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We are left with the impression that John was with Jesus all of the time. Of all of the disciples, John loved Jesus the most. John had risked his life for Jesus at the cross. And when John heard that the one whom he loved was alive, he rushed as fast as his legs would take him to find Him.

Later, after Jesus had asked Peter if he loved Him not once but three times, the Holy Spirit reminds us that Jesus and John loved each other. John was the only disciple who remained faithful, loving, and constantly wanting time with Jesus. It should not be surprising that Jesus was able to be closer with John. These men all loved God with a passion. John greatly loved Jesus; as a result they were very close. How can we develop a close relationship like this?

Who Was the Mysterious “Disciple Whom Jesus Loved?”

It is called time, devotion to Him, faithfulness to Him, and a willingness to sacrifice your life — your all for Him. It means you long to be with Him. Do you long to be with Him constantly? John did. His heart beat for Jesus even at the risk of hardship and death.

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There is a difference between not wanting to offend Jesus and loving Him with a passion. The desire to not offend is cautious, but a loving heart only has eyes to eagerly follow and to please. There is a difference between loving Jesus and loving Him as we first did when we came to Him. Is Jesus still your first love? Jeremiah Bible Question: In the book of John, the apostle John writes many times about the disciple whom Jesus loved.

Bible Answer: While Jesus lived here on this earth, there was one disciple whom Jesus loved most. Evidently, people have complaisantly leaned more to the old traditional religious teaching, than to deeply examine the mysteries in the Kingdom of God. The Spirit of truth an d revelation has revealed th e hidden mysteries of the "discipl e whom Jesus loved".

T he Lord's et er nal message of love and forgiveness ; setting the captives free, declaring the wisdom of God in Christ Jesus to all who have sinned, great or small. Everyone has a unique purpose in this life; predestined to be a part of His Kingdom and purpose ; "to save that which was lost" Matt KJV. Judas was the only disciple among the twelve who is known to the Chief Priests beca use of their plan to capture Jesus Matt. No other disciple had this privilege except for Judas.

John Zebedee was among the other disciples who fled and whom the Chief Priests and elders considered as enemy. L azarus , Mary Magdalene , the earthly mother of Jesus Mary or any of the other followers outs ide the twelve apostles Matt - 4 cannot be considered as " the disciple whom Jes us loved " according to the Scriptures. Therefore, no one other than one of the t welve disciples could have " leaned on the b reast of Jesus " as "the disciple whom J esu s loved" d id Jn Following are Key verses showing for certain that none of the other followers of Jesus were present at the supper table except for the twelve Apostles.

The following verses confines the disciple who "laid on the breast of Jesus during supper" whom the Scriptures refer to as, " the disciple whom Jesus loved" Jn to be within the twelve disciples Apostles of Jesus and no other. Judas was the disciple whom the other followers of Jesus thought would not die as a consequence for the betrayal of Jesus, Jn , and yet, Jesus did not say that he would not die, except that if Jesus wanted this disciple to remain alive until He came back talking about His resurrection what was it to them.

Jes us also wanted Judas proba b ly more than an yone to witness the glor io us fulfillment of His promised resurrection, as He frequently told His disciples. This was an event Jesus wouldn't want any of His followers to m iss ; as it was and is, the greatest and most glorious event ever.

Disciple whom Jesus loved

The prophecy He has foretold. The unnamed disciple was the one who wrote and gave the detailed information of the events that took place inside the palace and at the courtyard. John Zebedee himself and the other disciples openly testified of the accuracy written by this disciple The disciple whom Jesus loved. Judas wrote the sequence of events that happened before, during and after the crucifixion of Jesus.

All the information that were gathered in the Book of John and the other disciples came from the written testimony of Judas. H e was the only eye witness among all the disciples who can accuratel y give the full account of all the events and the sufferings that J esu s went through Jn ; including his personal Judas testimony of how he threw down the thirty pie ce s of silver W ho would actually know that? It would have been impossible to truly capture the authenticity of the events that happened to Jesus without th e testimony of Judas.

Read the book and find out the full disclosures on , " W hen did Judas really hang himself". Was it right after he left the temple? Or at a much later date; enough time to see the resurrection of Jesus, his Master?

The Disciple whom Jesus Loved

This same disciple The privileged and authorized disciple, Lu ; Jn was the one who stood by the foot of the cross " the disciple standing by, whom He loved " Jn. The Bible says that this disciple took Mary The earthly mother of Jesus home , to his own house that very hour Jn How can anyone truly comprehend that in the final moments of J esus on the cross , is w here He truly unveil ed His divine purpose by demonstrating His love and forgiveness The very first of His seven last phrases on the cross were, Lu "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do. The very reason and purpose of His sacrifi cial offering was to forgive.

I know whom I have chosen: but that the scripture may be fulfilled This is the same Jesus who still trusts you and I, in spite of who we are and what we have done.

Who was the disciple whom Jesus loved?

No one can fully comprehend the measure of love Jesus offers Eph. His love and forgiveness completely separates the sin from the sinner upon receiv ing Jesus as your Savior ; it is as if, the person has never been contaminated with sin at all, " For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more", Heb KJV.

Does this am az e you? It is beyond the ability of the natural mind to understand such love ; y et, this is the kind o f love, grace and mercy that Jesus offers to all who repents and believe in Him, great o r small.

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T he question is , w ill He ever tru st you or I again , in spite of our future sin and mistakes? The answer is an overwhelming, Y ES! For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance" Romans But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound" Romans H e is our ever faithful intercessor ; He will never turn His back on us nor will He ever get tired of us.

He remains faithful even if we're not, He knows everyone's weaknesses We are the very reason why He offered to die on the cross at Calvary; He is our absolute ever present deliver er and no one else 1 Tim Follow me! As this disciple was known to the high priest, he entered the court of the high priest along with Jesus, while Peter stood outside at the door. So the other disciple, who was known to the high priest, went out and spoke to the maid who kept the door, and brought Peter in.

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It is unlikely that the Beloved Disciple is anyone mentioned by name in the Gospel of John, and especially in these latter chapters, His identity is being veiled not revealed with a name. Obviously he is gone from the scene and someone has to take over in terms of leadership in the family and care for his mother. The Beloved Disciple is present at the last supper, and thus, based on Mark at least, possibly one of the Twelve, though John does not specify this, i.

Jesus loves all his disciples but this particular one has a special place. I am convinced that these traditions in the Gospel of John refer to a real person, not a symbolic figure. He should be known to us in other texts and in early Christian tradition by name. Jesus has three brothers: James, Simon, and Jude, as well as a fourth, Joseph. Given these factors it seems to me that James the brother of Jesus surfaces as the best candidate.

He is the one who takes over leadership of the followers of Jesus.

The Disciple Jesus Loved

And all the more so that he later has James as the clear head of the Jerusalem community Acts To have some other individual such as Lazarus, or the fisherman John, now functioning as caretaker over the family, just makes no sense at all with James present and functioning as leader of the community.