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He now stands in Queensland at Eliza Park Stud where he is producing well-conformed athletic horses. This colt looks like an ideal QTIS horse, with a genuine opportunity to make it to the track as a two-year-old and great scope to excel at three and four years as well. His potential is underscored by a great dam line, rich in black type.

This colt is our type of racehorse and we were rapt to pick up one of the few real value buys at the competitive January sale.

Perfect Prep EQ Testimonials

Fractious horses are able to transition back to work very easily with Perfect Prep. You really have a wonderful product. Nice horses become even nicer, and even the tough ones melt. It works great, even on our most excitable horses. We have a lovely new bay horse who warms up perfectly, but is too much horse for his owner in the ring.

What a wonderful surprise; when we gave him a tube of Perfect Prep EQ Gold the night before and another half the morning of his class, he showed all day like a gentleman and won his division. I have never been able to train his lines of changes. That is the only reason that he is not competing at the FEI level for my client.

Since I started him on your product we now have the 4 tempi changes and 3 tempi changes. This is in just over a month on your product. I brought two horses to this show.

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  4. Insane Galloping At Full Speed – Feel The Adrenaline.
  5. Horses, Adrenaline, and Love.
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After driving 1, miles to get here, I find my horses are buddy sour. A friend gave me a tube of your Perfect Prep Extreme to try. It worked!

Horses, Adrenaline and Love

Please next-day 6 tubes so I can show my horses! Less lunging and ponying makes for sounder horses, better rides makes for much happier customers, and I love the fact we can give it close to performance time. We use it extensively on our horses in training and at the horse shows with great success. Thank you for making such an effective product. At the horse show I added a syringe of Exreme and we won 2 classes that day…my first wins on her. Great products! I am sure that the relaxation and focus provided by your product is saving me countless lunging time and the stress it would put on his recovering tendon.

We use it on our horses before every event.

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  • Insane Galloping At Full Speed – Feel The Adrenaline – Horse Spirit.
  • Horses, Adrenaline, and Love.
  • Perfect Prep has made a big difference on our young futurity horses. Their response has been extremely positive. The effectiveness, ease of use, safety and ethical confidence that Perfect Prep EQ offers is making it very popular with our client base. The results are fantastic and it is worth the extra effort not to have to lunge her legs off. He performs with the focus and calmness I need to compete at the highest levels.

    Less lunging, better rides.

    Publisher's Summary

    We recommend them as the very best products on the market, and believe me, we have seen them all! We avoided the wait at the lunging pens. My horse showed great and we were in the Top 3. Thank you!

    Insane Galloping At Full Speed – Feel The Adrenaline – Horse Spirit

    A full syringe the night before we showed, and a half syringe at morning feeding and we had the best trail class we have had in a long time. The horse stayed good all day and my preparation time was almost zero! We sell your product by the case. My vet told me that most airway bleeding is caused by excitement and adrenaline. But before setting out to a good gallop we have to take into consideration and also make sure that we are ready for the ride. Perfect your position at the canter, and familiarize yourself with techniques for stopping in an emergency, like a one-rein stop.

    If you are riding an ex-racehorse, then you will need to make sure that you have the skill to pull him up, some horses really enjoy galloping and may not want to stop when you are ready. Anyway, watch and enjoy this girl riding her horse at full gallop!

    Horses, Adrenaline, and Love