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The Jazz Age

Add the first question. Edit page. The Scopes trial was a signature event of the Jazz Age. It had that "ballyhoo" spirit so typical of the s. In one way, however, it was atypical. The Scopes trial took place in a little town in the South, far from the roar of the metropolis. The Jazz Age glorified city life. Americans — including many African American sharecroppers from the South — were leaving their farms in record numbers to live and work in places like Chicago and New York City.

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Scott Fitzgerald called it a time when "the parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the buildings were higher, the morals looser. Definitions of the s reflect the extreme nature of the era itself. Not thinkers but rich men rule the world.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The 20s in all its lighthearted excess grew from a great darkness. No one who survived what was then known as The Great War could imagine that anything like this cataclysm would happen again. The war opened eyes to unimagined horrors and when it was over people simply wanted to live again. Those who could afford it lived with a vengeance. It was best to be young during the roaring 20s. Jazz Age Quotes: "We are a happy people - the statistics prove it. We have more cars, more bathtubs, oil furnaces, silk stockings, bank accounts, than any other people on earth.

Jazz Age Fact 2: Art Deco : Art Deco, which also influenced architecture, used strong colors and geometric shapes to convey the "modern" look. Art Deco used sleek, streamlined forms to convey elegance and sophistication. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Lawrence shocked the world with Lady Chatterley's Lover. Jazz Age Fact 4: Cocktails : Cocktails became a huge fad in s, served at cocktail parties and in American clubs and 'speakeasies' during the Prohibition Era. Valentine's Day Massacre. The rise in organized crime in Chicago led to the appointment of Eliot Ness and the "Untouchables" who brought down Al Capone. Jazz Age Chicago also saw the arrival of musician Louis Armstrong the famous jazz trumpeter and singer who was influential in the emergence of jazz music.

A combination of the modern dance moves were made famous by the movies starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The first all-color movie called 'Toll of the Sea' was released IN The first movie with sound effects and music, was called Don Juan. The Jazz Age movies were a cheap form of entertainment and by an average of million Americans went to the cinema every week.

Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby in which told the story of the fictional Jay Gatsby and exposed the excesses of Consumerism during the s. The KKK were portrayed as the protector of traditional values and opposers of immigration. The Second KKK attracted millions of new members and led to an increase in racial bigotry and nativism in the Jazz Age.

On August 8, more than forty thousand Klansmen famously marched through Washington filling Pennsylvania Avenue. Jazz Age Fact Literature : American authors, playwrights and poets of the Jazz Age challenged traditional ideas and reflected the impact of modernism in the literature of the ere.

The new style of literature reflected realistic themes and characters.

The Century: America's Time - 1920-1929: Boom To Bust

Many Jazz Age authors disillusioned by the Great War concentrated on the negative effects of consumerism and modernism. European and African music culture combined together with Blues, Ragtime and Dixie and jazz was born. Louis Armstrong is credited with putting Jazz on the musical map. Jazz developed in the speakeasy cellars in the cities of New York and Chicago. Not everyone approved or appreciated jazz music.

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