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Hello, Anwer Ashif, many thanks for your definitive tutorial. And your article is rock, helps me learning a lot. Can I request a tutorial? I already searching in the whole internet, but all of them are outdated. I need tutorials to make custom genesis theme based on Genesis sample. Ex: creating a custom homepage, custom post type, front end etc. Thanks for your feedback. This post is for creating a front page template, you can create a homepage template flowing all steps in this post.

We have more than 30 posts on custom website development using Genesis Framework. Thanks for your response, Ashif Anwer. I already read and learn a lot from your blogs when first time find out it. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

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It uses the jumbotron bootstrap section. We would like display here money content. Pull the latest blog posts here. It uses to display popular posts on blog. The default files for some template functions may be deprecated or not present, and you should provide these files in your theme. As of version 3. For example, you should provide header. For more on how these various Templates work and how to generate different information within them, read the Templates documentation.

The files defining each page template are found in your Themes directory.

WordPress 101 - Part 17: How to create a custom Archive and 404 page

To create a new custom page template for a page you must create a file. Let's call our first page template for our page snarfer. At the top of the snarfer. The above code defines this snarfer. Naturally, "Snarfer" may be replaced with most any text to change the name of the page template. This template name will appear in the Theme Editor as the link to edit this file.

The file may be named almost anything with a. What follows the above five lines of code is up to you. The rest of the code you write will control how pages that use the Snarfer page template will display. See Template Tags for a description of the various WordPress template functions you can use for this purpose.

You may find it more convenient to copy some other template perhaps page. Examples are shown below. Once you have created a page template and placed it in your theme's directory, it will be available as a choice when you create or edit a page. Note : when creating or editing a page, the Page Template option does not appear unless there is at least one template defined in the above manner. WordPress can load different Templates for different query types. There are two ways to do this: as part of the built-in Template Hierarchy , and through the use of Conditional Tags within The Loop of a template file.

To use the Template Hierarchy , you basically need to provide special-purpose Template files, which will automatically be used to override index. For instance, if your Theme provides a template called category. If category. You can get even more specific in the Template Hierarchy by providing a file called, for instance, category In WordPress 2. It will look ' For a more detailed look at how this process works, see Category Templates.

If your Theme needs to have even more control over which Template files are used than what is provided in the Template Hierarchy , you can use Conditional Tags.

1. Once You’ve Installed Your WordPress Website

The Conditional Tag basically checks to see if some particular condition is true, within the WordPress Loop , and then you can load a particular template, or put some particular text on the screen, based on that condition. For example, to generate a distinctive stylesheet in a post only found within a specific category, the code might look like this:. In either case, this example code will cause different templates to be used depending on the category of the particular post being displayed.

Query conditions are not limited to categories, however, see the Conditional Tags article to look at all the options. It is possible to use the WordPress plugin system to define additional templates that are shown based on your own custom criteria. More information about creating plugins can be found in the Plugin API reference. This makes it easy for a Theme to reuse sections of code. When referencing other files within the same Theme, avoid hard-coded URIs and file paths.

Note that URIs that are used in the stylesheet are relative to the stylesheet, not the page that references the stylesheet. When developing Themes, it's good to keep in mind that your Theme should be set up so that it can work well with any WordPress plugins users might decide to install. Website security is a crucial thing website owners cannot afford to ignore. As WordPress is used an increasing number of users, so are the WordPress security threats appearing.

So, it is essential to take care of security aspects of a WordPress website. There are some simple things you can do to protect your WordPress website from security attacks. You should strengthen the login page, admin page to protect from the brute-force attacks. Besides, using the WordPress themes and plugins from the authorized and reliable sources helps to keep your site clean and spam free. In addition, there are some plugins which help to add an extra layer of security to the WordPress websites.

With over , active installs, Bulletproof Security is one of the best security plugins that protects your WordPress websites. It adds firewall security, database security and much more to protect your website files and database. Download BulletProof Security. With an average rating of 4.

It is an open source plugin that performs various tasks like login security, IP blocking, security scanning and much more. In short, it helps to secure your WordPress websites from malware and infections. The laundry list of features is just too much to go through but the highlight of this plugin is its scanning capabilities. Download WordFence Security Plugin.

Creating a WordPress Page | WordPress Tutorials

This WordPress plugin is best known strengthening user credentials by fixing common vulnerabilities and automated attacks. Download iThemes Security Plugin. The most noteworthy, WordPress platform has an ability to manage on-page SEO so well that helps your website rank better on search engine result pages. You can optimize the permalinks, title tags and headings, images and other media easily. In addition, WordPress is a completely responsive and mobile friendly platform. Responsiveness is one of the must-have features in every WordPress theme, also included in the WordPress.

Google and other search engines love mobile-optimized websites. Next, site speed is one of the most important ranking factors. A website with enhanced website speed is automatically SEO optimized as search engines love speedy websites. To make your WordPress website fast, there are various types of speed optimization plugins like caching plugins. As started as a blogging platform, WordPress offers a great interface for building a successful online blog and business. If you can create a quality content , WordPress is fairly an awesome thing to start with. With over one million active installs, Yoast SEO plugin happens to be the most popular and highly-rated plugin.

It is a leading plugin in the present market for a reason: it is often updated to keep up with the cutting-edge SEO trends and techniques. The plugin has a powerful option to achieve every sort of technical optimization. It provides handy options for dealing with page titles, descriptions, and URLs which plays an important role in delivering effective SEO. The major highlight of this plugin is its ability to import and export data from other sources including third-party SEO plugins. Its feature that offers plenty of customization option with easy-to-use settings also makes this plugin noticeable.

WordPress is a free open source software which has now a great worldwide community. Go to WordPress. Next, you can get support via from the WordPress product specific experts. For example; if you are using ThemeGrill products i. WordPress themes and plugins by ThemeGrill, you can contact us via our support forum , live chat or email. In addition, there are plenty of WordPress resources in support page including Theme instructions , Frequently Asked Questions etc. Last but not the least, website analytics is a very important task for a website owner. After putting so much of effort on creating a website, you also need to know how your website is performing.

Website analytics provides you the idea of the website traffic, website content, website conversion and more.

Theme Development

It provides you complete website analytics including daily traffic, website views, visitors, likes, and comments. View and Download Jetpack plugin. Besides, you can easily integrate Google Analytics to your WordPress website to get website analytics. I have tried to put together all the steps in a simple manner so as to create a guide to WordPress for beginners.

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Great Post, I learned a lot of details about WordPress using this single blog post. Thanks Sunita. I am on blogger and i was intending to move to wordpress.

How to Create Contact Page Template in Your Wordpress Theme

You have exceptionally simplified the whole process. Thanks a lot, mate. Hi Sunita Rai, The absolutely great share of beginners, it works for me. Great post! Thank you for your clear explanation. Good job and well explained. I have a wordpress site and this post is very useful. I absolutely like this tutorial. I wonder how you can make a gif with good resolution and only 2. Hello Phil, For the gif files, we usually use the software screentogif. Hope this helps. Amazing step by step guide for newbie WordPress developers.

I have never seen such a detailed and self-explanatory guide before. Good job. Keep it up! Hey Upendra, Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it. Keep following us for more WordPress related articles. As you know I follow every new blog post from you, but this one was that really inspiring, that I could do nothing else, just comment and let you know about this. Simpli EPIC. Are Yoast or SEO ultimate plugins free to download and use? Or do you have to pay extra for the plugins?