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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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I think this post is the best post on Wonderopolis that I have read so far. My favorite toy is Legos. Lego is awesome! Before me and my dad built a giant lego castle. It was fun. I liked reading about the lego wonder. Thank you Wonderopolis! How cool, Henry! Dear, wonderopolis I really like legos so much! Sincerely, vincent ma. I am such a huge fan of Lego's. I've got so many sets at my house it's hard to count. Some are old and some are new. Some I even took apart not by purpose and made new things. They are way too fun. Hey there, Tyler J! We love your passion for LEGO blocks! We think it's so much fun to build new skyscrapers from your own imagination-- it's a great way to practice your architecture skills now!

Keep up the great work and we hope you'll be back to Wonder with us soon! We love when Wonder Friends can chat at Wonderopolis! We are so happy that you're learning something new about one of our favorite stackable toys, Tomas!

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Hi there Tomas, thanks for sharing your comment at Wonderopolis! Hello Wonderopolis, I love Legos. My friend and i just invented an awesome Ford factory replica made with Legos. I helped make desertopolis. Hi there, Owen! We know you and your classmates worked super hard on it I even post it on LEGO magazine, but it never came out 2 years ago.

Anyway, I once went to the Orlando Lego world with tons of lego and lots of rides. You're welcome, Julie! We really appreciate all your awesome comments and how you let us know what you learn and like when you visit Wonderopolis! I once built an ultimate collector's set in just two days. WOW, Charlie! Two days must be a record for building an ultimate collector's set! We're glad you were proud of yourself Did you know that one of the first lego sets to come out was a pull along duck and the Lego company went over 19 different logos? I think tomorrow's wonder is going to be about the Fourth of July parties, how grills work, or grilling.

We really like the cool facts you share with us when you explore Wonderopolis, icebat2! We're glad they decided on one Today's wonder of the day is not about construction. However, I loved today's wonder! Thanks for telling us that you loved exploring today's Wonder and also for sharing your guess for tomorrow's Wonder Hello, Gwen!

We're really glad to hear it is your second favorite! I love this wonder! I bet the person building the Lego creations might of used a lot of Legos. We think you're right about that, Julie! They inspire us to try our best to build our own! Hi, Lucas! We're so happy to hear from you!

Building a History: The Lego Group : Sarah Herman :

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WELCOME TO APOCALYPSEBURG - LEGO MOVIE 2 Set 70840 - Time-lapse Build, Unboxing, Review!

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LEGO History Timeline

Levi Jan 25, Wonderopolis Jan 25, Thanks for checking, Levi! Please use Wonderopolis as the author for this Wonder. Wonderopolis Apr 25, I'm writing a book about legos and I need some help. And, more info about Ole K. Wonderopolis Apr 30, Wonderopolis Apr 24, I need to learn about lego bricks.

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Wonderopolis Oct 23, Jacob Oct 2, Wonderopolis Oct 4, Can yo make a wonder about how soccer ball are made of? Lego's are awesome i like building my own Lego minecraft set's. That sounds like a lot of fun, Jacob!! Thanks for sharing!! Jorge Mar 15, I have a question how many lego pieces our in the world. Wonderopolis Mar 15, That one requires more research, my friend! Good luck! Wonderopolis Mar 13, Legos are awesome! Thanks for checking out this Wonder with us! Wonderopolis Feb 17, Awesome, man. What do you like to make out of Legos? Wonderopolis Feb 14, Thanks for sharing, W! That's a great Wonder!

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Wonderopolis Jan 20, I frickin love legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the best! Wonderopolis Jan 6, They are pretty great, Henry. What's your favorite thing you built with Legos? Wonderopolis Jan 12, Wonderopolis Nov 17, They're lots of fun to play with, janiel! Thank you for sharing! Aden the noob Nov 4, Wonderopolis Nov 5, Thanks for joining us at Wonderopolis, Aden!

We agree with you! Wonderopolis Nov 4, That's right, sebastian!

The rise of Lego: how to define and execute product strategy

Dino trux Oct 10, Wonderopolis Oct 10, Wonderopolis Jun 3, Wonderopolis May 18, Wonderopolis Feb 23, Building legos is so fun, jeff! We're glad you liked this Wonder! Wonderopolis Feb 20, You're very welcome, abby! We're glad you had fun exploring this Wonder! Many Wonder Friends would agree with you!

Wanda Kay Morrison Tillotson Jan 29, We never had Legos growing up; although, we had tinker toys and games. Wonderopolis Feb 2, Swimmer Apr 27, Wonderopolis May 1, Wonderopolis Dec 16, Hi caleb! We think LEGOs are fun too! Graham Jun 2, They even have a theme park about Legos! It is very popular Wonderopolis Jun 2, Wonderopolis Apr 18, Mario Feb 7, Wonderopolis Feb 7, Jman Apr 23, Wonder Friend N Apr 21, Wonderopolis Apr 21, They sure do, Wonder Friend N!

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  • What's your favorite LEGO structure to build? Feb 22, Rainbows Nov 17, Rainbows Nov 18, Wonderopolis Nov 18, Welcome back, Rainbows. Bowed by personal and financial disaster, Christiansen laid off much of his staff and struggled to make ends meet. Since times were so hard, Christiansen made the hard decision to use his wood to create inexpensive goods that might actually sell.

    Among them were cheap toys. Christiansen actually slid into bankruptcy, but refused to stop making toys when his siblings tried to make it a condition of a bailout loan. But his love of toys pushed the company ahead, even when it limped. Christiansen may have been a good ironing-board builder, but it turned out he was a brilliant toymaker.

    He refused to cut corners for the toys his company produced. Soon, his prototypes for ingenious models of cars and animals and his adorable pull toys gained a national fanbase. His bestseller, a wooden duck whose beak opens and closes when pulled, is now a coveted collectible. But by then, he was established enough to not only bounce back, but to be forward looking.

    As a result, many manufacturers looked to advances in plastics to create cheap alternatives. Among them: plastic-injection molding, in which melted plastic is forced into the cavity of a precise mold.

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    • The rise of Lego: how to define and execute product strategy?
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    • However, due to materials shortages the Danish government forbade its commercial use until In , he was finally allowed to use it for goods he could sell—and by , the company was creating a plastic product called the Automatic Binding Brick.