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Built in buoyancy can be added by enclosing the seats or fit inflatable buoyancy bags. The plans include the details on how to adapt a rig that would suit this boat and a Mirror dinghy has been adapted to this hull. The Transom can be made up from the waste 6mm plywood from planks etc.

Clinker Plywood Dinghy Designs | England | Stanleysmallcraft

Winchelsea 1. We have built quite a few of these and the uses for this little boat are many - a garden ornament, planter, indoor feature, book shelf unit, wedding or exhibition centrepiece, a rocking boat for kids, toy box, pond decoration and this is just what we've built so far have been used for. Now, we have drawn up full size patterns and step by step instructions package so that you can build your own.

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The plans show how to make it as a garden ornament or planter, as above, which could also be displayed indoors. You can add a little pair of oars too. It is built in the same way as the full size version so it could be useful as a trial build before you try a full size boat of this type of build. Rother "Mini Gaffer".

LOD 2. Load kg lbs Sail Area 3. Although this boat is still aimed at the first time DIY builder, the rig requires a bit more thought. She is built in the same way as the standard boat over a simple build frame but she has certain refinements such as a rounded stem. This design is too large for the planks to be got from one sheet of standard plywood and scarfing is necessary, however, the plans describe a simple method of doing this. There are two options for this boat, but both are a sailing dinghy.

She could be built as a rowing boat but, as the bowsprit and deeper keel would be a bit out of place, you could build the dagger board option and not fit any of the sail rig. There is one rig option with either the standard triple keel or a dagger board. She can be fitted with an outboard motor of between 1. Electric outboard motors are also an option and one I prefer. A tough little boat that can be trailed to the water and then easily launched and recovered but the triple keel version. The plans manual gives details of both underwater configurations, the rig details and added refinements.

We suggest with this design that you have a bit of experience with building a rig or sails and sailing before you attempt this boat but, as always, we are on hand to help you via email or phone if you need it. The hull is the same build as the standard boat but the rig is a little more complicated than a single sail.

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Basic Materials Required 4 sheets of 6mm exterior or marine grade for the hull, transom, keel, stem piece and bilge keels. Half a sheet of 12mm for the seats, knees and breast hook, or solid timber to fit. The transom, keel and stem piece can be made up from 12mm ply or solid wood Stem Only. Rother It's size was dictated by deck stowage and it had to be lightweight but sturdy and traditional looking. It has turned out to be a minor success as two were built in Greece before we managed to get the prototype finished and tested where it performed as well as the reports we'd had from Greece.

It has two options for sailing but the dagger board option works best. Built, surprisingly quickly, using the clinker plywood method over a simple mould frame and then released to fit out with seats and trim etc. This design is only available as the full complete plans package with drawings, step by step instructions and full size patterns. This design has been taken on by Paul's Boatshed and they have added their own improvements to it. Romney 2. Load kg lbs.

The design is forgiving of minor errors as we show in the plans but accuracy is, as with any DIY build, still important. No scarfing is necessary with this boat. She has a single sail option although the initial plans were for the rowing version but the sailing version is now available.

This too is a tough little boat that can be carried on a roof rack of the average family saloon or trailed. Generally in clinker designs, the broadest planks are the garboards and the next plank out from it, the sheer or top plank being perhaps three quarters of their width and the narrowest planks taking up the curve of the hull.

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  4. In this boat however, the broadest plank is the sheer plank because we felt this helped to make it easier to build. It also made her a little more pleasing to the eye — in our opinion. This little boat makes a great tender for a larger boat and will tow nicely too. Well written book for first time home boat builders. Offers lots of advice, tips and suggestions to make your first boat building experience pleasant. Rating 5 out of 5. I had great hopes with this book. It just didn't teach me as much as I'd hoped.

    Build a Boat from Wood

    I was hoping for clear drawings or pictures of the process. This was no more than many other books and a lot less than some really good ones. This is the worst waste of money ever, I feel totally cheated ,there is zero useful information in this so called book. It seems that Amazon Kindle format is not appropriate for woodworker's or boatbuilding drawings. Drawings in this format are rather small, you can not enlarge them and you can not print them for the shop. Many dimensions are unreadable.

    So this format is only for previewing such books, but sometimes the cost is the same as for printed books. In this case the cost is appropriate for what you get, but there is no printed or any other usable say PDF version of the book. This book is an advertising supplement for Stanley boat designs. If I were the author, I would have taken a simple design such as a pram. Show the clinker plywood design and include the building from start to finish.

    You can also order a bare hull to finish yourself. Give me a call at , or send me an e-mail at archhdavis gmail. I have been helping people to build beautiful wooden boats since You can see a few of them by clicking on Picture Gallery. My approach to design is to put into your hands the means to use modern materials — marine plywood and epoxy resin — to build a truly lovely boat with classic lines.

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    I believe that a boat should be beautiful, not just by virtue of her lines, but also in her construction. No material makes this possible like wood. I want you to feel that you are always doing good work in building one of these boats.

    That is because I understand your need for clear, comprehensible, detailed plans and instructions. I put a lot of time into my drawings, building manuals and DVDs. I also spend a lot of time helping people through their projects, on the phone or by e-mail. I really am here to help!