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Princes, guards, and average citizens all have a part to play when it comes to saving the world… and maybe finding a companion to ease the heart. Forgot your password? Prelude to War By Maria Albert.

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Descent of Kings Book One. Heir to the Throne By Maria Albert. Descent of Kings Book Two. Descent of Kings Book Three. Descent of Kings Book Four. Descent of Kings By Maria Albert.

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  5. Descent of Kings Books One - Four. See excerpt for individual blurbs. Remember me on this computer. Sign in. Repeat Password. Not long after the death of Baelor, the Great Spring Sickness began. Thousands died as a result, and among the victims were Daeron II and his two most immediate heirs, Baelor's two sons Valarr and Matarys. Haegon was slain after he had surrendered his sword, while Aegor was arrested, and sentenced to join the Night's Watch.

    In addition to the two Blackfyre Rebellions, Aerys's reign knew multiple other troubles, including the plague and drought, dwindling trade, rising banditry, and the reaving of Dagon Greyjoy. Though he had been married to Lady Aelinor Penrose before his reign began, his marriage remained unconsummated. He additionally refused to take another to wife.

    As he had no issue of his own, he firstly acknowledged his younger brother Rhaegel as his heir. Maekar I's eldest son, Prince Daeron , had predeceased his father, and left behind only one child: a single-minded daughter, Vaella. Aerion's only issue was an infant son named Maegor , born the same year Aerion had died. Maekar's third son, Aemon , had been sent to the Citadel at Oldtown by King Daeron II at a young age, [50] where he had completed his maester 's chain at the age of nineteen, [51] and his youngest son, Aegon also known as "Egg" , was disliked by several lords, as he had often meddled in their affairs.

    The council passed over Daeron's daughter and Aerion's infant son, and because of the dislike some had for Maekar's youngest son, the crown was quietly offered to Aemon first. Aegon V became known as "The Unlikely", as he had been the fourth son of a fourth son. The reign of Aegon V began troubled.

    He felt forced to arrest Brynden Rivers , who had served both Maekar I and Aerys I as Hand, after Brynden, who had offered safe passage to Aenys Blackfyre , the fifth son of the late Daemon I Blackfyre , from Tyrosh to King's Landing, so Aenys could present his own claim during the Great Council, betrayed Aenys by arresting and executing him upon arrival.

    Rivers was sent to the Wall and joined the Night's Watch. Aegon V's brother Aemon accompanied Rivers, intent on joining the Night's Watch as well so his claim to the throne could not be used against the king. Aegon spend much of his reign in battle. Further opposition came from the lords of Aegon V's realm, as many disagreed with his policies, or distrusted and hated him, as they felt that his wanderings with the hedge knight Duncan had left him "half a peasant".

    Concerned for the welfare of the poor and weak, Aegon V made attempts to increase the flow of food to the north. However, some disagreed, as they felt Aegon did too much in this regard.

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    For this, he faced fierce opposition and at times even open defiance. One lord even went as far as to denounce Aegon V as a "bloody-handed tyrant intent on depriving us of our gods-given rights and liberties. Towards the end of his reign, Aegon V began to dream of dragons with whom he could bend the lords of Westeros to his will. However, in a great tragedy occurred, causing the death of Aegon V, Prince Duncan, and many more. Though the survivors would not speak of what had happened, the histories of Archmaester Gyldayn , the last maester to serve as the castle, speaks of seven eggs and pyromancers.

    They swore to aid one another in conquering a kingdom for each member. For most of the year, the war continued, but ended when a young knight called Barristan Selmy killed Maelys, thereby ending the male line of the Blackfyres after five generations. He was succeeded by his only son, Aerys II Targaryen. Upon ascending the throne, he replaced all of his father's elderly councilors with younger men, and appointed a friend from his youth, the twenty-year old Tywin Lannister , as his Hand of the King.

    While Aerys had great plans for his realm, his attention span was short and most plans were quickly forgotten. While Tywin would be Aerys II's Hand for nineteen years, tensions between the two friends began early in Aerys's reign. Aerys grew increasingly jealous of Tywin and over time began to insult him, while the deaths of several of his children contributed further to his madness. Aerys's jealousy for Tywin increased further when he learned of the saying that Tywin was the true ruler of the kingdom, making his suspicious of his subjects at court.

    His jealousy and desire to show himself as a leader led to his rash action of accepting the invitation of Lord Darklyn to travel to Duskendale , as to discuss Darklyn's petition. Aerys went to Duskendale with only a small escort, and was captured upon arrival. This revolt, known as the Defiance of Duskendale , lasted for half a year, during which time Aerys II was kept in the dungeons, while Lord Tywin besieged the city. Though he was eventually freed, the last of Aerys's sanity had died during his captivity. He became increasingly suspicious everyone, including his own heir, Rhaegar , and refused to leave the Red Keep for four years.

    Tywin resigned as Hand and left King's Landing. Convinced that his son Rhaegar planned to gather as much lords as possible to dispose Aerys at the Tourney of Harrenhal held later that same year, Aerys personally attended the tourney. When the victorious Prince Rhaegar passed by his own wife, Elia, and named Lyanna Stark , the betrothed of his cousin Robert Baratheon , as his queen of love and beauty , it caused fury and tensions among those present, and inflamed Aerys's council against Rhaegar further.

    The next year, Rhaegar left his wife and newborn son Aegon on Dragonstone and went on a journey. Ultimately, he ended up in the riverlands where he disappeared with Lyanna Stark. At the "trial", Aerys had both men killed, after which he demanded the heads of Lord Robert Baratheon , Lyanna's betrothed, and Eddard Stark , Lyanna's younger brother. Their foster father, Lord Jon Arryn , refused Aerys's commands and raised his banners, thereby starting a civil war.

    Feigning loyalty to House Targaryen, the Lannister forces sacked King's Landing once allowed into the city, [65] [63] slaying Princess Elia , Rhaenys , and the infant Prince Aegon , [66] [67] while Aerys's only Kingsguard knight in the city, Jaime Lannister , killed the king in the throne room.

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    The war was at an end, and on the mainland the final opposition to the reign of Robert I Baratheon was resolved. On Dragonstone, however, the last Targaryens held their last stronghold. He and his sister, Daenerys Targaryen , having wandered the Free Cities for years seeking aid from various merchant princes to restore House Targaryen to the throne, have been taken in by Illyrio Mopatis , a magister of Pentos.

    King Robert I Baratheon promises a lordship to whoever manages to kill Daenerys, her unborn child, or Viserys. Daenerys goes into labor [78] and eventually wakes to find her child was stillborn and deformed, Drogo's khalasar broken up, and Drogo himself an empty shell of the man he once was. When the fire is burning, Daenerys enters the pyre herself, and when the flames have died out the next morning is found unharmed, with three newly-hatched dragons in her arms.

    They are the first dragons in the known world in a century and a half. Aemon intervenes when a new recruit, Jon Snow , asks for his help with a fellow recruit, Samwell Tarly , naming Sam his personal servant to prevent him from remaining in training, which would have meant his death. Daenerys has named her three dragons Drogon , Rhaegal , and Viserion , after her late husband and brothers.

    After having been denied help by the Pureborn of Qarth, Daenerys decides to request aid from the warlocks. The Undying Ones give her cryptic information before attempting to consume her. Drogon rescues her, setting the House of the Undying on fire. She is rescued from an assassination attempt by a Sorrowful Man by Arstan Whitebeard and Belwas , who inform her that they have been sent by Magister Illyrio with three ships to escort Daenerys and her people to Pentos.

    Daenerys marches on Yunkai , where she faces the slave soldiers of Yunkai, and two sellsword companies, the Second Sons and the Stormcrows. Daenerys defeats the Yunkish soldiers, while the Stormcrows join her cause. Daenerys conquers Meereen with the help of the city's slaves, whom she frees. After she learns how the council she had created to rule Astapor had been replaced by the butcher Cleon , who now rules Astapor as its king and has enslaved all the nobility in the city, Daenerys decides to prevent Meereen from the same fate.

    Believing she needs to learn how to rule before conquering Westeros, Daenerys decides to remain in Meereen and rule as its queen. Ben Plumm , who is chosen as the leader of the Second Sons following the disappearance of Mero at the battle near Yunkai, claims to have Targaryen ancestry, as his ancestor Ossifer Plumm was married to Elaena Targaryen.

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    Daenerys rules Meereen, but meets with resistance from several parties. A resistance group of Ghiscari noblemen, the Sons of the Harpy , engage in a shadow war against her, [97] while Yunkai resumes its slavery and starts to make alliances against her. Daenerys forms a city watch, [98] the Brazen Beasts , [99] to combat the Harpy's Sons, killings continue. Daenerys promises to web Hizdahr zo Loraq if he can stop the murders for ninety days.

    The Yunkai'i besiege Meereen, [] and the Second Sons desert Daenerys [] after she is unwilling to use her dragons in battle following the death of the young girl Hazzea , [] who was killed by Drogon. Hizdahr aids Daenerys by negotiating a peace with Yunkai, in which their marriage plays a large role.

    At the same time, Belwas falls ill due to eating poisoned locusts which had been meant for Daenerys. Just as Belwas falls to his feat, Drogon returns to the city and lands in the Pit. While the public panics and attempts to flee, Daenerys rushes to Drogon's side and flies away from Meereen on his back. Daenerys eventually encounters the khalasar of Khal Jhaqo.

    On the Rhoyne , Jon Connington , a friend of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen who had faked his death in exile, has secretly been raising Rhaegar's son Aegon , who is believed to have died during the Sack of King's Landing. Instead, it is revealed that Varys had switched Aegon with another child, who had died in his place. As Daenerys is still in the east, Prince Aegon proposes traveling west to start conquering Westeros without her, [] a plan previously suggested to him by the exiled Tyrion Lannister.

    Beyond the Wall , the three-eyed crow who has been appearing to Bran Stark in his dreams is revealed to be none other than Bloodraven, Brynden Rivers , kept alive by sorcery and living in a cave. Treachery was a coin the Targaryens knew well. I will kill every Targaryen I can get my hands on, until they are as dead as their dragons, and then I will piss on their graves. What did any Targaryen ever know of honor? Go down into your crypt and ask Lyanna about the dragon's honor! Like their dragons the Targaryens answered to neither gods nor men. Every child knows that the Targaryens have always danced too close to madness.

    Jump to: navigation , search. See also: Dragons and Dragon egg. Main article: Faith Militant uprising. See also: Dance of the Dragons. Main article: Conquest of Dorne. See also: Blackfyre Pretenders. Aelinor does not descent from Elaena Targaryen and Ronnel Penrose. Houses of the Crownlands.

    At the start of A Game of Thrones. Baratheon of King's Landing.

    (A-2) Overview of the Kingdom of Israel (Northern Kingdom)

    Artaxerxes I , Great King of Persia d. Apama , wife of Seleucus I Nicator, d. Antiochus I Soter , King of Syria d. Demetrius I Soter , d. Antiochus I Theos , King of Commagene d. Mithradates or Meherdates, King of Armenia d. Vologaeses , a pretender to the Armenian throne in AD, probably father of:. Tiridates II, King of Armenia d. Hamazaspian , Mamikonid prince [ there intervening seven or eight generations the names of whom are not known, but scholars of the period do not doubt the descent down to Hmayeak.

    This and the following question marks in the next couple of generations are from the groundbreaking work of Prince Toumanoff and Nicholas Adontz, who were none the less very sure the line of descent was accurate. Hmayeak , known to have been of Mamikonid descent, who married a daughter of Emperor Leo V, Emperor of the East, thought to have been father of:.