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And I had never heard bluegrass music in my whole life; I'd only heard country music. And I didn't really like country music but there was something about watching people play guitars and banjos and fiddles that really inspired me. Q: Have you always played instrumental stuff, or were you more of a singer-songwriter starting out?

A: I started out as a singer-songwriter. I was about 18 years old when I started playing cover songs in different places like art festivals around central Florida, and in school I played songs for people then I started writing my own. And I was covering people and also doing my own original songs right from the beginning.

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Q: How did you evolve into being more of an instrumental artist? A: Because I started performing so young and so early, I just did that for 15 years. When I came to Colorado, I played a lot. Then I started to go through a life change and decided I didn't want to play music at all. I guess I reached a burnout point. But then after a year I started just playing guitar instrumental songs.

I started writing one instrumental song after the next and started putting together some recordings and those recordings ended up becoming an album. I would have never imagined doing an instrumental album, and then I ended up getting a few awards. So because right from the start I got recognition on a national level, I was like, "I think I'm just going to stay with this.

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Q: Why is that? Is there a different feel to your instrumental stuff? A: I think it's because guitar is my passion and I feel a lot more confident with guitar. I think a lot of my creativity just came out a whole lot more than when I tried to write lyrics. Not that those songs were bad.

I even sang at Red Rocks once — I opened a concert for Dan Fogelberg — and they were all original songs.

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People still like some of my early singer-songwriter songs, but the guitar, I think, is a lot stronger and has a lot more passion in it. Q: I see in your liner notes that each song was inspired by a different experience. How does that come across — how do you write a song about something when it has no words? A: Instrumental songs are kind of like emotional stories.

A lot of them are inspired by dreams or memories or experiences, healing times. I put myself in that situation or I'm in that situation because of a particular experience.

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Songs are like energy, and so I kind of shape the energy to fit that emotion — using notes to express what that energy is at that moment in time. Victory Music Review with Heidi Fosner. Women's Magazine-Interview with Ellen Mahoney. Leave a comment below Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Ideas for use The purple headed mountain? Y Fal the Sugarloaf in Monmouthshire. God's work is seen in the designs of nature, said William Paley.

Cecil Frances 'Fanny' Alexander. Share this Tweet Facebook Tumblr. Categories: June Do you have a comment about the suggestions here?

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  • Alternative related readings OT and psalm only are below. StF 88 Rejoice, the Lord is King! StF We sing of your glory StF Beeching, Vicky auth Bell, John L. Bowater, C. Campbell, J. James, Etta.

    Fleetwood Mac. California Dreamin'. New York State of Mind. Joel, Billy. Don't Stop Believin'. Walking In Memphis. Cohn, Marc. I Can See Clearly Now. Nash, Johnny. Stand in Your Love. Life on Mars?

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    Bowie, David. Drops of Jupiter Tell Me. Brown Eyed Girl. Morrison, Van. Purple Rain. Mitchell, Joni.

    Hal Leonard Music Publishing. Neil Young - Decade. After the Gold Rush Neil Young.