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Finally when he turned the last corner by his house, his mother and father were planting flowers and he found spring. Penny: Presley, you have become an excellent reader. Well, I read that story at least 7 or 9 times and I think that each time I did it made me realize that I was getting better. The hard words became easier every time until I was practically speed reading the book.

Presley: Well It's been 5 years, already! I was 2 when you started. It's sort of crazy. But I'm actually sort of glad because every year I get to meet the actors and I get better at doing my interviews. And I love your shows. Presley: I really like the part where they sing about how Toad looks funny in a bathing suit.


The song kind of gives the joke away by saying he looks funny in a bathing suit - so he better look funny, Mom. Presley: So, the scenery should be sort of weedy behind the stage and then they actors should peek in through the reeds. For Toad's costume it should be low and have extended legs and since they jump really far. The actor should remember to stretch his legs out as far as they can go.

At least 10 inches. They should definitely look like that. Whoever is playing Frog don't take it as an insult should be more slimy. Maybe some sequins on his back. And Toad needs some warts. Presley: 1. Look out at the audience and be confident, or you are going to look like an 8-year-old at a bad school play. They need to work on their game if they are going to act like that. Don't use your cell phones at rehearsals and always have your scripts. Cell phones are a big distraction. If you are playing with your phone then you will have it taken away. We're watching you really closely.

The audience sees everything. This is actually a really good one If you mess up on stage don't act like a robot and don't be dull. Work on your expression! Presley: This show is really great and awesome - the actors really express themselves and they are professional actors.

They are really lucky to be working with my mom. Are we done? Because I'm going on my break now. A Year with Frog and Toad. Photo Gallery. Green Room Gallery. Green Room Gallery For the fifth year running, we welcome younger and older students from the Visual Art Institute in Salt Lake City to exhibit in the Green Room Gallery during our children's production — inspired by the school's efforts to plant the seed of creative curiosity early in life. Featured Writings.

Penny: So, introduce yourself to the kids and adults who are coming to see the show. Penny: Do you have any suggestions and ideas for me? Penny: Do you have any tips for the actors that I should pass along? The show begins "We Open in Venice". Baptista, Katherine and Bianca's father, will not allow his younger daughter Bianca to marry until his older daughter Katherine is married.

However, she is shrewish and ill-tempered, and no man desires to marry her. Three suitors — Lucentio, Hortensio, and Gremio — try to woo Bianca, and she says that she would marry any of them " Tom, Dick, or Harry ". Petruchio, a friend of Lucentio, expresses a desire to marry into wealth "I've Come to Wive it Wealthily in Padua" [4].

The suitors hatch a plan for him to marry Kate, as Baptista is rich. Kate, however, has no intentions of getting married "I Hate Men". Offstage, Lilli has an opportunity to read the card. She walks on stage off-cue and begins hitting Fred, who, along with the other actors, tries to remain in character as Baptista gives Petruchio permission to marry Kate. Lilli continues to strike Fred, and he ends up spanking her. Offstage, Lilli furiously declares she is leaving the show.

The gangsters force her to stay at gunpoint. Back onstage, Bianca and Lucentio dance while the chorus performs "We Sing of Love", covering a scene change. The curtain opens, revealing the exterior of a church; Petruchio and Kate have just been married, and they exit the church; the gangsters, dressed in Shakespearean costume, are onstage to make sure that Lilli stays.

Petruchio implores for Kate to kiss him, and she refuses. He lifts her over his shoulder and carries her offstage while she pummels his shoulder with her fists "Kiss Me Kate". During the show's intermission, the cast and crew relax in the alley behind the theater. Paul Fred's assistant , along with a couple other crew members, lament that it's " Too Darn Hot " to meet their lovers that night. He runs into Lois, and she recognizes him as a former lover but promises not to tell Lilli.

Bill is shocked to overhear this, but Lois tells him that even if she is involved with other men, she is faithful to him in her own way " Always True to You in My Fashion " [4]. Lilli tries to explain to Howell that she is being forced to stay at the theatre by the gangsters, but Howell doesn't believe her and wants to discuss wedding plans.

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Fred insidiously points out how boring Lilli's life with Howell will be compared to the theatre. Bill sings a love song he has written for Lois "Bianca". The gangsters discover that their boss has been killed, so the IOU is no longer valid. Lilli leaves—without Howell—as Fred unsuccessfully tries to convince her to stay "So in Love" Reprise. The gangsters get caught on stage and improvise a tribute to Shakespeare in which they explain that knowing Shakespeare is the key to romance "Brush Up Your Shakespeare".

The company prepares for the conclusion of the play, the wedding of Bianca and Lucentio, even though they are now missing one of the main characters.

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Fred and Lilli wordlessly reconcile on stage, and the play ends "Kiss Me Kate" Finale with them, as well as Bill and Lois, kissing passionately. A film version of the same name was released in There have been at least four television productions, the first on Hallmark Hall of Fame in , with Drake and Morison reprising their Broadway roles, the second recorded for the launch of BBC Two in the UK in , starring Howard Keel , Patricia Morison and Millicent Martin , the third in with then husband-and-wife team Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence , and the fourth in on Great Performances , a high-definition shot performance of the London revival with Brent Barrett and Rachel York.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Kiss Me Kate disambiguation. Tape 4, side B. Library of Congress. Retrieved 25 March The Argus 32, Retrieved 10 June — via National Library of Australia. Retrieved June 10, The News. The Broadway League. Retrieved February 14, Old Vic Theatre. Archived from the original on 16 January Retrieved 20 January Daily Telegraph. Retrieved 19 January Kiss Me, Kate. Retrieved Retrieved February 16, Archived from the original on October 16, William Shakespeare 's The Taming of the Shrew. Petruchio Bianca Minola Christopher Sly.

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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Why Can't You Behave? Bella and Samuel Spewack. Leave It to Me! The Taming of the Shrew. Awards for Kiss Me, Kate. Tony Award for Best Musical. Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical. Tony Award for Best Original Score. Authority control MusicBrainz release group: 6e91d4e7-ac9be-a0aedea9cee9f MusicBrainz work: eea4dec9b-4aa1c47a8b5a5a. Hidden categories: Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz work identifiers.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare.

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Brian Stokes Mitchell. Patricia Morison. Kelli O'Hara. Michael Berresse.