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Minor Snobs : Daniel Amory :

A novella length coming-of-age story, Minor Snobs explores one of the tradeoffs many people struggle with in life, the push and pull of finding the right balance between a career and the quest for financial rewards versus quality of life and adequate leisure time.

A recent law school graduate who is serving an internship while studying for the bar exam, the protagonist, Tom Sanders, is in a quandary and weighing his options, as he observes friends and acquaintances and evaluates the repercussions of the decisions they've made. Minor Snobs is both entertaining and thought provoking. May have received a free review copy. August 2, - Published on Amazon. I was not terribly impressed. I finished the book because I kept hoping it would get better, but it didn't I could not get engaged with any of the characters. April 6, - Published on Amazon.

Why Were Shoemakers 'Snobs'?

The author did a good job crafting this book. It chronicles the choices faced by the main character through his formative years. If you enjoy a good "coming of age" story by an author with a easy writing style that is readable this is a good choice. There is no great drama, but it does provide a glimpse into the life of a young man and his journey into adulthood. April 25, - Published on Amazon. I just couldn't get into this story at all.

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I notice one reviewer was put off by all the "he said" she said" but for me it was the "I was like" "She was like" in the dialogue that was annoying. What is it? Sit back and enjoy some reading. You all would not have guessed some of these. This list is not FDA-approved. Supreme Court oks extreme redistricting.

Minor Snobs

People love facts. Especially those of the small and neat variety, which present a minor and triumphant bit of knowledge with a hint of seeming incongruity. You know, the kind you can pull out of your pocket at a dinner party and score a guaranteed hit over cocktails. Unfortunately, this is the sort of fact that often finds itself paired with a spurious etymology.

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A fine example of this is the claim made about the word snob :. The only problem with this is that the various senses of snob which are concerned with social class and suchlike were not the first meanings of this word. When snob first began to be found in print, it was used as a term for a shoemaker, or cobbler.

Or, Snob versus Snip , c Epitaph on a Cobler. No one knows why we used to call shoemakers snobs , although it seems fairly clear that this meaning was the first one intended by this word, beginning in the early to midth century. The Oxford English Dictionary has evidence indicating that the word was next used in Cambridge University slang by the end of that century, to refer to a denizen of the town, rather than of the college.

By the s snob had taken on meanings that were directly related to class, but not in the way that we use it today. He who meanly admires mean things is a Snob—perhaps that is a safe definition of the character.

He was in trade, he said, and was proud of it. He was an American through and through, and there was not an inch of the snob about him.

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And I had never been a snob about birth or position or money or even intellect, perhaps not even about breeding. I have always had friendly relations with tradespeople and servants. If you can transform that story of snob into the sort of anecdote that crushes in polite company, more power to you.