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The poems are the topography of a landscape beyond time and space and the attempt to grasp the gravity and compassion of language This volume of poetry collects together stringently constructed, light-footed texts on the taken-for-granted and therefore seldom noticeable trivialities of everyday life. Reflections of the anthropomorphist world are at work in the poems with titles like Egg, Knot, Stone, Pissoir — the lyric "I" sees himself in the things that he looks at; he observes and is observed.

In these poems there can be no question of agreement, either with the condition of the world, or with language. Marina Foschi Albert. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter.

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Description This book is the first comprehensive study of Gottfried Benn's poetry to appear in English. Against the background of the poet's theoretical writings, this study, drawing upon the classic texts of Benn scholarship, analyzes in detail the major themes of his verse and its distinctive idiom.


The book also engages with the multiplicity of voices in Benn's work and their varied textual forms, the hermeneutically variable positions of speech that they articulate and the often contradictory notion of selfhood to which they give rise. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series.

Mythology of Souls Robert G Eisenhauer. Add to basket. Theater Ist Theater Peter Yang.

Gottfried Benn „Abschied"

Negative Spring David B Dickens. Poems, translated by Michael Lebeck. Selected Poems, edited by Friedrich Wilhelm Wodtke. Briefe an F. Oelze, edited by Harald Steinhagen and Jurgen Schroder. Gottfried Benn was one of the most important German poets of the 20th century.

The Poetry of Gottfried Benn : Text and Selfhood

The poems of Morgue take up themes and topics not unknown in European poetry since Baudelaire, but approach them with a sense of the grotesque which is quite removed from all sentimentality, and with a metonymic technique which strongly alienates and shocks the reader. During the s, when Benn was working as a doctor in Berlin, the city to which he remained loyal throughout his life, his cult of art was based on a growing rejection of civilization and reason and on the withdrawal of the poetic into a hermetic world of dream, trance, and hallucination.

His essays of this period—on history, technology, alternative medicine, and the psychopathology of the artist—have a provocative and critical tone that at the time caused Benn to be considered a radical critic of bourgeois society.