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Suzen and her caring team offer two types of home vet consultations — a cat or dog quality of life consultation or a pre-euthanasia consultation. Our experienced, certified palliative care vet, Dr Suzen Gregersen has helped thousands of loved animals over more than a decade and believe in helping families and their furry companions have a dignified and beautiful end. Pre-booked home or phone consultations with Suzen or her Senior Vet, Jo are available weekly, daytime or evenings, for general medical advice, a second opinion on palliative care and pain relief after a terminal diagnosis or just how to best help your pet deal with chronic, debilitating or general geriatric issues.

We invite you to download and use our helpful quality of life scoring chart below, before our consultation. Sharing your worries with us and getting proper, trusted advice from a caring and experienced end-of-life specialist home vet, without having to make big decisions on the spot or being in a busy clinic, may be just what you and your pet need at this challenging time.

Euthanizing an Old Dog: How it Works and What to Expect - Whole Dog Journal

Either Dr Suzen personally or Dr Jo, will come out to you to meet you and your beloved pet and discuss all your worries in a timely, unhurried manner. Vets2Home will give you all the specialised information and reassurance that you need to help make this difficult day the best for you, your family and for your pet in preparation for a gentle pet euthanasia at home.

Unlike your normal vets, it is our specialty to put your dog or cat to sleep at home. Our qualified mobile vet is fully trained to put your cat or dog down in the gentlest way possible and never in a clinical, stressful way.

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In short, we are always ready to come out to assist you and your pet at home. Our specialty is to include a painless sedation before the final injection — methods Dr Suzen Gregersen has developed herself over many years of helping animals to have the most peaceful and gentle end — surrounded by loved ones. Our signature service is putting your pet to sleep at home to give you the best possible memories after. You can use our Pet Quality-of-Life Score Chart that will help you identify the significance of subtle, progressing signs of an ailing pet and help you to make the best decision for your beloved companion at the right time.

Please view the video from one of our returning clients, Neil Dawson from Hassocks who used our services three times for his beloved feline companions. Sophia Yin, a veterinarian with a special interest in animal behavior and positive reinforcement-based training, is widely credited with pioneering methods of safely handling animals for husbandry and veterinary purposes.

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When Dr. Yin realized that more dogs were being euthanized because of behavioral issues than medical issues, she went back to school after earning her doctorate in veterinary medicine in She earned a Masters degree in Animal Science in and started developing low-stress handling techniques in her veterinary behavior practice.

She published a book about these methods, Low Stress Handling , in After Dr.

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Pets who are less stressed feel more at ease in a hospital, from the minute they walk through the door, throughout their examinations, until they leave. Several levels of Low Stress Handling Certification can be earned by veterinarians and their staff, as well as other animal-care professionals, through Dr. Another certification program designed to reduce stress in pets in a hospital environment is called Fear Free , which was founded by Dr. Marty Becker, a veterinarian with a practice in Idaho.

Becker is also adjunct professor at several schools of veterinary medicine and has authored a number of popular books on animal health.

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Fear Free offers an ever-growing number of courses for veterinary-hospital staff on subjects that range from fear-free animal, transport, waiting rooms, examinations, and in-hospital protocols for sedation, anesthesia, and analgesia. Individual Fear Free professional certification launched in early One of the next certifications that Dr. The certification program can be taken by veterinarians, vet techs, vet office staff, kennel workers, or anyone with an interest in this subject.


See the AAHA web page for more information. These are the only certification programs available to veterinary professionals. Courses in understanding companion animal behavior, body language, and the emotional state of pets were not taught in veterinary schools when Dr. Yin and Dr. Becker did. As a dog trainer, body-language expert, former veterinary technician — and certified Fear Free Professional myself — I knew that I wanted a compassionate and trained veterinarian and staff to help facilitate a smooth, peaceful, and painless transition for my year-old feline companion, Yogi.

Having recently moved to a new area, I searched online for a veterinary hospital whose website referenced fear-free veterinary protocols. I was thrilled to find one about an hour away. The website had several mentions of fear-free visits and one whole page explaining how the practice owners made the hospital fear-free. When I called to make the appointment for Yogi, I asked whether they were versed in Fear Free protocols and was assured that they were.

Euthanasia is a very personal choice and is not right for everyone and every situation. The important factor is to always try to keep the well-being of the pet at the forefront of your mind when making the decision. You also want to seek help in some capacity to help alleviate pain, infection, and the other things that may be ailing your pet at the end of his or her life. Our pets are domesticated animals and are no longer faced with the realities of nature which ultimately would bring about the end in a relatively quick manner i.

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So many of us hope that our pets will pass on their own while sleeping. Unfortunately, it is rare for that to happen. The process of at home pet euthanasia varies depending on the veterinarian performing the procedure. The first injection that is given is a sedative and it allows the pet to drift into a sleep-like state where they no longer feel pain. We often step out and allow the owner minutes of private time as their pet drifts into peaceful slumber. We then come in and administer the final injection, during which the pet cannot feel anything.

Euthanizing an Old Dog: How it Works and What to Expect

Usually, they are gone within seconds of receiving the injection, quickly and painlessly. One of the benefits of a mobile practice is that euthanasia can be performed in the comfort of your home. The well-being of both the animal and the owner is much improved when your surroundings are familiar. We are able to perform the procedure in a location that best suits the pet and decreases the need for the animal to experience stress. The owner is able to grieve more privately. It can be challenging to objectively assess your pet when you see them every day and are emotionally invested.