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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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I felt drenched in shame that in the darkest hour of his life, my patient could not bring himself to trust me. The nurse replaced his mask. As I regarded his suffering, I thought of all the times he had talked about his failing quality of life and how much he dreaded being alive but incapacitated.

His request to be palliated was informed and appropriate, and I supported it. But who should give the final irreversible order to turn off the support? Around me I saw shell-shocked nurses and junior doctors, stunned at the rapid turn of events. It may have been my imagination but I felt trapped by the gaze of many eyes judging my next move. We will remove every single tube right now and make you comfortable. After all, it was my call. The team staggered out, a medical student finally breaking the heavy silence.

Stirred up, conflicted, even a little aggrieved to have been the final arbiter of a life that I barely knew. What if his ex-wife had missed the opportunity to put their acrimony to rest? It was as if a bit of grief always lurked in the corridors, springing out to hijack the unsuspecting soul. Sometimes you swiped it away, other times it overpowered you.

After all there was nowhere in the hospital where one could shed a tear without inviting scrutiny. And frankly, I just needed a bit of time to let my discomfort percolate into the fabric of my being. Locked in my car, I let out the breath that I had been holding forever. I wanted to cry but no tears came, as if my rational self was warning me to stay put in an unsentimental fortress because this situation would arise again, many more times. The condition of our soul is usually the source of many sicknesses. Bone Specialist came in, made me stand up and hobble across the room, checked my reflexes, and then made me lie down on the table.

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I have spent the last four days with my mother who is addicted to QVC, watching jewelry shows, doll shows and make-up shows. I almost ordered a beef-jerky maker! Give me something, or I'm going to use your calf muscles to make the first batch! I was happy. My mother, however, had lost the ability to speak. I lift my head. I meet his gaze. My brief stay at the hospital had already convinced me that the medical profession was an open door to anyone nursing a grudge against the human race.

Ballard, Crash. Pick a leader who will fund schools, not limit spending on education and allow libraries to close. Pick a leader who chooses diplomacy over war. An honest broker in foreign relations. A leader with integrity, one who says what they mean, keeps their word and does not lie to their people. Pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble. Intelligent, but not sly. A leader who encourages diversity, not racism. One who understands the needs of the farmer, the teacher, the doctor, and the environmentalist -- not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the weapons developer, or the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyist.

Then he saw a man, whose complaints he took seriously.

And though a body cannot exist without a soul, It too cannot be fully understood or defined by science. Love is the most powerful form of energy, But science cannot decipher its elements. Yet the best cure for a sick soul is love, But even the most advanced physician Cannot prescribe it as medicine. Both they and their advisors must get rid of the curing idea and the practices built up thereon. Shelton, Getting Well. For telling a man that he will win the treasure of life, but then later discovering that he will lose, will harm him more than by telling him that he may lose, but then he wins.

Browse By Tag. Love Quotes Welcome back. A few minutes ago I tried an American grammar test which gave me a score of 35 out of 50 questions. Had this same test been conducted by UK rules, the result would have been closer to Consequently, I try to adhere to rules common to both sides of the Atlantic, these days, to make communication an easier process and to keep the pedants quiet.

The preposition business is a daily thorn to me! I grew up with all the traditional grammatical rigour that says that a sentence should not end in a preposition. Your vs. Not just blogger, but I have witnessed professional writers doing the same. When you lose weight, your pants get loose. This one really gets me.

I thought I was going to pass this with flying colors until I got to number 5! I got my knoweldge of grammar by reading voraciously. I also learnt by reading veraciously. All of these are good points. I think the most important thing is to take enough pride in our work to compel us to read and re-read our blog entries before we post them. What amazes me is the fact that so many of the comments praising this post contain grammatical and spelling errors. How can people claim to be in such agreement regarding the value of proofreading and then not do it themselves?

Like you and many others, I did not major in English, Literature ao the like. I did do a double major in Psychology and Philosophy, however, and had to do a boat load of writing for both. I was also one who did a lot reading as a child, especially sea tales about pirates and those who went up against them.

As a kid who was very much into sports, I also read about the great atheletes at those and earlier times. Throw into this mix my mother, who did attend nursing school and all the reading and course work that with with that, and the constant corrections she hammered into my two sisters and myself this last use of me, myself is from her…be respectful to others, put them first, then include yourself, which is the English sibling of myself.

The point to all of this is that I whole-heartedly agree that the thought that we do absorb all these rules of grammar it is AR, not ER either by osmosis or whatever one chooses to call it. Like many others who commented, I loose interest in a heartbeat in anothers writings if they exhibit a plethora of egregious erors in the written word. A mistake here or there is one thing, but to see them served up as often as they are is laziness, be it the proofreading that should accompany any copy writing, spell-checker, dictionaries, etc.

None of mentioned mistakes could have ever been made by a foreigner. The reason is that our understanding of English is based on the grammar and vocabulary, not everydays oral communication and perception. Thus we learn how to write well at the cost of the ability to react quickly and correctly to a spoken word. I just visited your blog for the first time today. I love this post!!! These things drive me crazy as well. Well, I am with them and proud of it!!!

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Did anybody graduate third grade in the U. The post 79 which you cite is plainly and simply wrong; and incoherent. Hi from Minneapolis, Minnesota, U. Neither of us had ever heard the other pronunciation before! Last thing. I like what wrote and I totally agree. Any suggestions? Just to make things even more confusing and hopefully I am not repeating what someone else may have posted , Affect is also a verb and a noun.

My suggestion for learning the vagaries of English grammar: teach it as a second language. In truth, I think you are even wrong when you say that it is a relative pronoun! And Fowler, as we know, is incapable of being wrong. Would need to recheck this article when I would need to write. Affect vs. The easiest way I distinguish between these two words in my writing is the following thought:. I was shocked. A very useful post for bloggers. I did considering to write my blog in English and the mistakes you mention are very common for me.

Loose and lose bothers me and I seem to be seeing it a lot lately. Thanks for a great post! I, too, am peeved by incorrect apostrophe usage on business signs. My peeve is the confusion between advice and advise. People often use the s word as a noun. And, I know that I make mistakes. I have been gently guided to look at my comma usage. So much so that when happily perusing the Illustrated Elements of Style, I skipped past the comma section, thinking I had it covered.

Alas, I busted myself and went back. Thanks for keeping us on our toes! FYI, we have a free service called Virtual Editor www. Typically you receive the report in a few minutes.

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Check it out and let us know what you think. What is the reason for whichever is the answer. I usually have to look up the difference between verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs, etc. Amazingly enough, after years of writing, I AM starting to learn, bit by bit. I also still struggle with the USA and Australian versions of grammar or spelling. Eye halve a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques four my revue Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word And weight four it two say Weather eye am wrong oar write It shows me strait a weigh. As soon as a mist ache is maid It nose bee fore two long And eye can put the error rite Its rare lea ever wrong. Eye have run this poem threw it I am shore your pleased two no Its letter perfect awl the weigh My chequer tolled me sew. Hummmmmm Glad I never had to learn it!

Check this out! Thank for your outstanding contribution. But I would like you to notice that you have made a few mistakes in you conclusion above.

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Looking foward to linking to most of your posts. Thank once again! You forgot the most common mistake. Thank you so much for posting this. It has driven me nuts for years seeing this mistake nearly everywhere everyday. Robert, please! I heartily agree with almost everything here. Very insightful post! I recently held a conversation on writing quirks little mistakes that you find yourself making time and time again and Mark from Pro-Blogging Matrix directed me to this post.

I always have to double check myself. Its never become integrated into my way of writing. Receive vs Recieve. Good tips. I will now keep these in mind when writing. Can you give some feedback on this? English is not my native language making it even harder to notice those mistakes. It is good to see someone concerned about proper writing. Yup little things. But Important.

Should take care of these otherwise really we will be looking dumb. Brian — its to bad your married, cuz myself is looking four some1 whose as in to grammer and speling like myself!!! I think you missed one. Good article. What all of these people who responded are saying is of value for me, and hopefully for many others. Perhaps the greatest problem I have is ending a sentence with a preposition. Thanks for all of the good tips! Yes, prepositions are terrible things to end sentences with.

Very interesting conversation on grammar. I actually got punished as a child for those very same errors of which you speak. I will call back here when I need a fix. I get teased so much for speaking and writing well, and I hate that people expect that nonstandard English should be accepted as correct. In fact I am often insulted almost to tears. I guess I have a lot of toxic people in my life. I just scrolled up and saw that one in another comment. And these people can barely speak it themselves? With so many resources available, there is no excuse for sounding like a dumb twit.

I did not take the time to read all of the comments, so this may have already been said; and if it has, then I am sorry for the repeat….. A similar gaffe in personal correspondence is one of my pet peeves. Ok, Okay. I know I have but it was never intentional. These mistakes ruin great copy. Does any one have any tips on the proper use of punctuation? When something is not spelled correctly it sticks out like a sore thumb. Improper use of punctuation is probably not as noticed, or is it? Is there a post I can visit?

It drives me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a Mystery Shopping company which that? For me it usually just sounds clumsy when I read something wrong back to myself.. Almost feeling of discomfort in my ears. Somehow I felt that the verbal and grammatical correctness are just as important as all ethical and geeky stuff.

The problem with the English language is the fact that people make so many mistakes every single day, but we have gotten so used to it, we do not realise it is a mistake anymore. It is a very common error in Australia, and the problem does not seem to be getting any better. I am 44 and hardly remember the rules I learned in college. Yet I still am a document proofer for a bunch of professionals and I see these same mistakes all the time. But spelling errors can sometimes lead to good traffic especially when doing Keyword Optimization.

I have covered the details of the same in one of my posts on SEO and Keywords. A server is a computer that makes services, as access to data files, programs, and peripheral devices, available to workstations on a network. But what you taught here is very useful! I agree, those are the most common five errors found in on-line writing. Here is another that is starting to annoy me: know — now. People who say: I know want to ask you this question and what they should have used is: I now want to.

I enjoy reading these comments. However, when I get an e-mail stating that there are new comments posted, I have to read all the comments over again. Is there a way to just reading the latest comments? More important than this, I would like to thank you all for the new insights and lessons. Sometimes I can also fix wrong sentences but not knowing the reason behind it. And of course the dangling principle. Are you an English teacher Brian? Just kidding. Beware of homophones dangling there participles. UR correct in exposing these enemies of the basic rules of grammar.

I was referring to using the accent grave key just left of the number 1 key, instead of the single or double quotation mark keys. Does this make me feel as if the people behind the ad know what they are doing? Commas in writing are similar to brief pauses in speech. You can count people and dogs. And good catch about the Warrior Forum pixel ad at top right of this page. Great article, those really are the most common errors. Our training manual addresses this problem because it is so common.

The subject of the descriptive phrase needs to align to the subject of the action it describes. Another two for you, I recently had a reader of my blog kindly e-mail me pointing out that I had incorrectly used been rather than being and lightly rather than likely. Great post, thanks for posting. This drives me completely insane!!! I see it in printed advertisements, all over the net, everywhere. What are you talking about? Momentarily means the same thing in English as it does in American.

I dont think so! I seem to remember finishing The lord of the Rings Trilogy at around 8 years old. Not sure if that qualifies me but I have been reading ever since. A lot! I take back my comment on errors in the posts. I am very nearsighted and had trouble seeing the blackboard. I thought everyone else saw fuzzy letters too!

When I was 4, I told my parents I could read. I would turn the pages and recall what they had read matching up what I saw in the pictures. It seemed like a grown up thing and I wanted to do grown up stuff too! Once I got my own library card in second grade, I devoured books.

Great post! I cringe when I read online newspapers these days. You forgot one. Probably the error that drives me nuts the most is the improper use of apostrophes. People just seem to add apostrophes at random, and it drives me crazy! The error that drives me nuts is the improper use of apostrophes.

Drives me crazy…………. It is NOT one word! Next we need a lesson in pronunciation. Also, since I skipped to the end of the comments, has anyone pointed out that it is in fact NOT incorrect to end a sentence with a preposition? Would you rather read a boring blog post that is totally grammatically correct with awe-inspiring punctuation? Or would you rather read a post that grips you by the mind, twists your will and inspires you to do something different notwithstanding poor grammar and punctuation? Yes, good grammar does matter from a credibility point of view.

A few errors are ok but legibility is a necessity. Ex: Joe, along with Don, went to the game. They ate popcorn, along with pretzels and beer. Or, they type too fast and skip basic grammatical errors. Slow down I say! Complete with memorable mis-use examples and tongue-in-cheek illustrations, this little book was updated for its re-release by a student of the original author. Great list. This was a great post and based on most of what I read these days very much needed.

We linked to your post from our blog. When we look at grammar its the combination of words that create the meaning. When the combination is off the effect of our writing is destroyed. A good way to prevent a lot of these simple mistakes is to read aloud what you wrote before you post it. I was never an english major in school. My grammar is not this perfect. I use Microsoft Word for creating my e-mail, blog etc. Then I would copy and paste what I write. The Microsoft Word computer program, corrects all of my spelling and grammatical errors. It helps me render myself to be smarter than I truly am.

Other people should consider using this technique for e-mailing and blogging. I completely identify with the feeling Brian. I really cannot figure out the technical nitty-gritties of inappropriate composition or grammar. Thanks for sharing. As a great lover of the written word who happens to blog for a living — I often feel conflicted. On the one hand, blogs decide where I get to shop and how often I get to do so. On the other hand, I often fear that blogs and texting, IM-ing… are slowly killing the written language. We want to be conversational, so we throw a lot of the things we learned in Grammar out the back door, along with our Spanish, Elements, Algebra long gone!

I call those my Morris Code posts — and…yeah… they pretty much drive me nuts. So thanks for these tips. Think of it as to quote Dr. All men are mortal. Therefore, I am mortal. Haha very nice post. I agree with you. You lay a baby gently in its cradle. Yesterday I lay down for a nap at the same time.

And in that case, all bets are off. Thanks for a great post. But grammar mistakes are never acceptable for static website copy. Overlook means to.. For example:. This is how The Economist Style Guide explains it. So, you are going to visit a company. BTW… watch out for this if you have the grammatical correction thing turned on in Word.

Like it or not, more and more people will meet you in print than in person. So, if you think you need look your best at an important meeting, then you should know that you need to look your best in writing. What you write — and how well you write — will leave many of us with our very first impression of you. Here the curtains are a definite instruction. The 3rd house with blue curtains may be 10th house on the street. B2B Copywriter…. The comma is correct.

It introduces a subordinate clause, as well as indicating a pause in speech. I simply said I felt it distorted the very good comparison you were making. Which I do. I can make an excuse because English is my second language, but hey, blogging also needs good grammar to make it effective! Interesting article. It is redundant since explain is already describe about? While I can understand the occasional typo, the examples you cite here are irksome. Even in my own vigilance and awareness, one slips past me now and again.

Picking a figure out of the air, it seems that about 80 per cent of Internet marketers get it wrong every time. Well I want to say that this post is really informative, but suggest you to write some thing about pronunciation, and Punctuation. Yes, the peek and peak errors are prevalent and annoying, but the one that really annoys me is using either of those words when what is meant is pique. I so thoroughly enjoyed this post!

It used to drive us crazy. All hail hale…haha, which is it? I love to use instinct to filter the mistakes, the more we write, the better our writing will be. It was taught to us back in college but it gets me everytime… Lols! Or is it neither? If one was a writer or if one were a blogger? Sorry for being confused. I have ran into several of these mistakes as a blogger. I am glad some one addressed the problem finally. I believe now i shoud be able to think it through better than before. You, sir, have some good points. Yet, the dangling participle is much less of a problem than one would surmise from this post.

Because people do this all the time. And quite simply, there is no confusion as to the meaning. The examples provided above show that the technical grammatical meaning is ludicrous and we would not take that as the actual meaning. The other errors amount to spelling errors, which are easily detected and labeled as a lack of education or care on the part of the author. Good advice and thanks for the last paragraph. Thank goodness for Google! It sounds like they are talking about you instead of to you.

Thank you!!! Which has led me to always be the office proofreader. They say if you teach a man to fish… Still working on that one. Thanks for the post. That is precisely my story. I never learned the proper rules of grammar, but I can catch errors quickly and efficiently. I did learn the rules of grammar — Latin grammar. Well I was using some bad grammer it seems, and I thaught my English is above average.

Thanks for enlightening me. I, too, learned my grammar and writing abilities by becoming an avid reader as soon as I could handle chapter books! That said, you missed one. If I am not sure about the correct grammar I will do a search for it. There are online dictionairies a plenty! Great points!! These are definitely the most common grammar mistakes I see. My favorite is when someone is trying to write a convincing argument against someone else and their text is riddled with errors.

Your nuts. Hope I can remember it always. I love it! Did something change or am I confused? Maybe this has been covered already but there are so many listings here I may have missed it. Also, any takes on either vs. Love this post! My sense of right and wrong writing has come from my voracious reading habit. If anyone asks me what a verb is, I actually have to look it up in the dictionary. I really look forward to our working together.

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I really look forward to us working together. It shows me that the person really looks forward to how we work together as a team. I am hoping I have found a place to get some grammatical help…. If on tomorrow is correct please explain to me. But in the grand scheme of things, since so few of these people know the difference, nobody cares.

Brian, After reading this, I checked over my latest blog post to find several Dangling Participles! My old English teacher would have made me sit in the corner for such a grave error. I say keeping it to five is very hard, nigh impossible. The list could include almost every word with same pronunciation and different spelling. By the way, did I use the double and single quotes properly? I find that this creeps up nearly daily in some post somewhere in my daily internet travels. O, and I paid attention.

It is a sad state of affairs for the English language when most University students cannot differentiate between a possessive word and a contraction. Am I just being a snob? What do you do, if anything, in situations like this? There is no such thing as FOR free. Sometimes I feel all those high marks I received in English class have clearly gone out the window. I know I make mistakes on a regular basis. I need an editor….

Poor spelling and grammar shows that people have never read a book in their lives. Many modern university students make these mistakes, as universities are no longer hubs of knowledge. Wrong : One of my friend, one of his colleague Correct : One of my friends, one of his colleagues. Americanisms from English people in their writing drives me crackers.

Reading emails from my ex-pat friends does not stir this emotion in me at all. Now that I am back in the UK, when one of my English colleagues writes to me that they have a sales inquiry oh, I can feel the hairs on my neck coming up already. Far be it for me to criticise or is that criticize? I found this excellent series from Bristol University in the UK. It has very easy to follow exercises and focusses on the basics. Nice post. It also seems to be one of the most common mistakes people make when writing.

If we said or wrote George and me, or me and George, we would have gotten a smack on the side of the head. We had to put the names of the other people first and then add I. If the present rate of educational skill attainment continues its downward spiral much longer — grammar, spelling, use of correct word, and other language details will not matter — because no one will know the difference. Except, of course, the rest of the world! You get the idea.

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Great idea, Gordon. Texting English is being written more and more often as those affected forget whatever they may have known. And voters! Good night. I have wanted to write my own blog posts and guest blog posts for a bit of time. Just reading your articles has made significant improvements for my self confidence as a blogger.

I love the dangling participle example on the rotting brother. Ironic indeed. Anyway, I will proceed with the read through now.