", she tells Paul that she thinks it's safe, but they can run more tests when they get back to Alpha. Paul tells her that they are not going back to Alpha; that there was a purpose in everything that happened to them. He insists that they are destined to spread humanity throughout the stars. Alan returns and sees that Paul has Helena and Sandra cornered. Helena gives him a look to let him know that there is something wrong. Paul follows her gaze to see Alan throw the "manna" away.

Paul punches Alan, and Helena grabs a sedative out of a medical kit. Paul forces it out of her hand, and begins to choke her. Paul hears the probes from Ariel descending to the surface and let's Helena go. He tells her that the "people" of Ariel have returned, and begins to walk among them. Helena sees an Eagle approaching in the distance and takes advantage of the distraction. She runs to their Eagle, lines up several oxygen tanks, and opens them up.

The Last Sunset

She grabs a laser rifle from the rack and runs outside. In the Eagle, Dr. Mathis warns Koenig that the atmospheric pressure on the surface is dropping fast. Helena takes position, aims at the open door of the Eagle, and fires. The Eagle explodes in a massive fireball.

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Mathias spots the the explosion, and Koenig alters course. They land and find Alan and Helena. Alan tells Koenig where Sandra is, and says that she needs help. Koenig sends the others back to the ship, and goes after Sandra. He tries to help her up, but Paul attacks him. They fight, but eventually Koenig gets the upper hand, and knocks Paul out. Once they are back in Main Mission, Victor explains that the "Manna" is rich in second class proteins, and has many essential vitamins, along with some hallucinogenic properties.

Paul muses that it wasn't a bad trip until the end. Tanya Alerts Koenig that the alien object is moving again. It lifts off, and moves into a position over Main Mission. It begins transmitting a message, declaring that the people of Ariel were neither benevolent or malevolent in their actions. But it was their absolute need to prevent the humans from entering the atmosphere of their planet.

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Koenig asks if they can hear him. They tell him yes, and they can also read his thoughts. Koenig replies that they must know that the Alphans came in peace. They respond saying that they have watched Earth since the beginning of time, and because of human nature, could not take the risk.