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To my surprise I found that there are now a couple of female pigs, enjoying the archaic lifestyle of their ancestors deep down in the 'Ravine' My friend tells me I ought to start 'blogging', keeping a web diary, rather than commit my holiday ramblings to this DdM site, but I'm unsure about that, it's only Fowey, and Daphne, that inspire me to put digit to keyboard anyway, I've pruned this entry quite dramatically, I fear though that I become increasingly garrulous, so do try to restrain myself So now I'm back home and deep into mundane things, but I've some good memories to help me through the winter months and dark cold times.

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Best Wishes all. We had a security problem, now resolved. Apparently, it is not one of Ms. DuMaurier's more popular novels, and having just finished reading this curious and frustrating book, I think I see why. While I had to admire DdM's undeniably virtuosic technical achievement, I can't say that it gave me the same pleasure I usually derive from reading her books. Certain aspects of the plot, most obviously the non-filial resemblance between the narrator John and Jean de Gue'I found just too far-fetched to swallow. How could his family have had no idea that this was not the man they knew?

Even if their looks were identical, would the British John's French be completely unaccented? Other personal traits and idiosyncrasies would surely reveal themselves to a close family member. I felt I was asked to suspend far too much disbelief in this regard. On a moral level, I can't say that I cared at all for how the imposter falsely manipulated everyone with whom he came into contact during his week at St.

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Gilles, though I have to say I found no one in the household to be a particulary sympathetic character, and was never really bothered about their ultimate fates. I felt the hothouse atmosphere of St. Gilles to be stifling and claustrophobic, and looked forward to the scene shifting to Villars and the verrerie, where I could breathe a bit of fresh air. Though John may have possessed more'tendresse' than his non-attendant double, I still found him cold, manipulative and never fully human.

There were times during my reading of 'The Scapegoat' when I thought I could just not finish the book, the action remaining stagnant for long stretches, and the characters just too trying on my nerves. What reddemed it all for me in the end was DdM's consummate use of language and single-mindedness in stiching her story through to the end. Perhaps an eventual rereading will prove enlightening, as I may just not have 'gotten' it the first time through. Best, Jeremy from L. Need confirmation that dates are: May for so I can firm up reservations.

Thank you lucy - Saturday, September 24, at BST Daphne du Maurier enchanted me throughout my adolescence and continues to do so as I read her novels again and again as a grown-up. It's great literature indeed. You can read everything on different levels and it's more exciting each time.

Conspiracy of Two

I will never grow tired of these characters and places. They are so alive! And God bless Cornwall, the all-inspiring area This turned out to be an extremely fascinating portrait of a great friendship. I suspect that Victor had a great influence on Daphne's thought. But also there were some fascintating moments when she disagreed with him. I am interested in what Chris has to say about a correspondence between Agatha Christie and Daphne - so if anyone can shed any light on this that would be great.

Melanie - Friday, September 09, at BST Hello Sam, I would also like to extend to you best wishes for your upcoming and much anticipated holiday to Cornwall, especially on visiting Fowey again! Whenever I see your inputs on lovely Fowey, I feel a nostalgia towards it. I have heard so much and seen a lot on it that I know it is a holiday that I will enjoy and remember for a long time to come.

To add to your kind comment made to Mildred towards the tragic events of this last hurricane, I would like to add that after experiencing the effects of hurricanes, one never knows just how much destruction or even it's last minute change of direction will cause towards the populus. This time around, it hit quite hard. As for myself, while residing in Florida, I am quite lucky with the fact that I only incurred a knocked down fence and a 4 day hiatus from electrial power.

Like you said, we humans do suffer , whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, mud slides, or floods. Unfortunately the list now includes terrorism. Uniting and helping one another is to show the human side of us all. I don't wish to dampen your holiday mood with this melancholy talk. Sam, please have yourself a great holiday and come back to us with news from your happy time in Cornwall!

I'm staying with festival friends a couple of nights in Lym Regis on the south coast French Lieutenant's Woman-Meryl Streep in a black cloak on the 'Cob' , then I've just been invited to stay with other festival friends in Derbyshire Pride and Prejudice, Lizzie Bennett looking for Pemberley on my way back.

So all in all it should be a very happy time. I'm especially looking forward to lovely Fowey, even if Peter has left Safe Harbour, and we are left to the tender mercies of a NEW landlord! Sure it'll be fine. Remembering your very kind, thoughtful comments after the London bombings, may I offer my sincere sympathy in return, through you Mildred, to the USA, and the Deep South especially, for the terrible events surrounding the hurricane a week ago.

One way or another, we humans DO suffer, dont we? Much love, and looking forward to spending time together again next May- roll on!

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If any of our friends are still at Safe Harbour please tell them hello for me. Mildred - Sunday, September 04, at BST Can anyone tell me anything about the correspondence Daphne had with Agatha Christie, and in particular why she refused to see her? Wimborne Drama is one of Dorset's leading amateur theatre companies and we have won numerous awards. Performances from October commence at 7.

Further information: www. It is a remarkable story. I found myself pondering the arrival of Magnus and the expected joint trip of Marcus and Dick into the 14th century.

Jeremy's Weekly Diary

The potential consequences seemed endless, possibly some level of communication with the inhabitants of Tywardreath? Why then did Daphne Du Maurier kill Magnus off and wind the novel down when it looked like it was about to go into a new dimension? Does anybody have any views; indeed did Daphne herself shed any light on this? This poem was written after their father took D and Jeanne to Pentonville Prison while researching for a part in a play, involving a hanging, when both girls were quite young and D wrote the atmospheric poem Sorrow for the men that mourn, Sorrow for the days that dawn, Sorrow for all things born Into this world of sorrow.

And all my life, as far as I can see, All that I hope, or ever hope to be, Is merely driftwood on a lonely sea. Incidentally,at that age I too could write poetry, but thereafter I freely admit that Daphne left me way behind! What an amazing, exciting first impression it must have been, for the free spirited girl. I am sincerely, and without posing, happiest when alone. It seems interesting to speculate upon how, later, she reconciled domesticity with her desire for solitude; maybe her writing huts aided that need, at least to some degree.

The more I read of her, the more I begin to understand my delight in her books. It makes me want to open my arms and give them everything, but what can I do but pull a boat and whistle a tune?

Best Wishes everyone. I am sending you a reply email. Do you have my e-mail address? If so, send me a message and I will reply with the information. He was a confirmed Baconian. If you don't get the message let me know as I may have an old e-mail address rather than your latest one.

I've really liked all of them a lot. Her female characters, and the attitude towards the females in the book is really interesting. I've got a bunch more of her books coming from ebay and amazon. I can't wait for them to get here. Right now I've started Myself When Young, and the antics of young Daphne have me giggling to myself constantly. I think what I'm enjoying more about the books is that they are such a combination of historical fiction, romance, mystery, and adventure.

I was really impressed by Rebecca when I finished it, and have been equally impressed with everything else of hers that I've picked up since. I thought of you as I know it is one of the places in Cornwall that you love most. I also wanted to say that I was so pleased to see that John was reading The Parasites. I think it has a great deal of Daphne in it, probably more than anything else that she wrote.

This week Jonathan Aberdeen told us that the dates for the next Daphne du Maurier Festival of arts and literature have been adjusted slightly and that the festival will now run from Thursday 11th May to Saturday 20th May Regular visitors will need to change the dates of their accommodation bookings if they want to be in Fowey for the whole of the festival.

Been so busy with job hunting, doing a bit of supply work and settling the kids into their new environment. Sadly was unable to make it to the festival yet again, next year maybe how many times have I said that. Just been catching up on previous posts, particularly interested in the posts regarding Frenchmans creek. My copy of the book seems to leave a lot to the imagination, it gives no clue as to if she follows him out to sea or returns to her life with her husband.

Iv read it three times now and every time it leaves me wondering, did she or didnt she. I would like to think she did, I would; I so love that book and could never tire of reading it. Took a boat trip over to Frenchmans Creek last time I was in Cornwall - ages ago, last summer. Oh I so miss the place. Just booked myself a week on Bodmin moor for oct.

Was there same time last year and it was amazing. Just love the descriptions of the moors, so much mystery about the place. Cant wait to go back. Whether this is true or not I don't know, but it's an interesting theory. The write up says 'Sian Thomas stars in this adaptation of an unsettling Daphne du Maurier story about an aristocratic young beauty trapped in a cold marriage, whose holiday romance leads to heartbreak, blackmail and - murder.

I just picked up a bunch of stuff from ebay. My goal today, on this really rainy Houston day is to curl up on the couch and finish The Parasites. I'm really enjoying how it's sort of written in first person, but you don't know which of the three siblings the first person is coming from. It was incredible, but interesting that a small typo could change the entire context of the book and set you wondering as to what the true ending was. If you read those three books you would not be duplicating any of the stories. Finally I had a chat with Kate at Restormel Borough Council earlier this week and she told me that the du Maurier Festival is moving back a week in and the planned dates are Friday 12th to Sunday 21st May.

I'm going to start on The Parasites this afternoon. I'm wondering if there's a collected volume of her short stories? I keep finding different collections with the same stories repeated in them, and a collection of all of them together would be great! Should be typo!

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I looked at the Virago edition today. It seems that my edition has a type. The fishing boat comes to collect the pirate to take him to his ship. My edition says SHE climbed into it. The Virago edition says HE climbed into it. My edition gives the impression that she is going to be taken to the ship and thus to Brittany.

One letter different completely changes the entire ending! Also, I do not remember seeing Ann - did I miss something? Sam, I have finished my film now but need to get it developed - I am hoping that I have got some wonderful shots of St Ives to add to my Fowey ones. I'm still confused about Frenchman's Creek -I read the last couple of pages again. Dona is on the beach with the pirate waiting for his ship to return. The ship is sighted. But it does not say either way whether Dona gets on the ship or returns to her husband.

Although the pirate does say that she will become a gracious matron with her grandchildren around her - it's not clear to me whether he is talking fact or make-believe. Is he teasing her with future boredom to see if she will get on the ship with him. Is there an answer - or are we all reading it differently? I was also at the Conference held during the first Festival in , it was on Saturday 10th May at Porth Avallen Hotel Carlyon Bay, and Linda, Bob and I have been friends since then, meeting up each year, hope you are both Ok by the way.

With reference to Frenchman's Creek, I know of no version that has Dona going off with her Frenchman, but I can see that if you do not read the last few lines of the book very carefully Daphne does not make it very obvious what happens, intentional I'm quite sure. Talking of Frenchman, those of you who know and love Fowey harbour may be interested to know that a fabulous yacht arrived this evening bearing a French flag, it looks wonderful moored out there and I am lucky enough to be able to see it from my garden.

Just a final word to say well done to Ann and David on starting their third year in Bookends, long may the success continue! The first conference was though one of the papers says The first conference was held in May It was held at the Fowey Hotel. The subjects covered included Daphne's background and relationship with Cornwall, how her background influenced her books and a reading and discussion of Rebecca. There were six speakers and it was a very intensive and interesting day.

Stupid of me! Unlike so often today, she thought of her kids first. Or is my memory playing me tricks, Ann! I hope you and your opposite number have a good time. I don't know St Ives, have you been there before. Yes indeed I received your message, for which, thanks a lot. Like you, and probably all our other friends too, I juggle all the things that take up my time. As a pensioner, in theory I should have all the time in the world, but it don't seem to work out that way; as the clock ticks we just seem to cram in more and more!

I'm glad you have mentioned photo swapping, I've been meaning to suggest the same thing. It's a bit late tonight, so I will email you soon with my contribution, then hopefully you will reciprocate! I'm enjoying the series immensely, and eagerly anticipating number Six in a couple of weeks, when David Dimbleby is in the West Country, and, for us, more particularly, Cornwall. I hear that our friend Ann is to be in a group who DD talks to about Daphne!

I shan't miss that! I find DD a terrific presenter, so 'interactive' somehow. He seems to leave me thinking he meant to say so much more. Has anyone heard of a painter called Francis Cadell, who was working in Ireland in the Twenties. I hadn't, and his pictures are lovely. Must stop- all the best all. I forgot to mention something! I have a question for everyone who has read Frenchman's Creek. My version of this novel ends with the heroine running off with the French pirate of the title.

However, in the books that I have read about Daphne's works they all seem to say that the heroine goes back to her husband. If anyone has read this book it would be interesting to know which ending their edition has. I'm a bit confused! Gary is coming with me this time. Ann, thank you for letting me know about the competition.

It was interesting to hear all your other news too. Hope all goes well with everything. Sam, I hope you got my e-mail. I also hope we can trade some Cornwall photos I will have to scan mine in as they're not digital - although this will be when I have them developed as I have not finished the film yet. I listened to the Gertrude Lawrence CD and was totally transported to another era. I had news that Exeter University wants to run an academic conference during the festival for Daphne's centenary - so I hope that will work out. Best Wishes Everyone.

Is it pale or dark? I love wheat beers too that are pale as lager, opaque, and strong. I'm drooling at the thought! I don't know whether Daphne had thoughts on the subject, but I hope she would have understood our passion if not sharing it! For those who don't know me, two pints a night is my limit; more and I become silly.

Certainly the one that I saw did include music and songs, but the performance was not a musical. I would describe the music as being part of what created the atmosphere of the piece. My current obsession is the film version of The Phantom of the Opera. I saw it in a huge cinema in London just before last Christmas, then on the tiny screen at the cinema in St Austell and now I have the DVD so that I can watch it all the time and the sound track on CD, and I still have not tired of it.

But going back to Jamaica Inn, no it was a not a musical, but there was music in it. Is the production you saw the one complete with music and songs, if so I wonder if it's the same play which I saw in Salisbury a year ago on my way to the Festival. I remember not being very comfortable with it, as I didn't feel that the story lent itself to that particular musical treatment.

However, remembering musicals like Sweeny Todd- and Oliver for that matter- I'm probably way off track, and am open to correction! All the Best all. It was an absolutely brilliant performance and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The play stayed true to the book and managed to take the audience on a physical journey from the Inn out onto Bodmin Moor, to the horse fair at Launceston on Christmas Eve and to the vicarage at Alternun, while also taking us on a emotional journey into the dark terrors and horrific events that befall Mary Yellon and indeed her Aunt Patience as the story unfolds.

The play has been touring for some weeks, it is at Barnstable this week and then in Oxford, so if anyone lives in those areas I would recommend that you go and see it. In answer to your question about the competition, the names of Daphne du Maurier and George du Maurier began and ended the competition. Daphne was in the window of "On Board", the first shop on the Esplanade opposite the Marina Hotel and George was at the Library, the last destination on the competitions walk through Fowey.

Lots of people took part in the "Name the Author" competition and all the correct entries are currently being judged by the Mayor of Fowey, who will choose one winner from the tie-breaker. Going to Fowey always seems magical and great things seem to happen to me while I am there. I met all of the people again that I met last year and everyone was really friendly and helpful. I attended Helen Taylor's 2 events - one was a round table to talk about what 'Daphne du Maurier means to me', the other was about landscape in her fiction.

I thought the discussions they generated about her work were excellent. Also, having spent months writing about the moors in Jamaica Inn, I finally got to go to Bodmin Moor which really lived up to my expectation. Other events I attended were the Kate Rusby and Claire Teal concerts - very funny women and good singers too. I'm afraid we didn't go to many events this year but of those we did we particularly enjoyed Donald Sinden and Clive Francis and their theatrical anecdotes. I was really impressed when I heard that you had been to all of the Festivals; made me feel like a 'johnny come lately'.

I know though how satisfying it is to be there, so I can appreciate your enthusiasm too. Apart from which it's fun. All the Best. PS Which events did you really enjoy most Linda. Thoroughly enjoyed the Festival. It was great to meet Sam in the Safe Harbour. Nick's Gym" a fake origin story about Santa Claus.

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