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BIG Love for the Big Apple – Helen Wood's Living in the Real World

I actually found the subway entertaining, people watching over there is something else, never a dull moment. We went for a long walk round Central Park on Christmas Day and we absolutely loved it.

So simple and cheap but just different, even just walking about with a pretzel was sooo bloody satisfying. I can sample the other side. View all posts by Helen Wood. I was there in November and agree the subway is a great and easy way to travel. Like Like.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Film schools, co-ops, filmmakers associations and archives emerged alongside production and distribution companies, equipment rental houses and streams of talented people. Through all of this, documentary has flourished here.

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When International Documentary asked a number of New York-based documentary filmmakers, via e-mail, "What is it about the city that, for you, is conducive, inspiring, convenient, etc. New York ain't easy. There's "the hellish heat and devilish cold," says Robert Richter. But it's also worth it. However else our filmmakers responded, they all agreed that there is no other place quite like it.

Why Is New York Called The Big Apple?

Alas, there isn't a day that goes by that I realize how truly impossible a task that would be. In between the pulling and the pushing, between the known and the unknowable, between all the documentaries and dramas that unfold around me every day is an energy and inspiration that keeps me up at night in a city that will never sleep. My office is a mile and a half from my apartment.

In the 22 minutes it takes me to walk from one to the other, I come in contact with a cross-section of humanity, am grounded in the experience of real life and constantly reminded that my film isn't the center of the universe. It's also really good exercise. It inspires me to be in a city where so many people come to make their dreams come true, as corny as that sounds, with so much energy and passion and hard work. While energized by the city's vibrant diversity and the potency of its creative communities plus, being in close proximity to funding sources--television, foundations and folks with deep pockets--certainly doesn't hurt , the constant grind and considerable expense create challenges that can be utterly exhausting.

But as filmmakers, we're uncertainty junkies, so we view this friction as part of the thrill of living here. Not to mention the infinitely talented people in every arena of production with whom to discuss ideas, work on projects or just go for moonlit walks along the waterfront. Of course I don't always act on what is unfolding before my eyes, but it is a city full of story riches. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up.

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Kajagoogoo - Big Apple (Studio, TOTP)

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