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Due to this Chapter's relative youth compared to more venerable Astartes Chapters, the Fire Angels have come to rely on easily replicable Imperial technology due to their lack of invaluable war-relics. The Fire Angels make extensive use of basic Codex pattern gear and vehicles such as the Rhino and Predator , while the majority of their 1 st Company is fielded as Sternguard Squads.

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While they do possess examples of Terminator Armour , Land Raiders and Dreadnoughts they remain relatively few in number. This venerable equipment, which was provided to them at their Founding from several different Ultramarines Successors Chapters, is held in high regard, but due to their limited number their use is seldom a focus of the Chapter's battle strategy save during the direst emergencies. Shaped by their earliest trials in combat, the Fire Angels have developed a predilection for mobile mechanised deployments over the use of Drop Pod assaults or infiltration where practical.

This tactic is fed by the ability of the ancient manufactorums on their homeworld to turn out the venerable armoured vehicle pattern chassis and the needed variant hulls and spare equipment as the Chapter's needs demand. As a result, the Fire Angels' Armoury contains a larger number of Predators, Whirlwinds and Vindicator siege tanks than that of more established Chapters.

Compared to other Astartes, discipline and their holy duty to the divine God-Emperor are higher virtues for the Fire Angels than the pursuit of personal glory. The Chapter relies on proven strategic doctrines from which they seldom deviate save in unusual circumstances.

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For example, they tend to regularly arm their Tactical Squads with Heavy Bolters for fire support and Melta Weapons for close-range anti-armour capabilities, while Flamers see extensive use by their assault formations as the preferred anti-personnel weapon. One of the Fire Angels' favoured martial traditions is their use of the sword in numerous forms not only as an adaptable close-combat weapon, but also as a symbol of rank and spiritual strength within the Chapter.

Each Fire Angels' Battle-Brother considers his own blade to be the incarnate focus for his personal honour and prayer to the Emperor of Mankind. The Fire Angels are notably conservative in their outlook and nature, adhering closely to the Codex Astartes. This is perhaps inevitable in such a young Chapter, which has yet to develop the idiosyncrasies of one that has fought for many millennia.

The Chapter's Battle-Brothers train for all aspects of warfare, but focus on those considered the core of the Space Marine way of war. The Chapter lacks large numbers of the more specialised war machines and wargear and makes extensive use of Rhino armoured transports as well as the many vehicles based on this venerable pattern. The Fire Angels view themselves as part of the wider Imperium's web of power, and so have gained a reputation among a number of Imperial commanders and generals as somewhat easier to work with than many other Astartes, who usually ferociously guard their political independence and favoured status among the Emperor's servants, particularly from encroachment by the Ecclesiarchy or the Inquisition.

While it is known that the Fire Angels were founded using the gene-seed stocks of the Ultramarines, the Chapter maintains few of the traditions of its progenitor.

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There is one aspect of the Fire Angels that sets them apart from other Chapters however, and that is the manner in which they honour the Emperor. While the Imperial Creed preaches that the Emperor is a god, the majority of Space Marine Chapters have their own, unique Chapter Cults, most of which regard Him as a man, albeit the most potent and extraordinary ever to have lived, an individual worthy of veneration and emulation, though not worship.

Shopping Cart Checkout. Follow Us. Activity Kit. Fire Angels. Overview Reviews Author Biography Overview Three weeks before Christmas, on December 1, , one of the most horrific fires in American history broke out at Our Lady of the Angels elementary school in Chicago, claiming the lives of ninety-two children and three nuns.

Love you my sister in Christ. Thank you, Nancy. I have terrible anxiety anyway ,so it may have just been my anxiety getting the better of me. But last night as I was watching tv….. I suddenly started to think about how something had made me afraid earlier in the day. I have never heard of fire angels and at first I was a little afraid. But once I got into the scriptures I prayed the prayer for God to send the fire angels. I have to say that I think it means something, that I spoke Hebrews 28 out loud last night and there it was this morning on your blog post. Perhaps it was holy spirit speaking to me because I had felt afraid earlier.

Like being more aware of the fact that God does speak to his children. God bless you Jamie. I think that I would have been terrified if I had seen what you saw in that dream. But you seem to get it right away and to know not to fear but to pray for those angels to be released upon this earth. Thank you for sharing this.

It helped me to not be afraid. Gina, Holy Spirit is definitely speaking! Pray for God to send the fire angels to touch you specifically and to light you on fire.

And I had the most amazing encounter with the Lord and felt such a fire in my heart of love and adoration for Him, as I have not felt in a long time. I mean, I always love Him, but this was love on steroids.

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Worship on steroids. And I definitely believe that it has to have been because Holy Spirit sent those angels to minister to me in direct answer to prayer. Thank You, Lord! Papa loves His handiwork so we need to pray for all lost souls to be saved. He is a God of love and mercy. His angels of fire is working to the glory of His name. Yes, this is confirmation. Neville Johnson also has spoken of the Seraphim fiery or burning ones. He said God is going to release them to burn out the chaff, the love of the world. I have been praying for them, my prayer partners also have prayed for them to be released.

Fire Angels

I prayed your prayer. I have often prayed for warrior angels, especially having run into some problems lately, fire angels are next.

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He created male and female, so yes, I think angels are both. This blog was awesome!!! Thank you God! Hi Jamie, Thanks for releasing your dreams about fire angels.

As I began to read it, I felt the presence of God so strong it caused me to start worshipping God and as I was doing so, he allowed me to know that there were angels all around my room. I stand in agreement with you for the billion souls and also that God is releasing fire angels to separate the wheat from the tares, to bring purity and holiness once again. Thank you so much for letting me know.

Fire Angels

Something similar happened to me after I wrote the blog post and went into my study to pray for those fire angels awhile. The Holy Spirit touched me in such a powerful way and I absolutely believe that angels were ministering to me as well. I just read this post. At prayer meet last night I was asking the Lord to send His fire upon us. Thank you! Thank you Jamie. My prayer is that Father God will bless you in all areas of your life.

May you grow even more in this spiritual annointing and gifts that HE gave you. Take care of and love yourself and those around you that GOD gave you. Love you with the Love of the Lord. Elma from South Africa. Yes, your post resonated within me! We need fire angels to come lift our relight our passion and zeal. It feels like discouragement and despair is upon us however this is not the time to retreat or give up.

This Word was for me! Thank you for sharing your dream as well as the meaning. Thank you sweet Jesus there is strength, power and victory in Your name! Help is on the way! Thank you Abba Father!