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Education also played a role. Billy Hallowell, author of the upcoming book The Armageddon Code: One Journalist's Quest for End-Times Answers , said the research quantifies the prevalence of different end-times theories. Most agree on the main teachings about the Second Coming. The phone survey of Protestant pastors was conducted Jan. These questions were sponsored by Charisma House Book Group. The calling list was a random sample stratified by church size drawn from a list of all Protestant churches.

Each interview was conducted with the senior pastor, minister or priest of the church called. Responses were weighted by region to more accurately reflect the population. The completed sample is 1, surveys. The sample provides 95 percent confidence that the sampling error does not exceed plus or minus 3. Margins of error are higher in sub-groups. The full survey report is available at LifeWayResearch.

LifeWay Research is a Nashville-based, evangelical research firm that specializes in surveys about faith in culture and matters that affect the church. This slideshow is only available for subscribers. Please log in or subscribe to view the slideshow. Log in Shop.

Only One-Third of Pastors Share 'Left Behind' End Times Theology

Sections Home. Prayer Abortion Fatherhood. Subscribe Subscriber Benefits Give a Gift. Their pastor doesn't teach it or he teaches the wrong view of interpretation of prophecy and it takes it spiritually or allegorically or some other way and instead of taking it literally.

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They can sit for 50 years or a lifetime under the preaching of somebody who doesn't take prophecy literally and they'll never understand it. It's one of the sad features of our times. Billy: Some people say that there's no rapture to be found anywhere in Revelation, scripturally speaking. How would you respond to that sort of critique?

Is the rapture Biblical (pt 2)? What does the Bible say about the rapture? - UNLEARN the lies

The seven-year Tribulation that is outlined carefully several times in that book was designed by God to shake this world so dramatically that the unsaved who have not rejected Christ can hear about him, and it's interesting. In the seventh chapter, you have one of the things that really warms my heart like nothing else in the Bible hardly, is that God seals , Apostle Paul types.

They're Jews with the fire of God in their heart and they go out and they reach a multitude which no man can number, from every tongue and tribe and nation. That's in the first 3 years of the tribulation period during which the anti-Christ has come here to the focus and he's taking the world because the world leaders who are secularists. They don't believe in God so they don't believe in the Bible, or prophecy.

They're trying to solve a mess that the world is in.

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We think we're in chaos today. This is nothing like it's going to be during the Tribulation period when God pours out his wrath You'll find that he is picturing the very things that Revelation talks about and I don't see a difference when you understand what era the writers were writing. The two great prophets besides Jesus, are of course John in the end times and Daniel in the Old Testament. Billy: When it comes to Daniel 9 and the Antichrist, and that parallel between Revelation and Daniel, some critics would say it was a prophecy about Antiochus and nothing more.

How do you view Daniel 9 and the discussion of the Antichrist and who is being spoken about there? Tim: Antiochus Epiphanes, he was the worst, most evil king that ever existed. He did unmistakable evils to human beings and persecuting them, blinding people, just deliberately torture their lives and so on, and he's finally murdered by his own family, he was so evil. Anyway, he is a type of the anti-Christ in the Tribulation period.

You know the type -- and he's brilliant and attractive, and he cons his way in to leadership and he controls the whole world and then he is killed by the uprising when Christ comes. He's a symbol of evil. That's what he is and then he actually desecrated a temple but he also demanded that people worship him as a god. When you do that, you cross the Rubicon with God and you're going to be destroyed but the Antichrist is going to do the same thing.

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He's going to offer world government and leadership and peace in our time and then he's going to get buffed up and the false prophet comes along and makes an idol for him and then they demand the same thing that they demanded in the Old Testament of Daniel, that he worship the king. Now the king there didn't want to be worshiped.

They tricked him into it but Daniel was the type there of what Satan is going to do in the Tribulation period and he'll demand that people worship him. Of course, that's untenable for Christians. Billy: Do you think Daniel was able to see a projection beyond Antiochus Epiphanes, one that looked into the future at the final Antichrist? Tim: Remember, he only saw visions that came from God and I don't think he understood some of the nuances for the end times that we're living in.

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He was more interested in the times in which he lived and then getting the children of Israel right with God and get back to rebuilding our temple and so on and reestablishing their mandate with God, but then he also wrote down what his vision was but I don't think he understood the end time parts the way we do. Billy: Now, let me ask you about the modern state of Israel.

There’s More to the End Times Than Being Left Behind

How do you view Israel today? Is it prophetic? How do you respond to those who would say that there's no future fulfillment of prophecy involving Israel? The lines from Larry Norman's I wish we'd all been ready 'the Son has come and you've been left behind', went through my head. All of this came back to mind this week when I heard of the death of Tim La Haye, aged The 'rapture' theology is important, not just because of the impact it has upon Christians, but because of the potential impact it has upon the rest of the world.

It directly impacts politics and key world questions such as the Middle East and Israel. It also taps into a very popular film and book genre — the apocalyptic, 'it's the end of the world as we know it', scenarios. It appears that everyone loves disaster movies. But is the Bible the ultimate disaster movie? Does the Book of Revelation provide a blueprint for the end times?

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Next month I hope to begin a new series for Christian Today on Revelation for Today, but meanwhile let's consider what the Bible has to say about the end of the world. In particular let's deal with the challenge that there are Christians who have a kind of armageddon, apocalyptic theology.

Armageddon is a reference to the belief based on Revelation that some Christians have about the last great battle on earth.

"Left Behind" Leaves the Truth Behind | The Bible Says That

I am always wary about beliefs based on one particular verse, even more so when it comes in a difficult to grasp book like Revelation. The Bible teaches that just as Christ ascended into heaven so he will return — not this time as a baby in a manager but as the King to judge the whole earth. Revelation chapter 20 speaks of the Millennium, the 1,year reign of Christ.

There are three basic understandings of that along with numerous variations ; Post, Pre and A-Millennialism. It is from this latter group that we get a lot of millennial thinking in the Christian church associated with strong support for the nation state of Israel the emergence of Israel in and the occupation of Jerusalem in is seen as a fulfillment of prophecy.

End times theology remains incredibly influential and lucrative. I grew up in that tradition and can testify that the imagery of the Rapture when Christ returns and takes Christians up to heaven, leaving the rest of the world to get on with it is very powerful.