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At the series' beginning he serves as Fabletown's sheriff. Most of the characters who appear in Fables are from European stories, the major exceptions being Arabian fables and American fables from the fable world of "Americana," appearing in Jack of Fables , such as Paul Bunyan , Black Sambo [now known as Sam] and the Lone Ranger. Most of these characters appear primarily in the Jack of Fables spin-off.

Earlier story arcs each take on the form of a different genre: the first is a murder mystery , [6] the next a conspiracy thriller , [7] and then a caper story. The series proper is principally being collected in trade paperbacks. Deluxe edition hardcovers are also being produced. The spin-off graphic novel Nights of Snowfall and other works are available in both hardcover and softcover format.

Prequel to Fables written by Willingham. It was initially released in hardcover on October 18, The Sultan's Vizier secretly presents Snow to Sultan as his next wife in order to delay his daughter Scheherazade from suffering the same fate. Snow must amuse the Sultan with a new story every night to prevent him from executing her at dawn, as he has done with all his former wives.

Written by novelist and publisher Chris Roberson another of Willingham and Sturges's fellow Clockwork Storybook alumni with painted cover art by Chrissie Zullo , the miniseries was drawn by Shawn McManus , [21] and according to Comic Book Resources ' Timothy Callahan "answers the question of what happened to Cinderella 's fairy godmother. A prestige format one-shot in which Boy Blue retells to Snow White the tale of the last stand against the Adversary's forces in the Homelands.

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In the story, Bigby Wolf embarks on a quest through the American Heartland to find a new location for Fabletown. It debuted on March 7, with the first arc written by Willingham and art by Phil Jimenez. Series focusing on Jack Horner. The series ended with its fiftieth issue in March Three issue miniseries comprising one third of The Great Fables Crossover. It is co-written by Willingham and Sturges, and was published April through June Written by Willingham and illustrated by Steve Leialoha , it is available in hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook editions. It includes a brief comic-book story that deals with Pete and Bo Peep's adventures after the events in the novel.

The story's been adapted for the comic by Lilah Sturges, who has previously written for the Fables series, and Dave Justus, staying otherwise true to the game's story but exploring some characters and back story in more depth. The comic is canon to the Fables universe. A new series, set following the events of Fables , debuted in Titled Everafter: From the Pages of Fables , the series was cancelled after 12 issues.

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Fables won fourteen Eisner Awards. While Fables only advertises winning fourteen Eisner Awards on their covers, the following Eisner awards have also been won by members of their staff for their work on Fables :. Prominent review site IGN has called it "the best comic book currently being produced" in Fabletown and Beyond was a comic convention created and hosted by Willingham to showcase and appreciate comic books that fall under the genre of mythic fiction. Willingham announced this new project during his panel at the San Diego Comic Convention , stating "We're going to have a nearly-all Fables dedicated con called 'Fabletown and Beyond' — it's Fables and books like Fables.

The show received a script order and was developed by Craig Silverstein and Warner Bros. Television [35] but was not developed any further than the scripting stage. NBC would later go on to produce Grimm , a police procedural set in a world where fairytales are real.

Beyond 90’s Vigilante Nostalgia In X: Volume One’s ‘Big Bad’

On December 8, , it was announced that ABC had picked up the rights to develop a pilot of Fables for the — television season. Six Degrees creators and executive producers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner were writing the script for the hourlong drama, again set up at Warner Bros. Television, while David Semel had come on board to direct.

Jun 07, James DeSantis rated it liked it. I find it funny this has such low ratings when it's basically Punisher but without the Punisher name. Saying that I don't love the Punisher or over the top violence usually.

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So X wouldn't be a fit for me, right? Well first you want to know what it's about. Think a Ninja like warrior going around a shitty neighborhood murdering rich pieces of shit who destroy cities and lives throughout their time. A mob-boss killer is basically what this is about. Then have a blog reporter following him around t I find it funny this has such low ratings when it's basically Punisher but without the Punisher name. Then have a blog reporter following him around to get the "real" truth of it all. Good: I liked the fights.

Bloody for sure but fun. Also the reporter was a interesting enough character and her view point made it less about X and more about a observer watching all this from the outside. The art is also pretttttty solid! Bad: The criminals or bad guys are over the top and done a million times before. X is basically Batman meets punisher. Also the start is a little shaky and not sure where it was going. Overall this is pretty fun in a over the top 80's action movie type of way. I think I'll check out another volume or two to see if it gets better but as it stands this was pretty fun.

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View 2 comments. Jul 19, Chad rated it did not like it. A really violent, graphic version of the Punisher with terrible art and no story except "X kill bad men". Nov 16, Quentin Wallace rated it liked it. This seems to be pretty polarizing but I'm right in the middle of the road on it. I thought the art was good and the story wasn't bad either, but the violence seemed to be over the top just for the sake of being over the top.

The graphic violence took away from the story rather than enhanced it in this case.

The plot was a little thin but still, this was an old fashioned Punisher style war on crime so you don't need a deep plot ala Game of Thrones to get from point A to point B. I'm a huge Punis This seems to be pretty polarizing but I'm right in the middle of the road on it. I'm a huge Punisher fan so I knew I probably wouldn't hate this, but I didn't love it either. Still worth a read though. Nov 04, Taylor Walters rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-i-own. This was actually a really good art style and written origin story to red x for this series.

There were mobsters. They were evil because, well, they were fat obvs, yo.

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  • And they were killed in brutal ways because, well, I mentioned that they were evil and fat, right? And, okay, I thought that maybe the violence and the generic vigilante angle would last only for the zero issue, as a sort of teaser to get people who like the Punisher interested in the main story. Kind of like how Sin City can feel a bit at times like the Punisher. The main difference is where Sin City ends up distancing itself from the violence for its own sake and seeing the protagonist as not only always right but immortal, X comes off more as a story that was meant to be an actual Punisher story but instead got spun off as a new character.

    It just didn't seem to make a lot of sense to me. Perhaps I just haven't read far enough, but I did read the issues of this volume and so I must judge them alone for now. The main character of the story is actually Leigh, a sort-of journalist who runs a blog and presumably makes money off of ads because otherwise I don't know how she lives.

    But she stumbles upon X, the violent murderer, and decides to help him. Again, this didn't seem justified enough for me, because there really wasn't enough done to show who the victims were. There are no good people aside from Leigh, I guess, and maybe one security guard in the entire city. So it means that X can kill basically anyone because they are all bad.

    And that just seemed very lazy. It made it seem like this was a story written for other characters, like this was just a Punisher story because then at least it would have made more sense. But because this was all on its own I didn't get why any of this mattered. It didn't help that the series seems to prefer violence over exposition, so I wasn't sure what the backstory of the city was, what really happened, or even who X might have been.

    It's clear that his identity is supposed to be a big mystery, but I couldn't bring myself to care because there are no clues. So people know him when they see him, but that was never shared with me, and so what do I care who he is. He's just a killer who sees everyone as acceptable collateral damage. I guess I just didn't feel that the violence or the devices used in the story were really earned. X is superhuman.

    X: Big Bad Review Volume 1 Review

    He is divine justice. Only I'm not really sure what these villains did other than be bad. I'm supposed to believe they're evil because they're fat and it's just not that good. It could have been so much more, and instead it is just violence mixed with a complete lack of explanation or justification.

    X is a mystery, but more than that he's one I couldn't care about. Feb 12, Christopher rated it did not like it. I did not like this one at all. It's a perfect distillation of all the worst tendencies of the sort of grim and gritty comics that dominated the s, a book that mistakes violence and swearing for mature or adult. That might not be so bad if the book were clever or interesting in any way, but it's not.

    It's just a stupid, ugly, nasty piece of work that doesn't have anything to say beyond the idea that violence is kind of awesome. It honestly feels like a misanthropic 12 year old boy scr Ooof It honestly feels like a misanthropic 12 year old boy scribbled his idea for the ultimate Batman story in his notebooks while ignoring the teacher's lessons.

    The art is just as bad, full of ugly character designs and confusing action. All in all, this is probably the worst of the relaunched Dark Horse Heroes line, and a book that will only hold appeal for those folks who don't realize that Rorschach in the Watchmen is someone who should be pitied rather than admired. Apr 25, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: crime , graphic-novel , kindle , super-hero , thriller , violent. Ultra violent vengeful mystery anti-hero. It was okay. Sometimes the writing was downright bad, but overall it was passable. I don't regret reading it.

    I'd like to read one more volume to really give it a proper rating. The art was decent. Sometimes not great, but overall was above average. It was pretty gross sometimes. This book is seriously violent. In one scene, X kills a guy by shoving a flat pry-bar through his head. Another pretty stupid instance, a bad guy gets his tortured by X face Ultra violent vengeful mystery anti-hero.

    Another pretty stupid instance, a bad guy gets his tortured by X face replaced by a legit allegedly plastic surgeon with a pig's face, snout and all. The city of Arcadia has gone to the dogs. Dispensing justice in the most violent way possible, X is a man on a mission without mercy.

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    In fact, everyone in this city seems to be corrupt except for a former journalist turned blogger who takes it upon herself to track down X after she receives evidence that a former associate might have been murdered by him. The tables are turned on her when instead of getting a scoop, she ends up helping X escape the police and having more questions than answers.

    The story moves quickly and without remorse, much like its lead character; however, since it appears that virtually no one in power has any redeeming qualities whatsoever, it tends to make them one dimensional. One has to wonder why anyone still lives in Arcadia and, if they do, where are they and why do they still live there?