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  • The art of seduction – how to get customers to want you.
  • The art of seduction – how to get customers to want you.
  • The art of seduction – how to get customers to want you - BrandStory;
  • Seduction Marketing: How to Sell Anything with Powerful Copy.
  • Business Leadership Lessons from Paul the Apostle!

Sign up now for your access-all-areas pass. Email address. Forgot your password? Keep me logged in. Subscribers get unlimited access to unrivalled coverage of the biggest issues in marketing and world-renowned columnists, alongside carefully curated reports and briefings from Econsultancy. Rather, it teasingly spells out the big idea and invites the reader to come in and experience more.

Epic headlines use puns, numbers, analogies, curiosity, currency, controversy, emotion or sensationalism to captivate an audience even before they read a word of the article. Whether you are a B2C or B2B marketer, the message you deliver to your audience needs to feel and sound authentic. To make an intimate, long-lived connection with your audience, speak to them in the way you would speak to a friend—in a conversational, friendly, free flowing manner.

Infuse your copy with stories. Humans make meaningful and emotional connections with others through stories. Apple Inc. Instead, Apple uses simple, conversational yet highly emotive content to persuade customers to buy the next iPhone and the next one. Have you ever watched a brilliant chocolate advert? Even before you rushed out to buy that bar, you could already taste the milky flavor, feel the mouthwatering sensations and experience the explosive smoldering of each morsel.

You do not need to be selling chocolate to effectively seduce your audience to buy your product. Careful selection of words, word play and word positioning can sell a product as mundane as a nail gun drill. Apply the art of staccato, rhythm, and rhyme, to put your audience right in the middle of the action.

The technical details of a product do not have to be shrouded in a cloud of mind-numbing, boring complexities.

Reader Interactions

Benefits in bold. Why should prospects buy your product? What major impact will the product have on their life? Will it save them money?

Seduction Marketing - Early To Rise

Will it make them look classier? Will it save them time? Or transform their looks? Or relieve their pain? Remember, the majority of buying decisions are emotional. As such, the promise you make to your prospects must leverage their pain points and their needs so you can provide them with the precise solution they are looking for.

Seduction yields the best results when the seducer or femme fatale pays close attention to the subject and makes them feel genuinely special. In fact, the most fruitful human interactions are those where each party feels valued by the other. Your copy needs to make it clear to your readers that you understand their needs and that you just might have an appropriate solution. These consumers may infer the values of other characteristics based on what they find for the few characteristics they observe. Suppose we ask these consumers to state their perceptions by rating a familiar brand.

If we then analyze the consumers' perceptions for all characteristics, we should find the majority of their perceptions should be highly correlated and be explained by only a few underlying factors. The maximum-likelihood estimator for r, denoted r, is given by equation 8.

Interestingly, this procedure is related to the measurement of halo effects Thorndike, ; Beckwith and Lehmann, Now, given a method for estimating r, we require a method for estimating A. We have postulated that an individual is convinced to buy one brand over another by sampling product characteristic differences. That is, the individual would have observations zj where zj is defined as follows:.

There exists intensity measures for Uij Hauser and Shugan, Unfortunately, most other more well-known market research techniques, such as conjoint analysis Luce and Tukey, ; Green and Srinivasan, and direct assessment Hauser and Urban, , yield functions that are only unique to a positive linear transformation. However, we note:. Then, one estimator for l that is robust to the arbitrary scaling for Uij is given by equation 10 :. Finally, before proceeding, we should note that no attempt has been made to find the distribution of these estimators. It would, therefore, be inappropriate to attempt to do any statistical testing.

Now that we have a method for measuring both r and A, as given by equations 8 and 10 , we can proceed to an illustrative application of the theory. The model developed in the preceding analysis can be used to either design traditional advertisements or help a retailer construct more effective product displays. One major supermarket wanted to encourage customers to switch from lower-margin brands to higher-margin brands. The following example illustrates how the optimal display can be determined.

Respondent data are simulated and the example is hypothetical. However, the example parallels analysis currently being performed.

Louis Theroux on why marketing is an ‘unacknowledged art form’

Let us consider three product categories: eggs, coffee, and soup. A focus group see Alpert for alternatives was used to determine the relevant discriminating product characteristics. Table 2 lists the characteristics identified by focus groups for each product category. After determining the product characteristics consumers uss for discriminating among brands, the following methodology can be employed.

For example preference regression Urban and Hauser, , conjoint analysis Luce and Tukey, ; Green and Srinivasan, , or intensity measures Hauser and Shugan, could be used.

The Art of Seduction: Promotion and Marketing Making Hearts Flutter

Rank the characteristics according to the magnitude of the differences determined in step 6. Table 4 shows these ranked differences for our brand's best four characteristics. For example, our soup's best competitive characteristic is our super ingredients when competing with brand 2 a difference of 1. Results are summarized in Table 5. Estimates for r are shown in Table 5.

Results are summarized in Table 6. From the preceding analysis, we see that r, and, hence, the optimal ad information, depends on our product positioning. Depending on what brand we position against, our optimal advertising strategy varies. The positioning decision, however, depends on a host of factors whose discussion is beyond the scope of this paper. We will, therefore, take product positioning as given. In this example, the positioning strategy depends on the relative profit margins for the brands involved. Table 6 implies the optimal display strategy for each positioning strategy.

For example, if our coffee is positioned against Brand 1, then our display should stress three of our product's characteristics: 7 our super ingredients; our chunkiness; and our extra ounce can size.

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  6. 1. Appear as news, never as publicity..
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  8. Similar strategies are implied for coffee and eggs. It is important to remember this discussion says nothing concerning display size or the effectiveness of its presentation. The former problem involves optimal advertising budgets, and the latter problem requires copy testing. This paper has made an attempt to rigorously examine the problem of optimal ad information content.

    We found the advertiser must tradeoff too much information content against too little. By making some simple assumptions, the theory became operational.

    The Seduction of Marketing - BMS - Ep 011

    An illustrative example showed how the theory could be applied in practice to help solve one important problem for retailers - i. Of course, the model presented was only a first step. However, it demonstrated that complex and apparently extremely qualitative factors, such as the difficulty of decisionmaking, the effort expended in reading an ad, the amount of information content in an ad, and the seductive power of an ad, were not beyond the grasp of rigorous analysis. Much work still needs to be done. Better measurements must be found.

    1. Appear as news, never as publicity.

    Effectiveness of the communication needs to be explored. Multibrand positioning problems must be attacked. A system for defining characteristics must be developed. The model must be extended so to allow one characteristic to provide information about other characteristics. Competitive actions should be considered. Despite the convenience of assumptions 1 and 2 in the text, for some situations these assumptions may be unreasonable.