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Jon Hamm: 'I'm the same goofy little kid from St Louis, Missouri'

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Why 10-year-old 'Mad Men' is still the best show to come out of television's Golden Age

Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. Mad Men. Why is it so hard to give TV shows the right ending? How Frank Sinatra fell out of style and why his records deserve better. Watching good TV makes you more emotionally intelligent Respondents were given Mad Men and space documentaries to watch. Jon Hamm finally wins best actor Emmy for Mad Men The actor has been nominated for the award seven times since the drama began in Herman Dune, gig review: 'Searing solos and a nostalgic glow'.

Kiernan Shipka: Mad men's scene-stealer grows up. TV review: Mad Men - That's a hell of a routine you've got there,. Bob Levenson: Advertising director who helped inspire the series. UK Politics. True to character, Don brushes off Pete Campbell's discovery of his stolen identity, and so does their boss, Bert Cooper. Don's identity crisis is a big part of the show, and one of his defining character traits. But by staying true to its characters, and to the fact that it's a show about flawed people, "Mad Men" stood out among all the other shows that were desperately trying to draw viewers in.

If you took any character from the cast of "Mad Men," and lined him or her up among a million people, each would easily stand out. And no matter how deeply flawed and awful they are some of them are so awful — we're looking at you, Pete! But somehow, he is one of the best parts of the show.

And even as he gets worse with every season, there is some part of you that cares about him, and wants to see his good side come out. Pete is complicated and is played so well by Vincent Kartheiser that you kind of forget that they're separate people. Peggy starts off the series as Don's secretary, and she was chosen because Joan knew that Don wouldn't want to sleep with her.

And although Peggy and Don never have a sexual relationship or date each other, their friendship is one of the most romantic relationships on television. Don took Peggy in. Don was there for Peggy in one of the worst moments of her life surprise Pete Campbell baby , and he guides her throughout her career. He's her toughest critic, and she's tough on him, too. They are tough on each other because they love each other.

But their relationship always remains platonic, which makes it more beautiful than any other relationship on the show, or in TV in general. Everything on this show means something, from a pile of papers out of focus in the background, to a character's tie. The show is written and produced very much like a book. It's a literary journey, because it dives deep into these characters. Every episode feels like a new chapter, and every scene a new page.

Why is it so hard to give TV shows the right ending?

Every episode and season of "Mad Men" has a theme, and the writers leave a lot up for the viewers to interpret, but show enough that we understand what's happening. Matthew Weiner and his team of writers definitely took advantage of their captivating characters and incredible actors. They made some episodes that focused on secondary characters, and some that only focused on the main cast, so each episode feels like a short story in a book collection that all tied together in the end.

Mad Men Season 7, Episode and Cast Information - AMC

Standout episodes that emulate the short story include "Three Sundays" season two, episode four , "The Suitcase" season four, episode seven , and "Signal 30" season five, episode five. The costumes, the makeup, the hair, the sets. It's all a work of art. Set in the s, it would have been easy for "Mad Men" to go cheesy.

But it didn't. With a great team that did a lot of research, the show felt all the more real because the world looked just as real as the characters felt. In the earlier seasons, Peggy isn't hip and doesn't quite know how to dress or style her hair. But instead of the typical just throwing a pair of glasses on the actress, and revealing how beautiful she is when she finally takes them off, it took some time for Peggy to grow her personal style and confidence.

And to get rid of those awful bangs. Everyone on this show is excellent. But it is amazing that "Mad Men" was what made Jon Hamm famous. Don Draper — like Tony Soprano, Walter White and many characters before and after them — is an anti-hero. Don is probably the most decent man of the three, but he's still a selfish cheater who stole a man's identity to run away from his problems, only to realize that he still has problems, because that is life.