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Hamburg ; Fisser-Wilke C. Hamburg out of print, available online Platzangst 3. Hamburg ; Fisser, C. Hamburg Platzangst 4. Series Editor: Z. Madrid, November Antibiotics and Chemotherapy, Vol. Nagoya ; Ichikawa, Y. Nagoya ; Sun, Y. Dalian ; Hamazaki, T. Toyama ; Lands, W. College Park, Md. World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics, Vol. Hosemann, H. We included published as well as unpublished papers in German and English reporting outcomes of psychotherapeutic hospital treatment in Germany.

Investigations from other countries had to be excluded due to the differences in health care systems and the unique position of inpatient psychotherapy in Germany. Inclusion criteria were based on those used in the meta-analysis on psychosomatic rehabilitation mentioned above MESTA study [9] , but were modified according to the context of psychotherapeutic hospital treatment see Table 1. Data abstraction was mainly carried out by one rater SL and supported by three trained student research assistants.

The student assistants extracted the sample characteristics and the quality criteria, but not the outcome data. All extracted data were verified by the first rater SL.

In case of ambiguity, the results were discussed with a second rater SR. To guarantee a high quality of data extraction, the second rater SR additionally carried out unsystematic double ratings and checked for inter-rater agreement. We extracted the following information from the identified studies: authors, title, year of publication, type of publication, country of study execution, study quality, measurement points, treatment characteristics e.

If relevant outcome information was missing, we contacted the authors of the study. There is a considerable lack of available checklists for the appropriate assessment of the study quality of psychotherapy outcome studies. Especially for non-randomized, i. For this reason, we scrutinized the issue of study quality in a separate study [17]. Based on a systematic review of relevant quality assessment tools, we selected the 19 different quality criteria most relevant to non-randomized psychotherapy outcome studies, which address various aspects of general methodological quality, internal validity, and external validity.

We evaluated the quality of the included studies separately for each of these 19 criteria. Additionally, we calculated a composite score as the mean across all items, which ranged from zero to two, indicating low quality to high quality, respectively. We calculated standardized pre-post effect sizes as well as pre-follow-up effect sizes. In the case that more than one follow-up measurement point was reported, we selected the first one following the end of treatment to calculate the pre-follow-up effect size. However, due to the small number of studies providing follow-up data for all subscales, we had to limit the pre-follow-up analyses to the total scores only.

To ensure comparability across different samples e. To interpret a pre-post effect or a pre-follow-up effect as small, medium or large, this within-group effect must exceed the effect of an untreated control group by the reference value defined by Cohen. Accordingly, to consider an effect size as small, medium or large, we firstly deducted 0.

To address the concept of clinical significance, we calculated the percentage of remitted patients for each sample based on the GSI of the SCL see Formula 2. By weighing each study effect with its inverse variance, smaller samples contributed less to the effect than larger samples. Results were tested for statistically significant differences to zero two-tailed tests. To test for heterogeneity of effect sizes, we calculated Q statistics [18] as well as the I 2 index [27].

While the Q statistic tests for significant heterogeneity, the I 2 statistic quantifies the amount of variance attributed to differences between samples. To address differences between the included studies, we performed moderator analyses by calculating meta-regressions via restricted maximum likelihood, weighted by the inverse variance of the particular criterion.

To reduce the risk of bias, we included published as well as unpublished studies. For all calculations we used SPSS Wilson [31]. Based on the inclusion criteria, our search resulted in 59 studies which were described in 67 different publications see Figure 1 and Table 2. For 34 articles of which results were incomplete, we contacted the authors. Figure 1. All samples, which received psychotherapeutic treatment and had available outcome data were included.

Except for one study conducted in Germany and Switzerland, all studies were conducted exclusively in Germany. The majority of papers Seventy-five percent of the studies were published in scientific journals, 15 percent in books or book chapters, nine percent were not formally published and one study was published as a scientific report.

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The majority of samples were recruited from psychodynamic treatment settings. Socio-demographic, socio-medical and clinical characteristics were typical for inpatient psychotherapeutic samples in Germany. Depressive disorders were the most common diagnoses see Table 3. For In almost all of these samples, some — but not all — patients used medication if indicated. In one sample, patients had to be medication-free before inclusion and received a pharmacological placebo during their inpatient stay. The mean quality score ranged from 0. Some criteria i. Five percent of the studies used randomized controlled designs, 29 percent used quasi-experimental designs and 66 percent used observational designs.

Treatment effects on global symptom severity GSI of the SCL had a medium size at discharge see Table 4 as well as at follow-up, although there was a slight reduction in effect size to follow-up see Table 5. Taking into account the defined critical values, four percent of all samples showed no meaningful improvement at discharge, 28 percent showed an improvement of a small effect size, 49 percent showed an improvement of a medium effect size and 20 percent showed an improvement of a large effect size.

No sample showed an aggravation of symptoms. All mean effects differed significantly from zero. Regarding interpersonal problems Total Score of the IIP , an improvement of a small effect size was found at discharge see Table 4 , which slightly increased but remained a small effect size at follow-up see Table 5. Concerning pre-post effects, 12 of 19 scales i. Pre to follow-up effects showed no significant heterogeneity, however the I 2 score for the IIP Total indicated a small amount of heterogeneity.

To explain the heterogeneity in treatment effects, we examined the percentage of females, mean age, diagnostic composition homogeneous vs. While a higher impairment at intake was associated with a larger effect size in both measurements, a longer treatment duration correlated with lower effect sizes in SCL GSI and with larger effect sizes in IIP Total. In all of these scales, smaller studies showed lower effects see Figure 3. This study represents the first meta-analysis on the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic hospital treatment in Germany.

It can be concluded that psychotherapeutic hospital treatment shows positive outcomes for both psychopathological symptoms and interpersonal problems. However, the effects in the two domains differ in their magnitude and pattern. Symptom reduction reaches a medium effect size at discharge but the effect slightly decreases between discharge and follow-up. On the other hand, interpersonal problems are reduced at a slower pace and are less substantial in the short term, yet they continue to decrease from discharge to follow-up. Similar results have been reported by Barkham et al. According to this model, the first improvements are expected to occur in subjective well-being, which then allows for a symptom reduction.

Symptom reduction on its own seems to be a necessary condition for improvement in life functioning, including interpersonal functioning. An additional explanation for lower effect sizes concerning the IIP might be that we combined the IIP Total Score and individual subscales across all different kinds of samples. This resulted in a reduction of information, as different patient samples show different patterns of interpersonal problems. The simple mean value calculation, however, does not consider the circumplex structure of interpersonal problems [34].

Compared to the samples of inpatients treated in psychosomatic rehabilitation clinics in Germany which were included in the meta-analysis conducted by Steffanowski et al. However, when interpreting these differences in effect size, one needs to consider several possible reasons favoring hospital treatment. First, a higher initial symptom load may allow for a higher symptom reduction. Second, hospital treatment is characterized by a longer duration than rehabilitation treatment twelve vs. Third, as the present analysis was able to include more recent studies than the MESTA study, more advanced treatment concepts may in part account for the existing differences.

On the one hand, it can be concluded that there is variation regarding the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic hospital treatment differing between the included scales. Surprisingly, the follow-up results show only a small respectively smaller heterogeneity even though there was a high variability in follow-up intervals ranging from three to 41 months. The variety of heterogeneity between different subscales corresponds to typical characteristics of the investigated sample. None of the investigated patient characteristics except the impairment at intake correlated significantly with the treatment effect.

In accordance with Bohart and Greaves Wade [35] , samples with higher impairment at intake show larger changes during treatment. Concerning treatment characteristics, only the treatment duration was associated with the effect sizes; interestingly, the results differed between the two investigated outcome measurements. With regard to symptom severity, longer treatment duration is associated with lower effect sizes, whereas regarding interpersonal problems, samples with longer treatment durations showed larger effect sizes.

Generally, the relation between outcome and treatment duration is not a simple one: While dose-response-models [36] , [37] postulate that treatment duration affects outcome higher response rates in longer treatment , the good-enough-model [38] implies that symptom change predicts treatment duration longer treatments in severely disturbed patients. In this context, our findings may reflect the reality that symptom change constitutes a primary outcome of inpatient psychotherapy while change in interpersonal problems constitutes a more secondary goal.

However, our data do not allow for any more detailed interpretations. To clarify these relations, further studies are required. The quality of included studies was not significantly associated to the treatment effect, accordingly there is no evidence that low quality studies overestimate the treatment effects in this meta-analysis. One major limitation of this meta-analysis may be seen in the lack of randomized controlled trials RCTs addressing the efficacy of psychotherapeutic hospital treatment.

This lack of RCTs may be attributed to the specialties of the German health care system and its indication standards for inpatient and outpatient psychotherapy: As inpatient psychotherapy is considered to be the indicated and available treatment option for seriously disturbed patients in Germany, an allocation to a treatment condition of lower intensity i. Therefore, any study aiming at evaluating the efficacy of psychotherapeutic hospital treatment by use of an RCT design would be disapproved by the local ethics committee.

Correspondingly, the only existing RCTs in this field compare different treatment conditions within inpatient psychotherapy [39] , [40] or — on rare occasions — inpatient to day clinic treatment [41]. Thus, this meta-analysis does not allow causal interpretations. Changes cannot exclusively be attributed to the psychotherapeutic treatment but may also be caused by spontaneous remission or other confounding influences. In addition, as psychotherapy is only one part of the multimodal inpatient treatment concept, the proportion of improvement caused by psychotherapeutic interventions in a narrower sense remains unclear.

Since the application of psychopharmacological treatment is rarely described, analyses on the influence of medication were not feasible in this meta-analysis. In one of the included randomized controlled trials, the combination of behavior therapy and fluvoxamine was superior to behavior therapy and placebo in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder regarding obsessions and depressive symptoms but not superior regarding compulsions [39]. In another randomized trial, the application of interpersonal psychotherapy additional to pharmacotherapy showed a higher reduction of depressive symptoms compared to pharmacotherapy plus clinical management, but was not superior regarding social and interpersonal functioning [40].

Cuijpers et al. Regarding these results, one can assume that the psychotherapeutic treatment itself is an effective factor in this setting - at least in some outcome areas. To date, established criteria to classify within-group e. We addressed this problem by deducting the effect sizes occurring in untreated control groups in outpatient psychotherapy studies [21] , [22] from our calculated effect sizes before applying the critical values which have been proposed by Cohen for the interpretation of between-group effects [20].

However, this provisional approach certainly requires further validation. A possible imprecision of effect size calculation could as well have arisen from lacking information about pre-post-correlation in outcome measures, which did not allow the consideration of interdependence [25]. Methodological weakness of included studies is often criticized as one major source of bias in meta-analyses.

To do justice to the complex relationship between study quality and outcome of psychotherapy, we carried out an extensive complementary project on this issue [17]. Based on a comprehensive review of the literature and an expert rating, we selected 19 relevant quality criteria to quantify the quality of the included studies. However, study quality varies considerably over different studies and different criteria. Especially in terms of dealing with dropouts, more detailed information in original papers is required.

In spite of these limitations, there is no evidence that low quality studies distort the results of this meta-analysis since no correlation was found between study quality and outcome. Although our approach allows for a sophisticated appraisal of relevant quality criteria, especially with regard to non-randomized studies, there are no benchmarks available until now, since this is the first application of our checklist. As the few significant results indicated overally smaller effects in smaller studies, there was no evidence for a small study bias.

Some studies provided more than one publication, which complicated the process of data abstraction and data aggregation since the different publications sometimes focused on partially overlapping subgroups. We emphasized on including all relevant information without integrating data from overlapping subgroups in our calculations. Data regarding employment status, illness duration and comorbidity were incomplete in many cases, which limited the representativeness of the overall sample description. Heterogeneous classifications of socio-demographic variables complicated a consistent data aggregation.

Fortunately, at least data on the therapeutic approach, age, sex and the main diagnoses were nearly complete. The SCL is a well-established instrument in psychotherapy research. It is able to differentiate between subjects with and without a psychiatric disorder and is qualified for measuring change in outcome studies [42]. The SCL GSI shows a high internal consistency [42] , [43] , while the results on the subscales are inconsistent [42] , [44].

Previous studies show that most of its subscales measure one broad dimension of general symptom distress and are not suitable to differentiate between various diagnostic groups, therefore the concept of multi-dimensionality is doubtful [42] — [46]. The IIP scales are dominated by this general factor as well, but also showed high loads on three factors on interpersonal behavior and interpersonal problems identified by Tran et al. On the one hand, it is therefore questionable whether the IIP provides relevant additional information.

On the other hand, our results show different results in IIP compared to SCL, justifying the application of both measures. Even if the factorial validity of the subscales is doubtful, we reported these results to provide benchmarks for facilities applying these scales for evaluation purposes. As the high number of included studies involved an immense effort regarding the data extraction, results of this extensive meta-analysis were not available until more than four years after the end of the literature search.

Although we expect some relevant studies to be published during this period, the included studies may still be regarded as being up-to-date. Due to the large number of included studies, we do not expect that a small number of new studies would change the results significantly. However, this risk of bias can be assumed to be low as PSYNDEX comprises more than English journals and electronic search was complemented by a comprehensive hand search. In spite of all methodical limitations in this meta-analysis, there is evidence that psychotherapeutic hospital treatment shows positive outcomes regarding symptom severity as well as interpersonal problems in severely disturbed patients.

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