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Two years ago, this fear seemed to be unrealistic.

My biggest fear in life

We thought that, surely, the Global Coalition against Daesh would end the reign of Daesh and ensure that all fighters are arrested and prosecuted. Surely, the fighters who were involved in a genocidal campaign against religious minorities in Syria and Iraq, and in crimes against humanity against the population in general, will be brought to justice.

Facing My BIGGEST Fear

When she managed to escape, she fled to Germany where she applied for asylum. He recognised her as well and spoke to her in German. However, she was told that nothing could be done as there was not enough evidence. The questions are then, what went wrong? Why are Daesh fighters free?

440 Fear Quotes That Will Make You More Courageous

In October , Soufan Group released an updated report concerning the foreign fighters who joined Daesh. The report confirmed that half of the Daesh foreign fighters are already back in their home countries. This means that as many as 2, Daesh foreign fighters may be already back in European countries. Nonetheless, according to an inquiry run by the Special Rapporteur on Bringing Daesh to Justice, Pieter Omtzigt MP, the number of domestic prosecutions in European countries remains shamefully low.

What Is Fear?

Think about all the people you would think you left an impact with, and think about them not remembering your name. A lot of this came to mind on my birthday this last year.

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My mission has always been to leave a legacy I can be proud of, but it hit me, what if I never made the impact I thought? What if the people I would give anything to help, never mentioned my name again? What if someone I gave the world to, forgot I ever existed….

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