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EU Army on way? May December A Revolution Too Far?

Quelles menaces, quelle défense ? L’Union européenne, actrice de la sécurité internationale ?

April - May Interview: Amb. June April No joint planning has been envisaged, and no official task-sharing takes place.

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As this article aims to show, cooperation and coordination between EU and NATO forces at the operational and tactical levels have nevertheless worked surprisingly well. Two faces of EU-NATO cooperation become apparent : the political level is dominated by a permanent deadlock, while on the ground and at sea staff have developed a modus operandi that allows them to deliver fairly successfully in complementing yet detached operations.

Based on 60 interviews with EU and NATO officials , this article illustrates how the operational and tactical levels have developed ways of coordinating efforts informally despite the lack of a formal framework. It aims to show to what extent and how they succeed at bypassing organizational boundaries and at overcoming political limitations. Although these practices are becoming increasingly institutionalized, it remains to be seen whether this will translate into formal changes. ISN 16 April The Summit of Our Ambition?

ISN 13 January Includes a video with Franco Frattini. Summer The article reveals the enhanced weight of the Alliance member states and the European countries' active role in protecting their regional interests and also show how the state interests of the USA and Russia played a significant role in the two cases.

French Defense Minister Hervé Morin on France, NATO and 'New' Security Threats

This analysis of the behavioral patterns of the former Cold War adversaries could provide a useful interpretation and perhaps an explanation of the current events in Ukraine. The pursuit of power continues to dominate the international relations arena as the confrontation between the USA and Russia is far from over. ISN 21 October European strategy: is now the moment? Can Europe shoulder its military burden on its own? The E.

Security, Disarmament and Non-proliferation

Overlap or Opposition? Rather than discussing the two organizations material overlaps, the paper discusses their quest for organizational identity and role in the domain of foreign and defence policy, as well as the ideational structures that affect both institutions social behaviour and their behaviour toward each other. It aims first to tease out how structures of meaning in the form of norms, values, and beliefs have affected the two organizations behaviour toward each other; and second to introduce explanatory arguments about their subcultural relationship that can help explain their attitudinal divergences.

The article makes two arguments: First, there is a significant normative overlap between the two institutions, especially with regards to future challenges and threats and the role of third parties and international organizations. Second, I introduce a preliminary argument by holding that the best way to make sense of the ideational divergences between the two organizations is to conceptualize NATO's strategic culture as a subculture of the European Union's strategic culture.

Geschichte, Gegenwart, Zukunft, Trier: Wissenschaftsverlag, pp. A lengthier version is also available as Chapter 16 in: P. Cardwell ed. Embedded Politics, Growing Informalization? August Jahrgang, Nr. These ideas have been most numerous in Federal Germany, where the bulk of NATO ground forces face the main Warsaw Pact standing forces, and where opposition to missile deployment was most intense. The resultant debate between proponents of new approaches and supporters of the current NATO force posture has focused essentially on two main themes: the feasibility of non-nuclear defence; and the merits of static defence based on high-tech microelectronics — sensors, and rocket launchers using precision-guided munitions — versus mobile defence based on tanks and other armoured platforms.

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Jacques Isnard in Le Monde , 27—8 September , p. Jacques Isnard in Le Monde , 11 September , p.

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