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Put several handfuls of rose petals in the pan.

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Don't use a copper pan, some strange reaction will take place. Barely cover with water. Bring to a slow simmer until the mass of rose petals forms a black sludge in the pan takes about an hour.

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The petals should be stirred to prevent sticking to the pan. Drain the liquid from the sludge and then use the sludge to form a bead around a wire to create the hole.

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If the sludge is not sticky enough to hold its shape, add some egg white to the mixture. You need to pull the petals from a good bunch of roses Allow them to dry thoroughly before using you can speed drying by placing them in the oven at degrees for several hours. They can be made with dried rose petals, ground to a powder, and mixed with Elmer's Glue or other similar protein glue.

Organic Rose Petals (Pink)

Shellac them lightly so that they don't dissolve in humid weather. Add a perfume stabilizer if you have scented petals or wish to add a small amount of scent. You get that at a perfume supply shop. If you don't want black beads, add a color preservant like vitamin C.

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Rose water gives this body cream a light pink colour. If roses are blooming for you right now, pluck some from your own garden to make the rose water. My favourite type to use are deeply scented wild roses. Alternatively you can invest in a gorgeous bottle of genuine rose water. It will have a lot more natural rose fragrance than your homemade versions and the rose extracts will be more intense.

You can make rose water by heating rose petals in water. I highly recommend you invest in the digital scale to ensure your recipe is accurate. Jojoba is very close in structure to human sebum so makes an excellent base for a natural cream. Sweet almond is much lighter and will balance any potential oily feeling.

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Water phase g 0. Using a double boiler to heat the oils and emulsifying wax. Measure all of the oil phase ingredients into a small sauce pan and the rose water into a heat-proof jar or container. The milk frother or immersion blender should be able to fit inside the container. Heat both using the double boiler technique — float the pan inside another one filled with hot water.

Heat on medium to medium-high until the oils and wax have melted. The water should be heating at the same time. If you want to be accurate though, invest in a Digital Temperature Gun. Pour the melted oil phase ingredients into the container of rose water. I love using this metal travel mug that I nabbed off my partner. Now submerge your immersion blender into the mug. You can also use a small milk frother for this but the former will speed up the process.

Blend until the mixture thickens up and it will literally take only about a minute or less. It will still be a bit runny.

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Think slightly beaten double cream. The thickening will tell you that the emulsifier has done its job of bonding the oil and water together.

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Blending without either — using a spoon or something similar — will take a lot longer. The cream will be relatively runny at first. With lotions and creams you really need to make sure that the pH is in the appropriate range of 4. When I tested my recipe it gave me a reading of about 3.

Afterwards I got a much better reading. If you find that for some reason your lotion has a higher pH, you can bring it back down by mixing in a tiny amount of citric acid. Make sure to mix any powders in a tiny amount of hot water before you stir it in though.

Once you finish making the body cream and pot it up, it will have a shelf-life of up to 18 months. Any longer than that and bacteria and microbes will start colonizing your body cream. This rose petal body cream is thick and creamy and perfect for moisturizing hands and body. If your skin is feeling tired and dry, this is the cream for you. I even have a guest recipe for making Old Fashioned Rose Soap. For even more lotion and cream recipes head over here. Only if you also add Borax, which is actually not recommended in skincare anymore.

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