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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Among The Blind is a journey into an unfamiliar world. A world separated from our own by a single sensory organ. Director Eva Spreitzhofer challenges our assumptions in this documentary by introducing us to the experiences The sun is shining, the landscape is beautiful, they are in love. Things would be perfect For programme and registration form please see website. Hanna is Three days of screenings, workshops and panel discussions exploring cinema as a resource for reshaping a crisis-ridden global present. Further performance dates throughout September A regular drop-in peer-to-peer workshop for literary translators between German and English.

Participants can bring passages or queries from a translation they are working on to discuss with the group or just come to listen and offer feedback. Please bring The Full Moon Cafe. A junction hidden in the middle of virtual highway. A point where space, time and two strangers come together. An innocent encounter that crumbles, lost in the maze of the information age. The Internet. A modern A landmark of twentieth century musical theatre, The Threepenny Opera comes to the National Theatre in a bold new production.

Rory Kinnear In the decade before the Iron Curtain fell, walled-in Berlin became the creative melting pot for sub- and pop-culture which attracted musicians and artists from West Germany and all over the world. Everything and anything seemed possible at this special The first part of the workshop will cover the topic German films in the classroom and will give suggestions on how to deal with them with regards to content and methodology in accordance with the new A-level syllabus.

The second Translated into German at a crucial moment in the formation of a German literary canon, Shakespeare has been seen by many in Germany as the third great national poet, next to Goethe and Schiller. This evening is dedicated to exploring We will be providing a post referendum analysis by a speaker from the LSE name to be confirmed and an opportunity A taster session allowing year 10 pupils to find out more about what it is like to study German at university.

This year's topic is Literacy in the German Classroom. The day will include seminars, advice and tools Film Tom Schilling Oh Boy plays Benjamin, a shy student who may be pretty much invisible to the people around him, but can have considerable impact on a computer server. This comes in handy when he gets hold of exam The actor reflects on the challenges and rewards of playing Macheath in this new production of The Threepenny Opera.

Chaired by Anne McElvoy. This is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the best new short films For the piece exploring the Roma communities of Europe, Dorky Viennese director, scriptwriter and producer Ulrich Seidl b. The fictional Dog Days Es spielt Basilikaorganist Elmar Lehnen aus Kevelaer. This conference, organised by Deborah Holmes Salzburg and Florian Krobb Maynooth , offers insights into Austrian 'Festkultur' - from Habsburg court ritual to the media spectacles of the present day, from 'Volksfeste' to festivals of high culture and classical music.

This double bill presents films by two of the founding members of Austrian arthouse production company coop This was followed by a second novel, 'Hinter den Augen' and a collection of short prose 'Draussen um diese Zeit' in She is an The photographs on display show moments of social, cultural and political identity of the United Kingdom. Rather than During her stay in Suriname Gustav Deutsch, the maestro of found footage filmmaking, investigates the endless wealth of the medium in this triple bill.

The first film is dedicated to the scientific laboratory as the first birth place of cinematography, while the second Clara Immerwahr, wife of the famed Heimatfilm, a genre particular to the German-speaking world drew on the tradition of Bergfilm mountain film , as promoted by the Frank School in the s and 30s.

While The Inheritors Die Siebtelbauern, has all the hallmarks of a Thanks to his pragmatism and inexhaustible creativity, he enjoys the sunny side Since her film breakthrough Part of a seminar series entitled 'Vienna Tales on Page and Screen', bringing together short stories by well-known literary figures such as Arthur Schnitzler and films on contemporary themes made in or set in Vienna.

Convenor: Dr Heide Kunzelmann, Ingeborg Film Showing More than ten years after Run Lola Run and after having directed major international productions like Perfume and The International , Tom Tykwer returned to Berlin to make this more modest, but intricate and subtly amusing film In the searing summer heat of Italy, the simple Emilia Galotti prepares for her wedding. In the Palace, a Prince broods over this beauty he cannot attain. When it is required, will the middle-classes rise up against their masters?

Following the disaster a km restricted zone was erected around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Our April Event promises to be exciting and informative. During his tropical and subtropical South American journey, the German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt explored mountain peaks, pondered the origins of the river Orinoco, listened to nocturnal animals in primeval forests, and experienced awe in the face of the Film Showing Germany Ruby and Martin are young and rebellious. They want to be free, to be together and to create their own destinies. Together they deside to run away to Berlin.

The price they pay for this is Free entry. Retiring collection. None of them is right for the part … but then enters Vanda, a late-comer to the Welcome to the 7th annual Ally Pally Bier festival at Springfest Kick back and enjoy the finest German bier, live music, delicious In this event Dorit Oliver-Wolff will speak about her new book From Yellow Star to Popstar, which tells her incredible life journey from surviving the Second World War to becoming a pop star.

Dorit is an accomplished public speaker and An attractive, enticing woman, Lulu climbs the ladder of German society one wealthy husband at a time. Her attempts to escape her roots of poverty and prostitution take Ulrich Schnauss' live show coincides with the release of his fifth studio album, which will come out in early At once uplifting and otherworldly, the music of Ulrich Schnauss combines multi-layered synthesizers with beats and ethereal vocals, serving as Germany, Judith is quietly driven out of her home.

She must leave her husband behind. A gripping snapshot of a woman struggling to escape the growing shadow of Nazi terror. A parable for any political system based on the Organized buy the English Goethe Society. All welcome. Lecture by Patrick Bade. Between and Gustav Mahler conducted performances at the Metropolitan Opera that set new standards and evoked paeans of praise from the New York critics.

Despite declining health and fierce competition from the thrusting young The recital includes two arias from Bach's St Matthew Passion and one aria from Ulrike Draesner is a prize-winning writer of novels, short stories, critical essays and poetry 17 books to date who last year won the biggest German poetry prize the Joachim Ringelnatz - akin to the Whitbread or T.

Eliot Prize and Part of a seminar series entitled 'Vienna Tales on Page and Screen' bringing together short stories by well-known literary figures such as Arthur Schnitzler and films on contemporary themes made in or set in Vienna. In the heat of the summer. An isolated house in the countryside between woods and corn fields For the first time, a true international finance industry insider tells all. These deliciously scary, thrilling and funny tales are adapted from the Brothers Grimm by poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

They include the magical stories of Hansel and Gretel and the original Cinderella, along with less well known stories for you Every family has a secret, a darkness no one wants to touch. We continue to explore the best of new Austrian and British writing in our new author discussion series. The series will bring Austrian and British authors together to discuss a topic that is prominent in their work. Carolina Schutti and A girl must make a choice… to take the child and run, or leave him behind in the fury of civil war. The text will be About the lecture Germany regained its position How and why did musicians start programming song recitals the way they do now?

After the success of our Vanillekipferl event last December, we invite you on another culinary and literary tour down memory lane. The second event takes its inspiration from a famous Austrian collection of stories by Friedrich Torberg and the comfort Renowned as the inventor of tanztheater, and widely regarded as one of the most significant influences in modern dance, Pina Bausch inspired generations of audiences and artists before her untimely death in Featuring the haunting music of Chilean composers Exhibition until Friday 15 April Basic structures of presents three artists that use the vocabulary of fabric within the development of their practice.

Positioned within the frame of fashion week, this exhibition delves into the conceptualisation of trends, repetitive A seminar to mark the publication of the second volume of essays published in the context of a joint research project between the IMLR and the University of Exeter on the history, discourses and literary and filmic reflections of German Seminar Series. Taking Lorenz Puntel's and Alan White's 'Structural-Systematic Philosophy' as a starting point, the seminar will consider various phases of the history of the question of 'being' phenomenological, dialectical, critical and analogical in dialogue with the most important representatives Following a period The German Comedy Embassador will be joined on the A malicious serpent.

An evil sorcerer who is holding a beautiful princess captive. A dark queen with manipulative motives. And three testing trials of his courage and virtue. What else must Prince Tamino overcome in his quest for love, light Lecture by Prof. Her research focuses on the history of social welfare in a transnational perspective. Theatre performance. Seminar series. The seminar Friday, 29 January pm , will have a special guest: Prof.

Why do we eat soup with a spoon, when we could drink it, This is Fritz Lang's most harrowing study of guilt and damnation, with Edward G. Robinson as a quietly suffering bookkeeper who encounters fate in the form of a calculating prostitute Joan Bennett and her pimp Dan Duryea. Taking Lorenz Puntel's and Alan White's 'Structural-Systematic Philosophy' as a starting point, the seminar will consider various phases of the history of the question of 'being' phenomenological, dialectical, critical and analogical in dialogue with the most important representatives of the The new seminar series 'Vienna Tales on Page and Screen', brings together short stories by well-known literary figures such as Arthur Schnitzler and films on contemporary themes made in or set in Vienna.

Seminars are based on selected stories from The Reappearance of Public Mourning on the Streets of European Cities': In this lecture Professor Sigrid Weigel investigates the relatively recent phenomenon of rituals of public communal grieving in Europe, placing it in the historical context of an Our first one will be held on 20th January , Scott Henderson Franchot Tone , a successful young businessman, is arrested for allegedly strangling his wife.

On the night in question, he had met a girl in a bar, but did not know her name. Henderson is convicted and Who was Max Schreck, the man behind the most iconic of all movie monsters? How did he come to be remembered solely for the one and only horror film he made during a career encompassing parts and 50 films? Abstract: 'This talk will reflect on the discipline of Comparative Literature as it developed in the post-war period. Building on recent work on lateness, it will focus He's back! Spring Awakening explores the conflict between an oppressive bourgeois state and the natural sexual desires of its adolescents in an unamed 19th Century provincial German town.

With the help of Edward Bond's poetic and ironic translation, Wedekind's play is an Concert: 29 November: Hampton Court Palace. More information will be available from the Deutsche Chor website in due course. Austrians have always waltzed the night away and the Austrian Club London continues this tradition by hosting a magical evening of dancing and entertainment at the Grand Connaught Rooms. It is a superb way to enjoy the true atmosphere of Launched in , it provides an informal This training session will help students acquire In summer and autumn of this year thousands of refugees passed the Austrian border, many of them fleeing the war in Syria.

This has led to an outpouring of support from the public as well as from national and private Pugh has had a successful career on stage and The historical-biographical exhibition of the former exile organisation Young Austria portrays members and their families and their political and cultural activities. This unique exhibition includes photographs and documents which have not previously been seen in public, featuring images of Young Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas is fast becoming one of the leading composers of his generation.

Morgen und Abend Morning They create intelligent, challenging and altogether beautiful melodic techno This will be the first time since Paul Wittgenstein at the Proms that a one-handed concert They have collaborated with more than artists and ensembles from 25 countries on nearly 20 productions since being founded in A small group of people, some Austrian and some English, meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month from We have regular discussions about various topics An army of Bavarian waitresses will be Innovative and inventive, Image is Three free drop-in durational performances taking place at the Barbican Conservatory , Andaz London Liverpool Street Temple and the National Theatre Weston Terrace that investigate thre shapeshfting qualities and gifts of three different totems through the Swan, the Moth and the Hansel and Gretel brings together amazing magic, comedy, sets and costumes - all this as well as dragons, illusions and a full supporting cast set to wow the crowds!

There might even be a custard pie or two!

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This exciting He is highly regarded in Germany and will give us an insight Award winning puppetry about an unlikely friendship. Duck Death and the Tulip is an award winning performance for every small child and their grownup friends. Adapted for the stage from the acclaimed book by German illustrator Wolf Erlbruch, it tells the Some resist, some are caught unawares and some pay with their lives. But one of them, a Speakers: A. At four-and-a-half hours in length, the original opera Germans in Britain, a touring exhibition created by the Migration Museum Project, explores the relationship between Britain and Germany, one of the deepest between any two European countries.

Although the two wars that devastated 20th century Europe cast Germany and In this exhibition, a group of rarely seen masterworks by A quest for love, light and wisdom, in a world where nothing is what it seems. And three testing trials Das Spiel is a psychological immersive theatre show, a mindreading experience blurring the lines between performance and reality.

Imagine being unsure if someone else has planned your greatest moments. You discover more only by playing. This Game is different. Posted: 10th May Posted by: admin. Posted: 10th May Posted by: Valerie. Posted: 4th Jan Posted by: admin. Posted: 24th Apr Posted by: admin. Event Date: 10th May Bodensee. Event Date: 9th May Bodensee. Posted: 18th Apr Posted by: admin. Posted: 5th Apr Posted by: admin. Posted: 19th Mar Posted by: admin. Posted: 16th Feb Posted by: admin. Posted: 14th Feb Posted by: admin. Event Date: 14th Mar Lecture: Dr.

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As 2nd February. Lawrence Jewry, London. Posted: 28th Jan Posted by: admin. As on 28 January. Lecture convened by the English Goethe Society. Posted: 13th Jan Posted by: admin. Event Date: 27th Jan Scarlet Street. Hans J. Posted: 11th Jan Posted by: mfoxdpjs. Event Date: 20th Jan Phantom Lady. Posted: 13th Jan Posted by: Joanne Leal. Posted: 9th Oct Posted by: admin. Posted: 10th Nov Posted by: admin.

Posted: 8th Oct Posted by: admin. Posted: 10th Oct Posted by: admin. But it was not only Moll who attacked Freud over his understanding of infant and childhood sexuality. Within the psychoanalytical movement, a fundamental critique came from C. Jung believed that this was too much centred on sexuality. Although Jung agreed with Freud over a link between the nutritive and sexual function of libido, Jung saw libido as a form of energy that changed its function during childhood. By the end of this phase, libido eventually would be stripped of all the characteristics and functions it showed during early infancy.

Perversions, then, would be the consequence of an incomplete or disrupted change of function in libido. Most psychologists had rejected Freudian psychoanalysis until this point. In a polemical and intellectually sharp analysis, William Stern, for instance, professor of psychology at Breslau University and at the time more prominent than Freud, criticised the application of psychoanalytical theories to infants and children.

He accused psychoanalysts of going much too far by detecting something sexual everywhere and in everyone. This would lead to, as he called it, an Entharmlosung of sexuality making sexuality not harmless or innocent in the young. If a child showed signs of precocious sexual interests, Stern considered this pathological. Like Jung and Stern, Kraus suspected that much of psychoanalysis was based on projections.

In , Kraus broke with Freud — the immediate reason was the conflict with Wittels — and from then on, commented with biting irony on the psychoanalytical movement. She criticised the fact that psychoanalysis ignored serious methodological problems when exploring infant and childhood sexual experiences, because one could not draw any analogies between their experiences and those of adults.

Sternberg, Leo [WorldCat Identities]

This was exactly what, in her view, psychoanalysts were guilty of doing. Therefore, sexual behaviour in children could not be interpreted from an adult perspective but had to be understood in its own right. Both masturbation in infancy and sexual activities between children were, in her view, neither common nor frequent. Freud and his fellow psychoanalysts did everything to defend their psychoanalytical understanding of infant and childhood sexuality. From both of their accounts, one gets a very good impression of how much they disliked each other. After the death in of Krafft-Ebing, Moll was amongst the best-known sexologists in Europe.

The critique of Moll by psychoanalysts quickly gained force. The nineteenth-century approach that had pathologised sexual feelings and activities of children — or, to be more precise, feelings and activities that were perceived as being of a sexual nature — had become obsolete. However, contrasting theories and explanations, as well as open questions, persisted. Freud and other psychoanalysts, for instance, continued to discuss the detrimental effects of masturbation for at least the following two decades, whereas Moll could not see such pathological effects.

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Moll and other researchers at the time eg. Ellis and later on eg. Intellectuals, writers and artists were obsessed with a sexualised understanding of children, in particular of girls before puberty. The position of C.

West Germany Lever Action - ERMA WERKE 22WMR

Jung is ambiguous. However, by contrast, Stern rejected any notion of a normal sexuality in children, and Jung perceived the first three to five years of infanthood as a non-sexual phase. Freud and the Discovery of Child Sexuality. History of Childhood Quarterly. Cologne: Hohenheim, I am using here the revised German edition.

Critical Inquiry. Frankfurt: Fischer, Geschichte des privaten Lebens , Vol. Jahrhundert Frankfurt: Campus, Hurley trans. Das Saugen an den Fingern, Lippen etc. Ueber Coitus im Kindesalter: Eine hygienische Studie. Zur Psychologie in der Vita sexualis. Instead, he assumed that the sexual drive in childhood was not always undifferentiated, as in some cases a heterosexual tendency in childhood remained heterosexual after puberty, and likewise a homosexual tendency continued after puberty ibid.

Although having interviewed many people, Moll was unable to find out which of the two developed first more often, but presumed that in most cases the impulse to touch the genitals, the Detumescenztrieb , developed first ibid. This would be supported by the observations of the Italian psychiatrist and director of the asylum in Catanzaro, Silvio Venturi — , who, according to Moll, suggested that temporary masturbation could be explained physiologically, Silvio Venturi, Le degenerazioni psico-sessuali nella vita degli individui e nella storia delle societa Turin: Bocca, , 6—8.

Speyer reported of several cases of children showing passionate feelings of love, jealousy and hatred towards other children or adults in letters, R. Moll referred to pages 6, —2, and —5.

Sternberg, Leo 1876-1937

Moll referred here to a case of a one-and-a-half-year-old girl who was seen playing at her genitals with her fingers, ibid. Moll did not make any reference to the emerging endocrinological literature. However, Moll made a distinction between the two drives. The detumescence-impulse, he thought, was a direct consequence of the gonads, at least in men, whereas in women during intercourse the detumescence-impulse was separated from the functioning of the gonads.

The contrectation-impulse, in contrast, he interpreted as an indirect consequence of the gonads that could only be understood from an evolutionary perspective in relation to the purpose of the genitals ibid. Moll explained this indirect effect of the gonads as excitement Erregung stemming from the testicles or ovaries. This excitement, however, he understood to be probably independent from the secretion of semen or from ovulation ibid. See Moll, op. Moll and Krafft-Ebing regularly corresponded Sulloway, ibid. See also Sulloway, op. He also collected a large number of picture postcards and had photographs taken of young girls he favoured and admired, many of them in the nude and put on display on the walls of his room in the Grabenhotel where he lived.

Hans Christian Kosler ed. The child—woman came into fashion. There was thirst after immaturity. Das Weibkind kam in Mode. Man lechzte nach Unreife. In he came into conflict with the law when he was accused of sexually molesting and abusing underage girls in the Vienna Forest; Werkner, op. It is not clear who the author was, but Felix Salten — , the author of Bambi , has been alleged to have written the novel, although he had denied this. See K. One of the most famous examples was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson Lewis Carroll and his fascination with young girls, whom he photographed in the nude from the late s.

Some scholars eg. Imhof and D. Roberts trans. London: Reaktion, ch. Paul trans. London: Allen, , repr. Die Kinderfehler. Bell had been a student of G.

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Stanley Hall cf. Moll, ibid. Moll repeated his criticism of Freud several times throughout his study, see, for example, idem op. London: Max, , — and — Bleuler saw himself standing somewhere between Freud and Jung in this respect but leaning more towards Freud; Shamdasani, ibid. On the strained relationship between Stern and Freud and other psychoanalysts, ibid. Ein Protest. On the relationship between Kraus and Freud, Wagner, op. A few days before the meeting, Freud had made a similar negative comment in a letter to C.

Jung , Ralph Manheim and R. Hull trans. Sulloway, op. Geuter, op. A reviewer for the American Journal of Psychology op. Wilhelm Stekel, for instance, did not believe masturbation was pathological as such; rather, the pathological effect was caused by those fighting against masturbation. Nunberg and Federn eds , op. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Med Hist v. Med Hist. Published online Apr. Lutz D. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

I am very grateful to Rosemary Elliot, Hans-Georg Hofer, James Kennaway, to our research associate, Sebastian Pranghofer, and to the two anonymous reviewers whose comments and critique helped me to sharpen my argument. I am also indebted to questions and comments from participants in research seminars at the universities of Warwick, Leeds and Oxford, UCL and the Institute for Historical Research, London, where I had the opportunity to present and discuss different versions of this paper.

Great thanks go to the Wellcome Trust for its continuous support of my research and to Mike Laycock for his editorial assistance.