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You may present this letter to businesses and creditors as proof of your identity.

Identity Theft: 10 Steps To Recover If Your Identity Is Stolen |

Here is a template for a letter that you can complete and send to businesses to request records. Tell the prosecuting attorney that if the person who stole your identity is found guilty, you'd like the court to issue you an Order Correcting Public Records. This is a court order you can use to correct public records damaged by identity theft.

EQUIFAX: Identity Theft - What I had to do!

Show the Order Correcting Records to your bank and send a copy to your creditors so they can correct your records. Explain to them that you have been the victim of identity theft. Provide them with the police report and, if you have one, an Order Correcting Records.

Attorney General

Once the collection agency has been notified that the debt is a result of an identity theft, under the law the collection agency may not continue to call you. This prevents victims from being inundated with calls for every misused check if they have had a box or book of checks stolen or forged. Although calls might stop, you may still be subject to legal action by credit agencies. Under certain limited circumstances a collection agency may be free of liability for repeated oral contacts with a debtor, contacts that would otherwise violate the statute.

What to do if your identity is stolen

A collection agency does not violate the statute if it acts in good faith and the contacts fall under any one of several specified exceptions. If your personal information has been lost or stolen, and you want to prevent identity theft or potential future misuse of your information:. Monitor your financial accounts, billing statement and credit reports for any suspicious activity.

You may request a free annual credit report from each of the major nationwide credit bureaus at www. Which are you?

A victim of identity theft or fraud. My personal information has been lost or stolen, and I want to minimize the potential for identity theft. Call the companies where you know fraud or identity theft occurred. Ask the company to close or freeze so that no new charges will be allowed unless you agree. Change all of your passwords, PINs, and login information for that account. Additional Considerations: Tell the prosecuting attorney that if the person who stole your identity is found guilty, you'd like the court to issue you an Order Correcting Public Records.

A legible copy of a government issued photo identification card issued before the date of the alleged identity theft; and A statement that the subject debt is being disputed as the result of identity theft. Find your financial freedom and partner with our experts by reading the latest in personal finance advice and tips! That can get expensive, though. Read More. Homeowners insurance, or hazard insurance, is a type of property insurance that pays for losses related to your home.

2. Put a fraud alert on your credit report

There are many things that could go wrong for homeowners that…. This is a time to celebrate and promote homeownership, and to educate and encourage Americans to take advantage of the many benefits that homeownership brings.

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Homeownership Month is a great time…. Fathers are an important influence on their children. Typically, these lessons involve good manners, work ethic, self-discipline and the like. But money…. Down payment assistance is available for people who want to become homeowners but need a little extra help. One of the top barriers people always cite is lack of funding for…. Beyond living with their….

Recovering Your Treasured Data… and Your Life

An overwhelming majority, 65 percent, saw their mother as either someone who is intimidated by money, views managing money as a necessary evil, or has never managed money. What mothers may not…. As Financial Literacy Month is recognized throughout the nation, credit.

Understanding interest rates on a credit card is harder than it seems. What is the real interest rate?

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