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Colourful depictions of the Cook Islands family fill each page. Die-cut pages. Book can hang on door handle. Book can hang on doorhandle. This title features some of the much-loved nursery rhymes. Rhyming text tells of a family at the bach for Christmas and a white-haired man in black singlet and shorts, riding a tractor pulled by six sheep, who appears in the sky. But Brian is weedy and a bit of a nerd. The illustrator has created some zany characters, hand-drawn on textured paper and coloured in Photoshop.

A well-written text with uncluttered watercolour illustrations. Wacko Kakapo is hit on the head by a seed, thinks the sky is falling and runs to tell Tane Mahuta, www. Laid out like a photo album, hand-drawn illustrations are coloured in Photoshop with photographic backgrounds.

Told in rhyme with watercolour pencil illustrations. The words can be sung to the tune of the famous Christmas song. Town possum loves adventure and fun. Outback possum visits his cousin in town but, after tasting the high life and a few close shaves, heads happily home. Can I? Told in rhyme, this Goldilocks refuses to wash so is renamed Smellylocks. He ends up inside the house but with the police and two pigs outside trying to get in. He ends up, of course, getting into hot water himself.

But then his father explains how special he is. Illustrations in watercolour, pencil and Photoshop convey the loving warmth of the household. Everyone has a part to play but Piggity is NOT pleased to hear that he is the baby! Rhyming text and general uproar provide a hilarious seasonal read and will perhaps encourage some performances. Told in rhyme which reads aloud well, with action-packed illustrations using watercolour, pencil and Photoshop.

He practises hard because everyone tells him he is too little to join in and in the end he steals the show. Watercolour illustrations. Watercolour portraits by the author and scenes of Tarawera by artist Marylyn Simpkins.

Book awards by cover

Watercolour illustrations help convey the working life of farm dogs. The watercolour illustrations capture the worried children and their toys beautifully. Textured illustrations depict the shaky city and its occupants. Proceeds to charity. Redesigned Tim is lying awake thinking about the old clothes his mother wants to give away. But the answer rests with Toby the bear. Lillibutt asks them to take her and one day a young girl, Zoe, agrees to take Lillibutt with her. Read-aloud and early readers Third in the series. Perky and his mate are playing by the roadside when a car towing a trailer goes too fast and loses its load of pumpkins onto the road.

Perky is tempted by the pumpkin seeds and dashes into the path of a school boy on his bicycle. First in the series. Perky the Pukeko starts life as an orphan egg and hatches under Bantam Hen. He soon finds a drain with his favourite things to eat and other pukeko to befriend. Goldie is very happy in her cylinder tank until Miss Mary adopts a cat and has to find a better home to keep Goldie safe.

Clever multi-media illustrations using Fimo models. Kiwi turns his egg and goes out into the night to look for food. He is spotted by the camouflaged Kiwi Hunter who finds the nest and the damaged egg to The Hatching Centre where we see the interesting process of examining the egg and keeping it safe until the baby kiwi hatches, with a little bit of help. Fourth in the series. A school bus taking children on a trip has a puncture so the children get off and have a picnic. Lots of pukeko and ducks come to join in, but after the bus has gone Perky discovers a chick is missing so goes flapping and flying after the bus, eventually ending up at school where one of the children has a surprise in his school bag.

Illustrations created with digital painting, enlivened with ink washes and splatters. Second in the series. Perky the pukeko and his friends take shelter from a storm and discover a mysterious cage in the bush. Although his friends frantically try to get him out, they need the help of a nearby tramper. Terminology, no longer used in this modern age, is explained at the bottom of each text page. Details of monoprint process in the front of the book. Combined picture book, history lesson, biography and work of art. Translations of Maori words are at the bottom of each page and a pronunciation guide and other resources at the back of the book.

Junior Bear and his dad get lost in the bush and the Rescue Helicopter comes to their aid. Bright computer-generated illustrated. Illustrated by artists from Weta Workshop. Learn how godwits travel to the other side of the world to lay their eggs, and how researchers track them to know more about how they live. Includes CD of 17 songs to go with the story including a counting song. At first the boy panics but then decides to fight back and comes up with a surprising tactic.

Follow the story while you listen to the song on the CD, plus two others. Excellent read aloud with simple text. But then his friends organise a big surprise. Simple text with classically styled illustrations in acrylic, pastels, pencils and a touch of Photoshop. Patchwork endpapers The parents respond by joining the battle and triumphing over the pirates who must tidy up as their punishment. In rhyme with bounce and enthusiasm. Dreamlike, beautifully coloured illustrations. Hazy cartoon-style illustrations capture the dreamy tale. Milly, Molly and What Was That? A glossary and extra notes about things to do with dying and funeral customs adds to the value of this book.

Detailed illustrations add to the emotional depth. Values are implicitly woven into the stories. Paperbacks stapled include teaching guides. Spine bind paperbacks and hardbacks include endpapers and parent guides. Milly, Molly and W. How will Santa leave his presents? The child solves the problem, but not in a way the parents would wish! CD includes story and song. A series of illustrated stories about a group of multicultural friends for year olds. All about the life of a working dog. Plenty of animal noises for littlies to join in with. Collage illustrations. White Ravens A small square book with handcrafted inky illustrations and a button in a tiny envelope for the reader to begin their collection with.

Combines contemporary childhood with Maori mythology. A mountain decides it wants to live in a house so heads for town. Everyone is terrified and flees, except for young Thomas who comes up with a great solution. Illustrations using pen and ink, watercolours and acrylics. Zany illustrations use coloured pencil and gouache on brown paper combined digitally with photographs, digital illustration and the contents of a dollhouse! At first Bod fills the previously beautiful canyon with stinking rubbish, but then Munkle Arvur works out how to recycle and renew. Lots of made up words and zany illustrations.

Told in rhyme with humour and lively, bright cartoon style illustrations. Lots of Maori vocab, with a glossary at the back, and cartoon style illustrations. Maori vocab included in the rhyming text. Action-filled cartoon illustrations. Maori vocab, glossary and rhyming text. Her mother patiently takes her back to bed until weariness gets the better of her, resulting in a surprise at the end.

Pastel illustrations. Each page tells us something new about the donkey until we end up with a spunky,hanky-panky, cranky, stinky, dinky, lanky, honky-tonky winky, wonky donkey. Illustrations in digital painting and mixed media. Luckily his butterfly friend takes the wool to the spider who weaves Willbee a new jumper so he can fly back home to mum. CD has song version of the text. A fictional telling of the life of Sir Edmund Hillary from life as a normal Kiwi boy to conquering the biggest mountain in the world - Mt Everest.

The fictional telling of the life of Jean Batten who dreamed she would one day fly, and eventually flew from England to Australia and back again. Explores love, loss, friendship, loyalty and the joy off togetherness. Great illustrations using a limited palette of colours. Goes through the process of selecting fabric, cutting out and sewing.

New Zealand Children's Books in Print by Crissi Blair - Issuu

Great read-aloud. Rhyming text and watercolour illustrations. Fantastic read-aloud. Story told simply, with painted band and dancers on deck. Includes recipe. The illustrations capture the colours of the bush, its birds and insects. But he watches and thinks and when disaster strikes he gets to be top pirate after all. Classic tale with a tatty old boat and roguish pirates with the appropriate pirate lingo. Smashing painted illustrations give extra spark to the characters and the endpapers are a special extra touch.

Maori phrases. Gouache and watercolour illustrations. He does this three times - as a piwaiwaka fantail , kereru and a tui, when he finally decides that this is how he is happiest. Tama lives on a small island but the coral is dying and the salt water is appearing in the gardens - they will have to leave their island to survive. When Mum has to go on a business trip, Dad is in charge and things get completely out of control.

Cartoon style illustrations with plenty to entertain adults as well as the children. He tells funny stories and has a cool cat. But Grandpa Pop is coming to the end of his long life and there are sad times ahead for Willy. Illustrations in 2B pencil, watercolour and acrylic paints. Everyone will be able to sing along and laugh at the antics of Eliza a duck and Henry a goat. Simple illustrations in Photoshop and Corel Painter convey the friendly environment. Why would you celebrate war?

But then they tell him about the soldiers in his family and he sees another side of the story. It is longer than the previous books. Glossary of Maori words at the back. Sam has a good time there and Lucy learns more about him, but then he becomes unwell. They search everywhere for it but there is no sign, until they hear a miaow from way up high. Pen and ink illustrations. A humorous tale set in Seatoun that features a very young entrepreneur.

Duck is sad but his friends are encouraging. As each friend appears they bring colour to the woodcut illustrations. Our whitebait friends could be in trouble. On the way they encounter an eel and have to rescue Freddy before they can lead the rest of the whanau to their destination. Painterly and colourful illustrations with anthropomorphised creatures. He wants to eat lots of yummy yummy corn.

But instead poor Piggy Pogget has to stay inside and eat porridge and peas for breakfast. Then one day Farmer Pants leaves the gate open by mistake and Piggy Pogget gets his wish. But can a little piggy have too much of a good thing? Illustrations subtly include details that identify the family as Maori. The holiday feeling soon has him jiggling and doing the beach bag boogie as he enjoys all the holiday activities.

Vivid and action-packed illustrations by an ex-Weta Workshop artist. Comic-savvy readers will enjoy this. Zany illustrations using drawing and collage. For new readers, or read aloud, with foreign languages as they travel to Buenos Aires, France and Hong Kong.

Eccentricity and mayhem with collage illustrations. But when clouds creep over the sun, his outlook darkness so he decides to catch all the clouds in the sky. Bent deserted, and was taken in by the Hauhau. Scraperboard provides a strong graphic medium.

A dramatic true tale from our own history. The tide was out and now they could begin the races. Who would win the famous Oyster Catcher trophy this year? No-one can take shells, seaweed, driftwood or anything else from the protected shoreline and water. Lots of laughs and zany ideas.

Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award winner. Sam is on holiday with his grandparents to Prince Albert National Park.

This leads to a dramatic rescue mission which includes his neighbours, best friend and a scientist. An exciting read incorporating animal cruelty issues. Black and while illustrations. When his parents tried his screams were so loud they could be heard everywhere! So they stopped washing his hair, and a magnificent garden began to grow on his head. Jane and Gunther set off in search of the plant. Beginner chapter book with illustrations. Linked to TV series. But he soon discovers that his new home is not as safe as he thought. She worried about leaving wee Titi alone in their burrow, high up in the Kaikoura mountains.

Where was he? Black and white illustrations and varied fonts. Dad goes fishing off the rocks, and the boys go searching for monsters. Lots of fun with an everyday sort of family. Hilarious with illustrations to match. Illus Andrew Bonallack Easy-reading adventure series for boys who are slow to start or reluctant to read.

Very short sentences and easy vocab. Mata is the only one who can fit through the cave to rescue her. Mata reverses the trick. The dog gets its teeth into her jacket. Water-safety rules emphasised. Nor is the principal. They get caught and have to work for their tickets. He will never EVER give up. He will stop at nothing. This is not just a silly wish. It is instead the start of a very important idea. But what she needs is a plot.

A brilliant plot. Softly detailed illustrations echo the warmth of the story. Violet does not think this is a good idea. She prefers not to have things taken out But the tonsils have to go. Warm illustrations capture the family in ink and pencil. Mum and Vincent decide to get married, but they have to move to a bigger house.

Warm illustrations complement the family story. She has been sent to earth by the elders in her world to learn a lesson in humility. Toby thinks this will be easy until Malcolm McGarvy gets in the way. Hilarious tale written as a logbook of events. They help catch a tagger who is defacing the marae fence. Tas finds a wallet. The reader makes decisions for Tas that determine the outcome of the story. Tas and Josh come across a mysterious travelling sideshow.

Funny, with quirky design and black and white illustrations throughout. Includes discussion questions and definitions of virtues. Truckloads of lollies? A computer? Your own kid-sized Ferrari? No one was more surprised than Skid when his dream came true. Or did it? Order from Ford Street. Lucky he is rescued and grows up on a farm, learning how to work the sheep.

A series of warm and funny stories set in the desert. It just happened..! Especially her latest one with a gigantic turtle on it. How can he accidentally lose the turtle jumper? Instead, she is given the chance of a lifetime - to try out for the best football club in town. But is she good enough? The only one who is there is Sandy the cat so they spend the night together telling scary stories, some made up and some based on well-known books.

Princess Haya is just three years old when tragedy strikes. The princess is heartbroken so her father, the King of Jordan, gives her an orphaned foal to care for. Gradually an incredible bond grows between the two and Haya begins to dream of an extraordinary future. From her headquarters in the tree house, Ophelia and her assistant, Albert, solve all the toughest cases. Told in verse. When they take a paddle boat out fishing, they catch much more than what they bargained for.

A humorous story with illustrations. Maddie, little sister Molly and best friend Buzz create havoc for the babysitter after a stranger danger lesson at school. Plentiful black and white illustrations. Hollie overhears plans to build a dog-food factory nearly and decides to bring the neighbourhood together to fight. Lots off laughs and trickery. Storylines Tom Fitzgibbon Award Beautiful new illustrations.

His new friend, Ginger, has lost her dad. So how can an abandoned red shoe, an unusual plan and map coordinates help them in their search for their parents? Only the dragon can help him find the missing dish he needs on his quest for the lost spell of Yoal. Robbie is lonely and longs for the day when the other kids will play with him.

At last he proves that, if you wish hard enough, your dreams will come true. Ben has many adventures and discovers new inner strengths. Coloured illustrations throughout. A tough life with a brutal fisherman father, numerous children, and a loving mother. A tough life beautifully portrayed.

But bigger surprises are in store when a stranger comes to the beach and their holiday takes a sinister turn. Originally written for Newspapers in Education in He finds a secret note from his real mother and sets out to find her. A madcap, mischievous story featuring a talking horse. The ozone layer is gone and Earth at risk, the only hope is to find the precious liquid telotion.

Raki and Tando are on a mission to find it when they crash on an unknown planet with mysterious blue creatures. Jack has an important role to play to beat a family curse. Lots of info about Egyptian mythology and mummification included in this drama. Then along comes a wicked new challenge: a triathlon, the perfect chance to take Shane on and come out on top.

He dances his way in and out of trouble as he tries to convince his aunt they should have a change of lifestyle. Adventure and humour with coloured illustrations. Then the king commands her blind grandfather to summon the dragons and she must go as his guide, which leads to an adventure none of them dreamed of.

First in a series. Black and white illustrations. Zoe is in a wheelchair and when her parents move to a remote Canadian town Zoe has trouble joining in as everyone else is into snow sports, then there are the wild dogs. Somehow though, she always does. Kimi and Ben are Team Human are out to prove to aliens that Humans can fly.

Great vocab to stretch the imagination and a glossary is included. So when a retired pirate comes to babysit for the Terrapin family, they are in for quite a surprise. Three different people around the world hear his cries for help and each wants to solve the mystery of the Phantom for a different reason. She has a whole array of useful gadgets to help her on missions. Exciting read. All the clues lead Janey down a manhole - defeating the enemy is going to be a wet and stinky business!

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But with chewing gum that lets her breathe underwater, a tracking device called a SPIpod and a high-speed mini-hoverboard - as well as her natural code-cracking expertise - Jane Blonde is ready for action. But her flying skills are put to the test when a flock of freaky creatures takes to the air.

There are gadgets galore at the secret facility and a snow dome to train in. The team is whisked off to investigate suspicious activity at the South Pole and Janey comes face to face with her arch-nemesis, Copernicus. Jane Blonde, helped by Spudnik the robotic penguin, has to save the planet again. Does she have what it takes to defeat him - and avoid getting stuck in the past forever?

Full of farts, snot, slime and body odour. If it reaches the secret valley they are doomed. In the first we find out how brave Mr Tripp is when he has to catch a rat, the second has a funny birthday party, and the third involves the scourge of nits. Great for beginner readers. When he falls asleep on it strange things start to happen and he must gather all his resources to get back where he belongs. A strange and enthralling tale.

Can Arg and Skeet outwit the biggest, nastiest, most dangerous dinosaur around? A hilarious read with action-packed illustrations and fact pages. Hilarious line cartoon drawings and fact boxes augment the story. He heads home only to find things in chaos. How can he fix it? Line drawings complete this odd tale. He promises to provide you with your perfect pet. Flyn wants a fierce guard dog to protect him from the school bullies.

Pop Hooper asks him to take care of a pudgy little lap dog called Pumpkin overnight, while he finds the perfect pet for Flyn. Pen and ink illustrations add to the drama. Scott, Juliette ter mangy little Sardine overnight until he can supply her perfect Milly and the Chittens pet. They cause much Tilda loves to climb trees and thinks a monkey would be her per- pets Lucy the dog and Turnip the cat and other friends solve some chaos but eventually steal the show.

When she meets Pop Hooper, after fighting with her best Sutton, Sally friend, he asks her to look after Pickle the turtle overnight. When she sees her living in fear of the Shining. Lots of information about bats is inble fitting in. The diary of a young frog with black and white illustrations.

Lots of laughs, word play and toilet humour. Line drawings depict the events. So Lily hides it but her roommate Tisa is very suspicious.

Fabo Story is Fabulous!

The kitten causes a series of disasters but there is always someone around to help fix things. Corny jokes and comical illustrations on most pages. Angstrom she discovers he was on the voyage where her father Book 6 - Lily Gets in a Pink Pickle disappeared. The Cherub Cat show is looming and Lily decides to enter her cat, Petal.

But Professor Glumbo wants Frumplepuss, his mean ugly Thorpe, Leonie cat, to be part of the cat show as well and Lily is torn. More adventures with the not-so-ordinary Archie Roach. Louis is wheelchair-bound and dreams Hannah might find a way to free her. Two humorous stories show what a bit of keet, but there are also scary poachers interested. Teacher notes available. Novels are divided into Junior beginner independent readers , Intermediate fluent readers and Senior for older children, mainly due to subject matter or complexity of language.

Age ranges should be taken as a guide only, and are not intended to restrict the readership of any book. A mysterious creature falls from the sky, injured and needs to get back to the clouds where he belongs, and needs help from Ellie and Jay. But when Papa Tim comes to their school things start to change as both boys learn a new way to behave. It is found again, far away, by her grandchildren, who discover its magical powers. A new fable from the Pacific. Josephine is orphaned and goes to live with her aunt.

Gold Medal Pride in Print award. Josephine notices that the bejewelled hair comb worn by the carved warrior on the meeting house is missing. All does not go well though -the father is hurt and and the weather turns nasty. Intermediate level, with appeal to older reluctant readers. Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award for a much-loved book But when Wiri finds a diary, which gives clues to the source of the ghost bell, Wiri and Rona go searching for it - with dangerous consequences.

But Tom thinks Pero is somewhere else and heads for the singing cave to look for him, finding a totally unexpected world. An exciting story with a dollop of sci-fi to spice it up. Tells how Lacey developed her passion for dancing. Atapo escapes slavery by joining the Mission Station at Paihia, and witnesses the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. Josh wants a rat for his birthday but instead he gets a metal detector. They all have to work as a team but can Dusty wear high heels, and can they win?

A historica-paperchase-scary adventure which takes them back to Victorian England, then Australia and New Zealand. Ladek and Robbie find a magical seed pod and what seems like a thrilling treasure hunt turns into something far more dangerous. He and his friends have become prime targets as evil strikes from every direction.

Time is short and so is their list of options. Racing against time. Only then can the guardians discover the location of the stolen scripts, which hold a secret so powerful their enemies will stop at nothing to capture them. They enter the competition and face some tough teams. Millie has a collection of animals but wants to milk her very own cow.

This Month's Featured Books

Includes six Mansfield stories. Starshine previously known as Estelle , whose mother leaves her father to go and join a commune - the Aquarius ohu, taking her daughter with her. Wee Jack Baines is not much good at anything, but his uncle notices he has a knack with horses. About believing in yourself and stepping up to challenges.

But when Pip has problems Jade has to ride the troublesome Dorian. Is this the perfect opportunity life is about to change forever. The huge, injured animal he discov- for Jade to recover her confidence and bond with Taniwha, or a ers is no dog - but a wolf, escaped from the circus. Finn is be- dangerous mistake? Instinctively, he knows he must save the wolf, Lupa, and prevent her return to the cruel circus. Becs and her family are leaving Herrick House and moving back to the city. Country boy Isaiah is going with them so he can go to school in the city.

She discovers a runaway in the treehouse and keeps him secret while supplying him with food and blankets. There are quite a few secrets to be discovered in this enthralling bush story set in the bush. Her father is away at the war, her sister Sylvia works in town and her mother looks after the house so Bella has to milk the cows, go to school and try and train the crazy horse her father thought could be a champion racehorse.

The progress of war is a constant background to the local story where courage, loyalty and strength are the qualities required to triumph in the end. The story of a wild white Kaimanawa stallion who cannot be tamed and two troubled teens who grow to love him. Jade has to find a new home for Pip and school troublesome Taniwha, Night of the Medlar then Aunt Flora wants Pip for her riding school by the beach.

Otago, Stewart know about it? Rowan is Australia a further seven years. The goldrush has begun and Mary, in danger from the spreading dark. A tra is laid for him with his disguised as a boy, heads off to find him in the Otago hills. While searching a fox brings Rowan to the children Catran, Ken throug space and time.

Nothing is the same once she puts it on. Summoned back hundreds of years to Scandinavia she becomes Storylines Notable Book When Empire Calls embroiled in an epic quest. The medlar is dead Cherry, Frances. She feels unwanted and out of place and takes dramatic action to try to remedy the situation. But what do they mean? Sold into slavery, he becomes a Pony Tales: pawn to the dragonlords of Udari.

When he returns to Quentaris it Book 1 - Jade and the Stray has been invaded by the very creatures Rad has escaped from. On their journey through cides to rescue him. But can it save them in time? Includes lots of info about looking after a pony. Her goal is to find a job and stay in it for at least three months. During this time, she has to steal something valuable and use it in a successful, diabolical crime.

Joe and Eddie 11 see a shadowy form that lurks on the headland, and are dangerously close to becoming ghosts themselves. She finds it fascinating and very different to her own diary of school life and friends. One day she thinks her long-dead relative is trying to tell her something. Debbie is sick and sent to Christchurch with her cousin Val where she makes friends with Bronwyn. Set at the time of the eruption of Mount Tarawera. James 14 accompanies his father who is here to paint the Pink and White Terraces. James makes friends with Wiremu and meets local Maori people while his father is working.

They see the ghostly waka floating on the lake - an image reported by many as a premonition of the disaster to follow. Both families are suffering and the friends decide to run away together to force their mothers to talk to one another again. Looks at the topic of conscientious objectors.

Jonasi, unable to speak, retreats to his underwater world where he develops a special friendship with a giant white turtle. Tressa has carefully faked a normal life for herself online. Unfortunately, to finally meet her best friend Sonia, she has to travel with Craic, the most famous Irish band in the world. When the government declares all superheroes must reveal themselves he hopes one of his heroes might appear, and perhaps be someone he knows. Soon there will be no dry land above sea level following cataclysmic global warning.

The only remaining place to live is at the bottom of the sea. Rom lives m under the sea and has never seen the sun. Sci fi for Tam is cabin boy on the Terrified Jane, in fear of the captain who sets him the task of spying on his shipmates. Hodie, unpaid odd-job boy at the palace in Fontania, is fed up and decides to head South for a better life, only to find little Queen Sibilla has followed along. They become caught up in a giant adventure involving a greedy king, his surprising daughter, strange technology and perhaps just a little bit of magic when it matters.

His relations are part of a group who follow the teachings of poet William Blake. Sandy has a lot to learn as he faces his season of disasters - some of his own making and some brought upon him by others. The grandmother is suffering from dementia but Perry shows understanding and decides to make an alphabet book about all the characters at the home. Lizzie is 12 and has been crippled by a recent illness. Her father is a missionary to Maori in the Bay of Islands.

She is often left to her own devices, when she acts out her dream to become a conductor. She learns that you have to make some challenging decisions when you know what you really want. American Library Association Honour Book. Jasper 12 is left behind as his parents flee the city, and he finds refuge on The Travelling Restaurant, a sailing ship. Jasper embarks on a journey to find his baby sister and his parents, and to find the true monarch of Fontania. But even being a league superstar has its downside. When she is asked to translate some ancient scrolls, Maddy is excited.

But the scrolls hide many secrets. Secrets that send Maddy on a wild adventure with a stowaway ninja, a mysterious monkey, a Bulgarian wrestler and a fiendish witch. And soon Maddy finds herself in deadly peril. Does Maddy have what it takes to save herself and her new friends? Oliver has three weeks to discover who is masterminding a plot to steal artefacts from the Warkworth Museum. Somehow there seems to be a strange voice telling her what to do.

NZ Post Book of the Year Storylines Gaelyn Gordon Award She rescues a neglected dog from next door, but it lands her in the dangerous forest of Northwood in a castle which apparently no-one has ever escaped from. Full of drama and humour with a great cast of goodies and baddies depicted in the vivacious illustrations. Exciting, fastpaced, with interesting concepts about history and Leonardo Da Vinci.

But a hundred years have passed and O is now ruled by the the cruel and ruthless priests. When she puts them on she sees things very differently and now the safety of another world depends on them. Abby and her new friends seek to unravel the mystery at Beechhorn Cove.. They are plunged into adventures with many odd characters from the realms, while trying to save the realms from the evil Agnes. How is Davin ever going to pay his mum back for wrecking her car?

The odd job business sounds like a winner until it becomes too much for even Davin to do. Tom Fitzgibbon Award Their goal is the destruction of the world. Twins Rachel and Theo are destined to prevent this. It looks like it was no accident and now Jason is in danger too. Lots of horsey excitement and the thrill of a new foal too. Some new-found friendships might already be close to breaking point as competition heats up in the showjumping arena.

She will travel to Spain with Francoise to compete in an ancient street race. But then equipment is sabotaged and a rider is injured and they have to find out who is to blame. Callum is suspended for trying to get some shoes off a power line outside school and his parents decide he should accompany his father on his annual motorbike ride south. The trip turns into a discovery about his father, his family, history and himself. Very little punctuation makes interesting reading.

When she is asked to train Blaze, an abandoned pony, her riding skills are put to the test. When he disappears in the night Issie has to go to the other side of the world to rescue him, and then to race for the Silver Bridle. Meanwhile someone is doing their best to wreck relations between the riders and a nearby golf club. Lots of riders and horses are training together and Issie makes new friends and enemies.

She also has to bond quickly with her loan horse, Victory. Issie must try to keep her head in the glamorous commercial world of showjumping and will face decisions that could change her life forever. She wants him to return and make her parents happy again. There are lots of mysteries but most important is will Toby ever come back? Humour with a touch of sci-fi. A tale of love and courage, and the bond between a young girl and her pony. For the Judge family this means war. Illustrated edition. A life in danger. When a crazy old man leaps out of the bushes at Conrad on his way to swimming training, he gets the fright of his life.

But fate has other ideas And whose life is in danger now One player makes her tackles karate style, another scores on the wrong field when he takes his glasses off. The coach uses star signs to plan her practices. Anquin, a young birdboy flies into the icy Forbidden Zone, is transported to Earth, meets bored Earth boy Martin and together they must try to rescue the Clan from slavery and stop an invasion of Earth.

When Kate disappears Mini is determined to track her down and has to follow the clues, which leads to discoveries about their family. Contemporary characters with warmth and growing understanding of themselves and family dynamics. This story culminates in the tragic Erebus crash. But first she must master haut ecole moves on stallion Angel to prove herself to the best riders in Spain. Russell is determined to prove he is a hero, to shake off the shadow of his spineless uncle who died in WW2.

Never far from enemy fire, the waters are swarming with battleships, mines, and fleeing Korean refugees. When Russell and an orphaned Korean boy are trapped in the middle of a land battle he has to think about what bravery really is. The war in Europe is underway and conscription is in place. William 18 volunteers for the army. Told from their alternating points of view, with letters home to their mother and sister. Previously published in the My Story series.

Includes photographs and recommended reading list. Learn heaps about bees while enjoying an adventure story. Ziggy and his adopted family are in Tokyo to help discover what is destroying all the honey bees there. He meets Juzza who lives over the back fence and wants to join a gang and together they get involved in a dangerous adventure involving a hand-cuffed skeleton. His mother drowned when he was four, leaving him with only a vague memory of her, and of a giant tooth embedded in rock.

He races against time to find it before the river gully is dammed and water will cover the site. However, it turns out to be a time of excitement, danger, and even terror, when the family stumble on a vanilla smuggling operation. But he also discovers another talent, one that he desperately wants to keep secret. They witness a boat sink during a storm and later some unusual animal prints on the beach followed by dangerous men hunting down the Phantom of Terawhiti.

An exciting read. Tony and his new step-father take a trip to Fox Glacier for another exciting adventure. Combines ecothemes, NZ geology, flora and fauna, global warning and the foibles of human nature.

A New Zealand Poetry Page for Children

Finn has been longing to return to the game, school is not holding his attention and the teachers have noticed a change in him. Not even sports hold any appeal and his parents are worried. What happens when they finally meet is unexpected, and shocks him to the core. When one of them dares him to break into the house of the Guts McGrady and his vicious dog, it leads to unexpected discoveries and Matt discovers just how brave he can be.

An exciting thriller with some moral dilemmas to consider. His friends come up with an inventive way to solve his problems. Can the five friends find him? Full of details of farm life with milking, school, chores, the threat of Japanese invasion and war rations. Helen accidentally discovers a secret about her past which changes her whole view of herself, and the problems just keep on coming. Courage and humour are needed by everyone to make it through.

Great insight into life in New Zealand in the post-war years. When Shawn Morris crashes his plane there he brings trouble, and machinery looking for oil. The twins have found a diary written by a girl who lived on their farm during WW1 which leads them to discover the secrets of Jelly Mountain. Packed with excitement and environmental information. After Denzil miscasts a spell he is transported to the 20th century. He has to summon his friend Sam from the 20th century to help him.

She arrives dressed as an angel which causes more trouble. Only the rich can learn to read. But visiting his friend Sam in the future he has seen books made on machines. Denzil tries to use his magic to create his own machine but it all goes wrong and now everyone is in danger. He gains wisdom and a place for himself, learns the power of knowledge and the mysteries of the human spirit. Historical fiction set in the port city of Suq, a bustling centre of sea-going trade in the days of the Byzantine empire. Also a TV series. Linked television series. A funny story, good for reluctant readers.

She decides to investigate what went wrong with the bike, leading to a dramatic show-down, echoed by a school project investigating her reporter-aunt Viola. In words, DiCamillo tells us Rosie is lonely, and in pictures, Bliss tells us the same thing. One day George decides to take Rosie to a dog park, thinking it would be good for Rosie to have some dog friends in her life.

As we all know, friends are not always so easy to come by. Two dogs at the park attempt to befriend Rosie; Maurice, a St. Bernard and Fifi, a tiny dog who can yip and bounce very high and whose name Fifi is spelled out on her jeweled collar. Rosie is not impressed. Rosie does not care for either dog. Rosie wants to go home. Did I mention that Maurice has a stuffed animal bunny? He does, and he likes to take hold of it in his big St. Bernard mouth and shake the stuffed bunny every which way. This is how Maurice plays. The problem is that Fifi is no bigger than the stuffed bunny.

My Portland grandkids have come to Reno for a visit. I am the book-Nana, and before Amelia and Orion head for the swimming pool, they want at least one book read to them. I tell them that I have just the thing and open Good Rosie! It takes a long time to finish the book. Although Amelia and Orion have squirrels in their backyard in Portland, they have no dog to chase squirrels. Portland has its share of clouds, and a sidebar occurs while we talk about cloud shapes.

Then there is the big event when Maurice takes Fifi in his large St. Bernard mouth and shakes her like his toy bunny. And now my name is Fif! In the four days the grandkids spent with their book-Nana, Good Rosie! With each read, we talked about loneliness, bravery, and how friendships can come in all shapes.

Maybe George was as lonely as Rosie. With subtlety and wisdom, she never shies away from the important issues in our lives, issues that are a part of our childhood as well as our adulthood. Books like Good Rosie! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.