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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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It is one of the best encounters I have ever heard. The first thing I noticed before I even opened my eyes was this smell sorta like a cross between a Cahar jacket and old spice deodorant and once I opened my eyes and seen this creature holding one of them damn loud bang sticks that hurts all to hell and I am like WTF!!! I let him go, I chill and over the years I see him from time to time and I think he recognizes me , he isnt going to hurt me and nor will I hurt him; I am older and grayer and soon I will be no more….. I do hope to see him again before I die and just share a stare and show understanding from one hunter to another and hope he knows we are friends under this big blue sky……..

OMG Dutch! I about Crapped my Pants laughing so hard…. Big kahunas to Bear and great redirect Dutch! You must be logged in to post a comment. Reid D Goodness!! That is one crazy encounter! July 30th, Log in to Reply. July 31st, Log in to Reply. Thank you Bear for all you do…. DrAaron Well written, Bear! Jonathan B Bear and coonbo is the only two I go bigfooting with. Gail d Wow Bear!! You the man!! What an awesome but oh so frightening encounter!!

DrAaron Ha! That was beautiful, Dutch! Tracy A Damn dirty bald apes and their bang sticks. Eddie M Well done Dutch…. Charles B Well done brilliant???????? Alan H That was a dang fine account. Kid gets caught stealing packages in Virginia Beach. Meet the American scientist who looks exactly like Ed Sheeran. Kids' dance resemble human windmill. Man hangs on car roof during flash flood. Chicago River turned green for St. Patrick's Day! Baby survives fall from a bridge in Brazil. Airplane recovers after mid air engine failure.

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Texas hit by fierce storms. Biker almost sandwiched to death between two trucks! Driver miscalculates turn in rally and ends up in a ditch. Skilled pilots perform epic landings despite strong winds. A day in the life of a nomadic community in northern Russia. Why pay for a bus when you can get a free ride? College kids take their yearbook photo hanging off the mountainside! Shocking collision on a dangerous street in Great Britain. Snow-covered truck vs. The sidewalk is just another lane, right? Panic: ski lift goes out of control in Georgia.

Tow-truck leaves this car in even worse condition. Street artist uses a vacuum cleaner as an instrument. British air force pilot performs a heart-stopping takeoff. Lost your diving gear in the sea? Give this man a call! Drone filming wedding proposal ends up buried in snow. Photographer scales tallest tower in Southeast Asia. Man gives a bee-keeping class while covered in bees!

Six-meter waves give onlookers a fright during a storm! Truck loses a wheel with a life of its own. Heart-stopping helicopter jump in the USA. Motorcyclist gets straight back up after high speed crash. Low temperatures leave a window of ice on this car.

Who needs a pickup truck when you have a BMW? The Falcon Heavy landing is the coolest thing you'll see today. Trampoline sent flying through the streets of Oklahoma. Man rides a makeshift 'hoverboard chair' around the streets of Texas. Ice skater puts on a show in Amsterdam's frozen canal. Super penguin colony found in Antarctica. Rescue helicopter makes an impressive landing in the center of Amsterdam. Woman deters armed burglar with bucket of water! Kid falls from ski lift in Indiana. Technology proves why you shouldn't overtake someone on a curve. Man caught under subway tracks in New York.

Helpless man chases runaway trailer in Thailand. City street skiing at night in Edinburgh. This is how you dry your underwear on a plane! This biology student nearly got himself stuck in a cave in Texas. This artist creates awesome miniature origami! Disastrous fall from on the top of a banana tree in Vietnam.

These triplets survived a very rare condition. Aussie couple get married on US roller coaster. Epic 'Back to the Future' Doc mini sculpture. Overly confident man sinks his own car. Tree falls in a kids' park in Rome. Would you dare crossing this terrifying bridge? Mykonos, Greece's most stunning island. This girl ate five chocolate bars in less than 20 minutes.

This is the most luxurious caravan ever. This kid scaled a crane and hung off it! Bride gets stuck in elevator on wedding day. Priest introduces an unusual motorcycle hearse. Indian family survives a terrifying motorcycle accident! Driver has a close escape with a falling tree in Australia. Terrifying moment car violently crashes into pole in US town. Cape Town residents rejoice over the first rain fall in three years. Police car crashes while responding to emergency call.

Abandoned location in Thailand looks like it was built by ancient civilization. Watch this ball of 42, matches go up in flames! You can actually buy this Welsh castle! This man hitched a ride on the back of a truck on the highway. Trailer beaks loose from car whilst driving! Crowd sings in unison at London underground station. Impressive month-old baby has already learned how to read. Reckless overtaking causes truck crash. Talented artist makes a bowl out of color pencils. Ball moves by itself in a haunted house. Amateur historian discovers the last section of the Berlin Wall.

Triathlon athlete is the first person with prosthetic legs to dance in Brazilian carnival. Woman on the pill gives birth to triplets. The oldest street parade in Rio de Janeiro celebrates its th anniversary. Reckless driver nearly causes brutal accident. Dad crashes his car after falling asleep behind the wheel. Meet the real wolfman. Explorer teaches how to start a fire with a plastic bag. Parisians practice wakeboarding in flooded city. Incredible opera performance on an apartment balcony. Artist creates impressive sculptures using short pastry. These kid brothers have some serious motocross skills.

Skillful driver avoids running over pedestrian. Risky overtake ends in total loss of control. Helicopter makes emergency landing in the middle of Florida street. Have you ever seen a van do a stoppy? Karma punishes thief! Man obsessed with the s decorates his house accordingly. This year-old Japanese grandma's selfies went viral. Weird dude puts a 60 centimeter lizard in his mouth.

Man lays on train tracks and survives speeding train. Guy gets smashed by a train while taking a selfie. Planes land in strong wind and rain in Leeds. This huge mansion in Australia comes with a waterslide. School bus dangerously looses control on icy road. Icy roads almost cause a massive head-on crash. Woman stops man from committing suicide. Watch this van get stuck hanging over a cliff.

Airplane lands side-on in Birmingham, England. Teenager Snapchats her own car crash. Illegal turn causes a highway crash. Man rides pony into betting shop! Strong winds throw people to the ground in the Netherlands. Crafty man develops a steam-powered Land Rover. A baby duck brings a smile to this elderly man's face. New World Record: the biggest key lime pie was baked in Florida. Wheel jumps off a truck and collides with a car.

Mom and baby miraculously escape falling tree. Drone saves Australian teens from drowning. Plane makes dramatic landing at Leeds airport. Man works out with a lamp post. Driverless tuk tuk runs solo for 1 km. Soldier returns home to surprise sister. The love this little girl has for her dog will melt your heart. Incredible makeup transformations. Young daredevil risks his life just for a view. Kid with rare nasal abnormality undergoes surgery. Soccer is the real religion and this Irish fan can't resist watching the game during mass! Tiny Ed Sheeran: adorable child sings his idol's songs.

Motorcyclists risk perilous journey on Himalayan mountain track. Students draw amazing chalk picture on a black board. Man uses tank to steal bottle of wine. Seriously impressive remote control car skills. Bowling gone bad: woman smashes TV.

Evolve gets up close and personal with new melee assault hunter - Lennox

Disabled dogs given wheelchairs so they can walk again. Driver makes unbelievable recovery after skidding out of control on highway. Baby waves to the camera on an ultrasound. Homeless boy is overwhelmed when he sees his new house. Texas builders get caught in an intense sandstorm.

up close and personal achievement bugged :: theHunter™: Call of the Wild Bug Reports

UK mother spotted pushing stroller on roller skates. New world record: footballer controls ball drop from 41 meters high. Sacred elephants go for a pampering session at Indian spa. Best friends! This loyal dog won't leave his owner alone even in the gym! Young man narrowly escapes death during car crash. Driver avoids collision on icy road. Man crosses the world's most dangerous trail. Girl's emotional reaction to getting a kitten for birthday.

Child's emotional reaction to hearing for the first time. This girl is 18 years old and 84 cm tall! Nurse calms child getting a shot Strong winds push floating museum into anchored boats. World's most expensive bottle of vodka stolen in Denmark. Family ice skates in beautiful landscape. Artist makes realistic sculpture of couple for their wedding cake. Storms cause some scary landings in Zurich. Car loses traction on black ice and almost causes accident. Incredible panoramic view of New Year's fireworks in Zagreb. Fireworks explode in a car in Texas.

Incredible landing in New York City seen from the pilot's cabin. Hundreds of people dive into the waters of the UK on new years. Check out this woman's Cristiano Ronaldo makeup transformation. Meteor spotted near Leeds, England. Smart car parks in the tightest parking spot ever! Villagers use plastic barrels to cross a river in India. Huge firework fail in Iceland. Leaf blowers are the best way to clear snow.

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  • A magic trick with just a piece of paper and a candle. A perfect demolition of two buildings in the USA. Warning: never forget to pull the emergency brake! Dad is thrilled when he receives a ticket to a Taylor Swift concert. SpaceX rocket launch creates incredible effects in the sky. Take a look back at the biggest videos of ! Giant aquarium breaks in a restaurant in the USA. Adorable poodle thinks he's a guard dog. Underground water pipe explodes and destroys Pennsylvania street. A truck slides across street and crashes into traffic light.

    Residents paddle board through flooded streets in the Philippines. Superhero window cleaners cheer up cancer patients in the US. Christmas surf festival brings thousands to Florida. Dramatic gas explosion in Melbourne mall. The train with the most Christmas spirit in the world! How to be a mother, teacher and the strongest woman in the world. This Vladimir Putin-inspired haircut is impressive.

    Norwegian farmer leaves an awesome Christmas message in the snow! Amsterdam is transformed into a magical world when it snows. A woman gives a coat to a man in need after spotting him out in the cold. Power tower delivered and assembled by helicopter! Fishermen stuck in crocodile-infested area in Australia. Scary metro moment: door doesn't close after leaving the station! Out of control jeep reverses across the highway.

    When just one accident isn't enough Hair stylist cuts hair with an ax! Giant marine worms are a delicacy in China. Paranormal activity: ghost moves bible. Hurricane Damrey's attack on Vietnam. Brave and beautiful! Woman captures a snake! Parents unite to perform this hilarious dance at school talent show. Driver loses control of car and ends up in the water. The most adorable friendship between a dog and a baby.

    A guy sings while wearing a dental mouth opener and it's hilarious! Time-lapse shows huge cloud of smoke in California. Man decorates house with over Santas! Child tries to carry puppy to school inside backpack. Puppy is resuscitated after almost drowning! Impressive Christmas light display in Texas. Children receive unwanted gifts. How to transform a theme park into a dance floor.

    Aerial pictures of Apple's new California headquarters. Baby elf helps decorate the Christmas tree. Child is terrified of toy elves. Scary landings caused by strong winds in England will make your heart stop.

    Crocodile Hunter: Up close and personal

    Probably the most christmassy car in the USA. Little girl steals a gift from someone else's house. House lights up the night with this Christmas light show in the USA. Tesla Model X rocks to the sound of Christmas music. Ghost child caught on tape in English palace. Santa Claus arrived in California Will this hairy baby be the next Wolverine? Man dances on top of combine harvester during thunderstorm. A statue of a donkey discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea.

    Fighter jets perform flyby in California. Funny man shows his dance moves before concert. A house completely collapses in a matter of seconds.

    Tractor crashes violently against bridge. Mail truck goes on sidewalk to avoid ambulance. Medieval castle worth millions on sale in California.

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    Woman gets rescued from her flooded car. Comedian Russel Brand catches a ride on fan's mobility scooter. Drivers go fishing on Chinese highway. A year-old man loses control of his car and causes a serious accident. Thieves destroy a pickup truck to rob a convenience store in the US. Frenzy to get to the last Hoverboards on Black Friday. Van ignores stop sign and is hit by a train in Poland.

    Musicians play the trombone in a Tokyo subway. Tourists "teleport" around Paris. Man sings along to his car horn after an accident. This airplane window doesn't seem very secure How to pull a child's loose tooth with a champagne bottle. Express trash disposal from the 9th floor. Drone footage of raging fire in the USA. Woman thinks she bought an iPhone in Black Friday sale but it's a box of potatoes. Fantastic panoramic view of Christmas lights in Dublin.

    Chernobyl: northern Ukraine's ghost city. Train passes over man in India.

    GPS Failed

    If you're a fan of Harry Potter this Christmas tree is for you! Hero passerby knocks down robbers in London. Family is safe after their boat catches fire at high sea. This woman becomes the star attraction at football game. Forklift tows car in a very strange way. Dust cloud causes terrifying collision. Scooter goes up in flames suddenly.

    Buddhist techno temple! Boy almost gets run over by truck after falling off bike. Hot air balloon inflated inside Liverpool Cathedral. A murderer's ghost haunts UK prison. Snow falls in South Africa in summertime. Amazing time-lapse video shows pilot filming over Iran. This samurai became a taxi driver in Japan after winning the lottery. Man risks life to take selfie on top of huge bridge. These are the only female Wall of Death riders in the world. Unusual method: plane drops fertilizer on a pasture field.

    Shocking high speed boat accident. Truck destroyed by moving train. Video shows shocking car pile-up in India due to pollution cloud. Rapper's wife has someone cleaning the sidewalk before her feet. Building collapses onto highway after gas explosion. This postal worker must hate delivering packages.

    Artist creates self-portrait using mirror technique. Man steals family's parrot in broad daylight. Meet the man with the longest mustache in the world. Houston Astros fans team up to give back a woman's hat. Mother finds a needle in her son's Halloween candy. Man lights his hair on fire while playing with sparklers. Skydiving landings that did not end well. Hundreds of people wait their turn to take a photo.

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