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Their very juxtaposition is an obscene insertion of the Arcadia of their earlier, innocent civilian life into this cauldron of hell and despair. Each is a grotesque sort of mirror to the other because Raleigh, perhaps without yet fully realising it, can see in Stanhope what he will become. In the quiet intelligence of their performances, Butterfield and Claflin convey all this. They are occasions when the strict formality of rank is theoretically relaxed, but, in fact, eating and drinking are a new source of tension. Food and drink is all they have to obsess over: the nearest they have to indulgence, or simply to feel like human beings.

Whisky is the drug they all crave, and this luxury is the most fundamental necessity of all.

Blackmill - Journey's End

Their horrible situation of boredom and nerve-shredding tension suddenly becomes even more unspeakable when the order comes through that Osborne and Raleigh are to lead a raiding party, in broad daylight, into enemy lines to capture a German soldier for intelligence purposes. What becomes queasily clear is that the raid has been planned for daytime for no good reason other than getting it completed for the report that will precede the formal dinner.

'Journey's End' Film Review: Oft-Told WWI Tale Gets a Respectable Outing

More incredibly, it is to go ahead without any dummy run, or dress rehearsal with some British squaddie acting the part of the German so that this manhandling can be practised. They are just expected to do it. The aftermath of this grisly adventure brings all their despair into yet sharper focus. Dibb and his excellent cast put new passion into it. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Topics War films. But also, death is inevitable, and everyone suffers. The characters are brave soldiers who serve their country and show great calm and courage in the face of death. They're more or less trapped, victims of their orders and circumstance, but they do their best. The youngest character is very excited for battle, while the older soldiers are more familiar with what actually happens. Guns, some shooting. Bombs and explosions.

A man forcibly tries to kiss a waitress he's about to head to the front lines but is stopped. Struggling, fighting. Threatening with gun.

Dead rats briefly glimpsed. A character tells a story about picking up "two little tarts. One of the major characters has a drinking problem; he drinks frequently, heavily, and gets falling-down drunk.

Journey's End review – horror, humour and humanity in the trenches

His story isn't resolved. Other social drinking is shown wine, whiskey, etc. Cigarette and pipe smoking. Based more on human concerns than big battle scenes, it's powerfully affecting and a fine examination of both the allures and miseries of war. Expect to see guns and shooting, death, dead bodies, and some bloody wounds, as well as shouting and threatening.

A man briefly tries to forcibly kiss a waitress, but he's stopped. There's a brief discussion of a man "picking up two little tarts," and a possibly nude? Language includes several uses of "f--k" and "s--t," plus "damn," "ass," and "hell. There's other social drinking, too, as well as era-accurate smoking.

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‘Journey’s End’ Film Review: Oft-Told WWI Tale Gets a Respectable Outing

Unfortunately, this means that Raleigh is to be deployed for a rotation of six days on the front lines, in the trenches just opposite a nest of German troops. Stanhope drinks heavily, quickly consuming the short supply of whiskey, but his stature in Raleigh's eyes fails to diminish. Rumors of an imminent attack are coming, and the men, led by the pipe-smoking Lt. Osborne Paul Bettany , wait stoically. Other soldiers include dark-humored cook Mason Toby Jones and streetwise teddy bear Trotter Stephen Graham , who loves to eat.

Then their commanding officers order a suicide mission to capture a German; even if the men survive, a major attack may be imminent.

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  • This drama about the First World War is quietly moving as it conveys the horrors of war without heaviness, focusing on humanity and relying little on battle scenes. Sherriff's source play was first performed onstage with Laurence Olivier in and was previously adapted into a movie in , marking the directorial debut of James Whale Frankenstein , Bride of Frankenstein. It's tried-and-true stuff, and it still works. Director Saul Dibb The Duchess stages it with plenty of mud and gloom -- and even wobbly hand-held cameras -- and yet it has enough patience and care that it works beautifully.

    Potent little moments, like attempting to clear mud from a whistle, punctuate the story. The cast is especially excellent, starting with Bettany, whose avuncular presence the men call him "uncle" is downright calming; right before the mission, he coaxes Raleigh to think about other things hot cocoa and a Lewis Carroll poem. Even Claflin -- who usually seems to be cast more for his looks than his presence -- is fine here. Together, the characters manage to discuss things more immediate and personal than war, and, by extension, tell everything there is to say. Families can talk about Journey's End 's violence.

    How much is shown, and how effective is it? Is it more or less violent than other war movies? Why do you think war might be exciting to young Raleigh? How does his opinion change over the course of the story? How is drinking portrayed? Is Stanhope forgiven for his drinking because of the stress of war?

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