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Ultimately though, the perspective presented in this book will provide insight in to how the algorithms calculate influence scores, the different ways certain actions will affect your score, and how businesses are using these sites to their advantage. The bottom line is: These sites exist.

Schaefer presents both sides of the story through relevant anecdotes and personal experiences. According to Klout, the leading company in this space, each influencer in one of their outreach programs generates an average of 30 pieces of content and millions of possible impressions. Essentially, this is creating an entirely new marketing channel to complement traditional methods.

And it's cost-effective too.

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Early results from case studies show the cost per impression is as good, or better, than paid advertising and it is ORGANIC since it is being generated by people who already love the brands. Although most of the activity right now from national brands, these capabilities are quickly moving down to a local level. The net effect is that we can now identify who is creating buzz about beer in Boston, or fashion in Philadelphia. Maybe the world authority on science fiction movies is a teen in Indiana or an elderly man in Portugal. For the first time, companies large and small can find these passionate influencers, connect to them and turn them into brand advocates.

Author Mark W. Email me at bullishonbooks cnbc. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Q: Yes, I did think it was a very uplifting book. Sometimes things of this nature can feel a little negative.

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But you did a great job of keeping us pointed in the right direction. Since we want to be more human, can you share one of the stories that you found most inspirational, or that maybe changed something for you? People assigning you a number. The story that I love is about this young lady named Molly Catchpole. And soon, she was facing a crisis because she had to start paying back her college loans. She was trying to scrape together money any way she could. She was working as a part-time nanny.

And then one day she got a letter in the mail from Bank of America. And soon, she had a movement of support around her. Then, she learned about this site called Change. Within two weeks, she had , signatures on this petition. And within three weeks, BofA stopped assessing the fee. When could this have ever happened before? She is a Citizen Influencer.

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This is exactly what I talk about in the book. This is our time to be heard.

To be able to have influence and power. She did it on her own. We hear so many stories about what the big guys can accomplish. Or what Coke did. One of the examples from the book talks about when Audi introduced a new car into the U. Q: How did Calvin get started on this path?

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I found it really interesting that somebody that worked for the City would have this huge social media following. What made him to decide to get on Twitter in the first place? You would think that the people who are most successful on the social web, are gregarious and outgoing. When I interviewed him for the book, I could barely get two sentences out of him. In my way. On my terms. I can just communicate characters at a time. He had a difficult time finding his thing. And yet, communicating on the social web became a great equalizer for him.

I talk about the three things that you need to do to have an effective social media presence. And if you do those three things, the influence will take care of itself. And Calvin does those three things very well. Only a very small percentage of people take action.