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Fish are usually the most important food source, and the Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarcticum makes up the bulk of the bird's diet. Other prey commonly recorded include other fish of the family Nototheniidae , the glacial squid Psychroteuthis glacialis , and the hooked squid species Kondakovia longimana , as well as Antarctic krill Euphausia superba.

It then dives again and repeats the sequence about half a dozen times before surfacing to breathe. Since the s, there have been several attempts at keeping emperor penguins in captivity, but until the s these attempts were unsuccessful, as knowledge of penguin keeping in general was limited and acquired by trial and error.

The first to achieve a level of success was Aalborg Zoo where a chilled house was built especially for this Antarctic species. One individual lived for 20 years at the zoo and a chick was hatched there, but died shortly after. Today, the species is kept at just a few zoos and public aquariums in North America and Asia.

Emperor penguins were first successfully bred at SeaWorld San Diego ; more than 20 birds have hatched there since The species' unique life cycle in such a harsh environment has been described in print and visual media. Apsley Cherry-Garrard , the Antarctic explorer, wrote in "Take it all in all, I do not believe anybody on Earth has a worse time than an emperor penguin". The computer-animated movie Happy Feet features emperor penguins as its primary characters, with one in particular that loves to dance; although a comedy, it too depicts their life cycle and promotes an underlying serious environmental message of threats from global warming and depletion of food sources by overfishing.

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This article is about the bird. For the band, see Emperor Penguin music. A large flightless seabird endemic to Antarctica. Conservation status.

Physical description and related species

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Journal of Experimental Biology. R; Schmidt-Nielsen K. See baby Archie's christening photos. Life during wartime in devastated Syrian city. Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria seized by Britain. Ruler's son dies mysteriously. Watch Italian volcano unleash violent explosion.

The world's second-largest emperor penguin colony has nearly disappeared - CNN

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The new study also shows the power of satellite data to track species in the most inaccessible parts of the globe. Still, the Halley Bay decline in population is troublesome because the drop-off was rapid, rather than a gradual decrease in the face of climate change. Earlier coverage of penguins in Antarctica.