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The results obtained from this study highlighted the potential usage of fungal amylase in various food products as a mean to alter their pasting and textural properties. Recently, novel processing techniques including gluten proteolysis, genetically modified wheat breeding, sourdough fermentation, frozen storage, and partial baking have been applied, either individually or in conjunction, to obtain better quality characteristics of GF products. A relatively new trend is the utilization of proteolytic enzyme to detoxify gluten by cleaving the peptide bonds next to proline- and glutamine-residues, with the action of prolyl-endopeptidases PEPs.

Unlike human gastrointestinal protease, PEPs can degrade gluten to amino acids or nontoxic peptides less than nine amino acid residues Heredia-Sandoval et al. In addition, cereal germination can also degrade immunostimulatory gluten peptides and thereby diminish its toxic effects. Lactic acid bacteria lactobacilli LAB are known to possess a complex protease system, which can hydrolyse various proline residues of gluten.

Selecting strains of LAB with targeted proteolytic effects, due to the complexity of the gliadin locus with multiple expressed genes, is vital important. However, the concentration of polypeptides with IgE-reactive epitopes remains high and therefore formulas with the combination of fungal proteases and lactobacilli were developed, providing a new tool to eliminate gluten toxicity.

Bread prepared with flours used selected sourdough LAB and fungal proteases presented similar physicochemical properties to control Rizzello et al. These positive contributions could be exploited for the preparation of high quality GFBs with various GF flours.

57 Best Gluten Free Food Substitutes

The authors investigated the effects of added fresh and freeze-dried amaranth, buckwheat and rice sourdoughs at different ratios during GFB production. They concluded that sourdoughs dried at 40 0 C were the most suitable for GFB production. RNAi is a reverse genetics tool, producing double-stranded RNA that makes gene silencing before forming gluten Watanabe, Becker et al. While the rheological properties of the two lines were similar. Bread prepared with low-gliadin flour presented higher lysine content and final bread quality, similar to normal bread. Details about these investigations can be found in the review of Rosell et al.

Recently, Barro et al. These lines could probably be useful for cultivating coeliac-safe wheat. However, the resistance to transgenic foods in some country and the insufficiency of clinical trials in CD patients as such limit the commercialisation of the low-gliadin wheat. Frozen dough is a promising alternative to conventional bread making, inserting a freezing process at different steps of the bread making process. It is a value-added product that improves fresh bread availability. Moreover, patients with CDs can prepare and consume it at home when needed. Frozen dough breads displayed lower specific volumes due to the decrease in yeast sensitiveness and the change in the structure of the GF dough.

Additionally, the crumbs were harder and the crust color characteristics were modified Mezaize et al. In recent years, the market has been rapidly moving from frozen dough to partially baked bread part-baked, par baked bread or pre-baked bread. Partially baked bread is a semi-finished product with proper crumb texture and minimum crust coloration. The part-baking process consists of two stages: an initial baking stage until the bread structure is fixed followed by storage, and a second baking stage to create an appropriate flavor and crust color Najafabadi et al.

Sciarini et al. Part-baked breads displayed lower specific volumes, denser crumb appearances, and higher crumb hardness. The addition of hydrocolloids, in particular CMC, partially mitigated these negative effects. Other novel technologies such as pregelatinized treatment Pongjaruvat et al.

In response to a worldwide increasing prevalence of celiac disease in adults, the need to offer celiac disease patients satisfactory quality and wide variety of GF baking foodstuffs is an emergency. However, the absence of gluten, whose presence determines the overall appearance and textural properties of bread making goods, makes it a technological challenge.

This review presents various alternative materials, functional ingredients added individually or in conjunction , and technologies, which can result in GFBs of desirable quality. In the future, further investigations and research should be focused on the discovery and application of more innovative gluten substitutes and the cultivation and commercialization of the coeliac-safe wheat.

Research on combination of these approaches should be conducted to detect the potential synthetic effects and create GF products with properties equaling those of wheat breads. Aguilar, N. Chestnut flour sourdough for gluten-free bread making. European Food Research and Technology , 10 , Effect of tiger nut-derived products in gluten-free batter and bread. Alencar, N. Addition of quinoa and amaranth flour in gluten-free breads: Temporal profile and instrumental analysis.

Altenbach, S. Silencing of omega-5 gliadins in transgenic wheat eliminates a major source of environmental variability and improves dough mixing properties of flour. BMC Plant Biology , 14 1 , Aprodu, I. Influence of dietary fiber, water, and glucose oxidase on rheological and baking properties of maize based gluten-free bread.

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Food Science and Biotechnology , 24 4 , Barro, F. Targeting of prolamins by RNAi in bread wheat: effectiveness of seven silencing-fragment combinations for obtaining lines devoid of coeliac disease epitopes from highly immunogenic gliadins. Plant Biotechnology Journal , 14 3 , Basso, F. Potential use of cyclodextrin-glycosyltransferase enzyme in bread-making and the development of gluten-free breads with pinion and corn flours.

International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition , 66 3 , Becker, D. In: G. Ng Eds. Campinas: St Paul. Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality , 85 1 , Campo, E. Journal of Cereal Science , 67, Capriles, V. Effects of prebiotic inulin-type fructans on structure, quality, sensory acceptance and glycemic response of gluten-free breads.

Novel approaches in gluten-free breadmaking: interface between food science, nutrition and health. Catassi, C. Celiac disease. In: E. Dal Bello Eds.

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Campinas: MA. Clerici, M. Production of acidic extruded rice flour and its influence on the qualities of gluten-free bread. De Vuyst, L. Biodiversity and identification of sourdough lactic acid bacteria. Food Microbiology , 24 2 , Deora, N. Functionality of alternative protein in gluten-free product development. Flander, L. Effects of tyrosinase and laccase on oat proteins and quality parameters of gluten-free oat breads.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry , 59 15 , Improvement of gluten-free bread properties by the incorporation of bovine plasma proteins and different saccharides into the matrix. Food Chemistry , , Gil-Humanes, J. Reduced-gliadin wheat bread: an alternative to the gluten-free diet for consumers suffering gluten-related pathologies.

PLoS One , 9 3 , e Suppression of gliadins results in altered protein body morphology in wheat. Journal of Experimental Botany , 62 12 , Effective shut-down in the expression of celiac disease-related wheat gliadin T-cell epitopes by RNA interference. Gunness, P. Mechanisms underlying the cholesterol-lowering properties of soluble dietary fibre polysaccharides. Hager, A. Influence of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose HPMC , xanthan gum and their combination on loaf specific volume, crumb hardness and crumb grain characteristics of gluten-free breads based on rice, maize, teff and buckwheat.

Food Hydrocolloids , 32 1 , Investigation of product quality, sensory profile and ultrastructure of breads made from a range of commercial gluten-free flours compared to their wheat counterparts. European Food Research and Technology , 2 , Nutritional properties and ultra-structure of commercial gluten free flours from different botanical sources compared to wheat flours.

Journal of Cereal Science , 56 2 , Hatta, E. Bacillolysin, papain, and subtilisin improve the quality of gluten-free rice bread. Journal of Cereal Science , 61, Heredia-Sandoval, N. Foods , 5 3 , Hug-Iten, S. Cereal Chemistry , 78 4 , Kagnoff, M. Overview and pathogenesis of celiac disease. Gastroenterology , 4, Suppl 1 , SS Korus, J.

Defatter strawberry and blackcurrant seeds as functional ingredients of gluten-free bread. Journal of Texture Studies , 43 1 , The influence of acorn flour on rheological properties of gluten-free dough and physical characteristics of the bread. But, perhaps Dr. Leffler will take his own advice and keep his opinions to himself as they are not even helpful to his own patients who suffer from celiac disease.

Try some encouragement and positive thinking, doc. The choice to eat well rests on all of our shoulders, not just those with celiac disease. It might be in how you look at the wonderful opportunity before you. Leffler, the glass is half full, not half empty. Pass it on to your patients and stop being Dr. Life is very good. Read and understand what all the happy chatter is about. You might just learn a few things. What is it with the media? I continue to read articles like this one stating the lack of science available to go gluten or wheat free. This article is written by someone who is either poorly informed or no longer bothers to research articles before putting them into print.

Personally, I will take all of the testimonials of real people many in my own life who have lived in pain for years, were overweight forever in Yoko diets and still felt terrible after years of going to doctors, over an article that cannot get basic facts straight. I have never really eating junk food or ingested junk drinks soda.

I prided myself in baking the best Whole Wheat breads with wheat germ and spelt flour. But I have horrible Rheumatoid Arthritis for 25 yrs. I have reconstructed shoulders and feet. My hands are totally deformed almost useless and so painful to use,. I practically devoured that book in one day, I could not put it down!

My infusion of medication for my RA is coming up and I might just have to cancel it. I already eliminated the Methotrexate. Of course I still have pain in my joints that are already destroyed, but there is less of it. I just feel and sleep so much better. I just wished I had Dr. Bought the Wheat Belly cookbook from Dr W. Davis also , it is fabulous. Just had my lunch with Flax-wrap, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado , yarlsberg cheese and baked turkey and mayonnaise. Nobody in my circle of friends will be safe!

Just one more thing. I always thought, because I have been taught, that whole grains are best for you. So years ago I switched to all whole grains, pasta, breads etc. I love bread, the taste and how addictive it is. ONe piece is not enough!! But I have noticed over the years how the weight is staying no matter what I do. I have noticed how bloated I am most of the time, how much weight I have put on, how uncomfortable I feel. I am irritable I am after a feast. I made my own bread!!

BUT from MANY others and family as well who suffer from gluten or are diagnosed Celiac it has become important enough to me to read up as much as I can, being interested in health. I found the book WheatBelly, and read it in a few days. After reading the book I decided to give this a try and find out for ourselves what is going on. First I got rid of alllll the wheat in the house, and sugar! Changed to baking the breads with almond flour,flax seed, and coconut flour, which are delicious by the way.

We have enjoyed the change, and are looking forward to a healthier life style. This makes more sense to me than cutting out all fat, sugar and or meat, which I have also tried. Eating all fruits, vegetables, and olive oil, coconut oil, lean meats, along with the breads made without wheat are a much better choice. I suffere from headaches, sleep problems, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable and brain fog. I am already noticing the increased energy, sleeping better, less aches and pains. Nothing I have tried has worked before this.

We take several supplements and eat well. Better now. I am saddened that educated people question normal people who are bright, and doing what they can to improve their health, when all evidence points to the negative by eating wheat. People who find out for themselves what their body is saying when making a change is I would think much better for everyone, health care especially, not mentioning being less of a burden to others when sick.

Anyway, I am thankful, and feel blessed to have this knowledge and make the change. Thank you Dr. Maybe if they tried it for a three month period and see for themselves how much better they will feel they might become believers. Makes me very curious as to why they are so negative, when it has improved the quality of life for thousands. Gale, I also was so proud of my homemade whole wheat bread with wheat germ and vital wheat gluten, milk powder and flax seeds, the one good and healthy ingredient, besides the milk powder.

Well who knew. I wish I had not bought that expensive Zojirushi Bread machine. I started only because I wanted to lose excess weight. Within ten days I suddenly started sleeping better, eliminated joint pain and was satisfied after each meal. Also no more bloated but hungry after meals.

I no longer eat fast food and do a lot more cooking. I have tried a couple of times to eat wheat products and it caused bloating, stomach pain and a headache. I have cut out all grains and starches. I adore the wheat belly cookbook by Dr. Fabulous recipes. People love her wheat free bread. Good advice will always result in word-of-mouth enthusiasm.

The suggestion that people should keep their wheat-free happiness to themselves is truly sad. Should we all just wallow in self-pity? My circumstance is like many others. I simply feel better and enjoy much better health when I avoid wheat. Yes, I could tell myself that I am the victim of bad genes or diabetes, or a weak stomach. But the truth is I do have a choice, and I am chosing health and to enjoy my food, wheat-free. And nothing wrong with sharing that good news with other people.

Because people, my doctor included, all want to know how I lost weight, kept it off, and defeated a life-sentence of diabetes. What should I say? I tell them I read Wheat Belly by Dr. What total nonsense! I could be offended by the endless aisles in the store devoted to wheat in all its forms, but I feel great to simply pass them by gluten-free food especially , save some money, stop contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle, and move on.

Or a pricey gym membership. Or clothes to hide the ever-growing belly. Or hours of therapy to treat depression. And so on and so on…. I had allergy testing. Not allergic to wheat. I was tested for celiac disease, including an endoscopy and colonoscopy. No celiac disease. But the simple fact is, if I eat wheat, I have irritable bowel syndrome.

I take my B vitamins and others. I have lost 30 pounds much needed. This was the best thing I could have done. I now eat a whole foods diet — fish but no meat, no processed foods or junk food or soda. Like you are keeping to yourself who funds your propaganda publication? And this is healthy? Just had my vitamin B levels tested — they are at the high end of the normal range. The whole food industry is trying to kill us in exchange for higher profit.

Things need to change! I am not on a gluten-free diet, but rather a wheat-free diet. Prior to stopping my daily wheat binges, I was a type II diabetic. Now I am not. I was 20 pounds overweight and now I am not. I was suffering from depression, anxiety, skin rashes, thyroid problems. Now I do not suffer from any of these things. There are simply too many good benefits. I would never consider keeping all this good news to myself. Wheat-free living is on that scale in terms of the health benefits. I will continue to spread the word.

And I continue to say thank you to Dr. Davis for his courage and keen insight into the many benefits of wheat-free living. His book is simply awesome! I have Afib. I have had it for years and it is getting worse. I am breaking through all my medications and after a disastrous ablation, my Dr.

This is important, because intense exercise to lose weight will not work for me. I spent most of my life weighing about lbs. I ate cakes, pies, cookies, toast, bagels noodles, you name it, with NO effect on my weight. But, with middle age, came weight. And so, I changed my milk to skim, I have always loved milk and my everything else to low fat. I tried exercise, but the afib got in the way of that. The last two years, with the worsening afib, I gained another 20 lbs. When I went into the hospital to try out the drug Tikosyn, I weighed The day I got home four days later, I weighed !

So, I cut back even more — I drank a calorie protein shake Special k for breakfast, but I continued to eat shredded wheat everyday and changed to even smaller portions of pasta and rice and I switched from the occasional regular potato to sweet potatoes. My portions got smaller and smaller. I went to my regular Dr. If I hit , I was going to feel defeated by my disease and my catch 22 exercise issues. I felt desperate. So, I started scouring Amazon and the internet for diets, mindful that my afib would not let me do boot camp exercise programs, etc.

I have managed to walk on my treadmill, carefully only TWICE, but in spite of the lack of exercise, I have lost 12 lbs. But there is more! I have had a goiter on my thyroid for 20 years. It was so pronounced, my Dr. The goiter, which was biopsied two years ago, was hard like a rock, calcified, but controlled by synthroid, which I have taken for 20 years. Often, I would absent mindedly rub my neck to feel the goiter, I kind of self check to see if it is getting bigger. I am not ready to say it is gone, but it is much smaller — there is no other explanation for this after 20 years of remaining constant in size than the lack of wheat in my diet.

Other benefits of this diet are becoming more and more apparent; I have suffered from arm and especially leg aches my entire life, since I was tiny. I would wake up in the night and take a pain reliever. I feel so great aside for the afib — which I am working on with my cardiologist. I no longer snack at work. After lunch, I used to feel desperate for a snack by every day — and I usually succumbed. I have not felt, sleepy or hungry in between meals for weeks.

My husband has diabetes and he has also lost weight and his blood sugar has been perfect! I had stopped baking completely due to the weight gain and the depression that went with it, which made me terribly sad. But, now, we are experimenting with cakes, cookies, pancakes, breads — all full of healthy almond flour and coconut flour and flax meal. We eat delicious blueberry muffins with 1. I suggest that the author of this article and the article of the Time Magazine article try this for one month.

I suggest they do the same research all of those who have gone off wheat have done. Could you please post a response to Dr. Davis please? After all, people would like points and counter-points to get answered and hopefully you will agree that taking the time to do this with Dr. Davis is not time ill spent. Gluten free food is much better for everyone. I have had experience with my son who develops an allergy to gluten. Thanks for this article. Holly and Dr. Leffler, this is a very good article by Dr.

Mark Hyman MD which summarizes the problems with modern wheat for everyone, beyond just those with celiac disease. When I share this information, such as the article above or information from Dr. Somebody has to be absolutely kidding! This is NOT the mid sixties. Who is sponsoring the writing of this kind of misleading information? Just one point: there are at least 3 million of celiacs. I was not diagnosed until I developed severe ataxia.

This is a setback for science and medicine, sadly. This article is a form of representation of this. How hard is it for people to eat whole, healthy food, instead processed, refined, starchy, modern wheat-filled stuff? Why do B vitamins and fiber have to be found in fortified bread? Please look more broadly at this situation. There is so much more science and information available about the problems with modern wheat…not just for celiacs.

We know whole wheat bread has a higher GI index than table sugar and that is just one small example of the problems with modern wheat. This is the type of medical advice that the big brains at Harvard Medical School are dispensing now. So what, I should be embarassed that I gave up up Raisin Bran? Stay in the closet over the fact that I no longer eat Kraft dinner? Screw that. Why have all your skin conditions vanished?

Read More From Health Research Staff

I will also tell them to stop listening to idiots like Strawbridge and Leffler and start taking control of your health and well being. You said…. With over ,, people in the USA, there would be over 2,, people with celiac disease. I hope that Harvard faculty know how to check their facts, or correct their errors once pointed out. Its propelled me into a healthy weight range and made several annoying conditions simply disappear. Im shouting it from the roof tops. The reason you suggest that i should is equally so and certainly makes one wonder what your real reason could be.

More anecdotal evidence- I know, I know, statistically annoying but nevertheless, true. My skin looks fabulous. Correction of hair loss. Correction of irregularity. More energy. Noticeable reduction in appetite. Better sleep. Improved ability to pay attention. We eat whole foods. So the savings in the school lunches, headache medicine, and TUMS, not to mention the improved quality of life, means following this way of life is not hard at all.

Ditto for us…we eliminated grains. Dropped 20 pounds in 30 days. Eating fresh whole unadulterated real food. Processed food is just evil. Please give us links to the research you used to write this article. We would like to analyze that research ourselves. We may or may not arrive at the same conclusions you do. Great day in the morning!! How did our species manage to produce viable offspring before the agricultural revolution?! This article is not only wrong, it is blatant misinformation! Harvard Health had some degree of my trust until now!

Glidens are the culprit and are in every bite since the Green Food Movement altered wheat in the 60s in order to increase wheat crop yields tenfold! Yield increased along with the glidens and thus the inflammation that goes along with the glycemic spike. The answer is not to switch to gluten free bread and pasta, the answer is to switch to healthier grains like quinoa and eat less processed foods! Part of your misinformation is the scare that eating healthier costs more! To me, the most telling thing about this blog post is not the misinformation it hands out — it is the complete lack of rebuttal to all the criticism it has received.

This is very similar to what happened when the grain lobby reviewed Wheatbelly; normally, the posts on their blog get about, say, six comments. That one got Perhaps if they ignore the comments hard enough they will simply disappear, LOL. Anyway, this post does the same thing. Holly, if you have something to back up your claims, show it to us. Otherwise, your silence speaks for itself.

The AMA generates hundreds of billions of dollars on the fact that we are ill, and it is in their best interest to keep us that way. An FDA application is currently pending for such an application of naltrexone. A serum test for the zonulin protein will be commercially available near-future. Fasano tells me. This all comes to a head in our time because agribusiness and agricultural geneticists have been busy changing the genetics of wheat, e.

The quadrupling of celiac disease, for instance, is largely explained by the enrichment of the Glia-alpha 9 gene in modern wheat, virtually absent from the wheat of This is just ONE of the thousands of changes introduced into the genome of modern wheat in the cause of increased yield-per acre. To argue that wheat products are necessary for B vitamins and fiber and to ignore all the other issues that now surround modern wheat is, well, ignorant.

Unfortunately, the readership of this Harvard publication and the patients of physicians like Dr. Leffler will be deprived of real insights into this phenomenon of agribusiness-altered wheat. People like Ms. Strawbridge help perpetuate the ignorance that prevails among healthcare providers. When my daughter was 4 years old she had various digestive problems. My doctor did a full range of blood tests including a celiac panel. Everything was negative so she was treated with meds. Eventually she needed more and more and more meds and had more and more and more problems, but still no diagnosis0.

We had previously eliminated various foods with no improvements so I decided to eliminate wheat and gluten even though the famously unreliable celiac panel was negative. Within a week we had stopped all meds for reflux, constipation, and the undiagnosed skin problems on her bottom. Other problems she just lived with. Within 6 weeks everything had cleared. She has had trial amounts since then so that the doctor could have another celiac panel done. She wound up with bleeding skin lessions and in the ER for severe constipation.

So thank you to all who have spoken up. Please continue to spread your message and inform other people. Again thank you to all who spoke up. And maybe I should thank the author of this article too because it sure has gotten people talking about their experiences. Yet, it has been life changing for me too. Apart from that, we are seeing what happens when a grass-roots no grain pun intended revolution occurs when people take back the responsibility for their health and the health of the dear innocents like your daughter.

Tough doughy pizza for them!! Wow… where do you begin… this condescending, patronizing superiority is so off-putting, I want to spit! So she thinks her readers are children?!? I, personally, told my husband of my dietary choice reduce carbs and eliminate all wheat which he decided to follow as well.

Assorted skin rashes visibly improved. These are my facts. The only difference was the diet and I now take Vitamin D3 capsules. Thank you. This article is ridiculous! Honestly, the only benefit of wheat described in this article can be corrected with a multivitamin. Way to go, Holly! Just who paid for you to produce this joke of an article anyways?

By getting all the cheap filler grains out of my diet and replacing them with unprocessed protein, non-starchy vegetables and fat I have never felt better in my life. I am so tired of writers babbling about matters they do not understand and have never tried for themselves. The article is nonsense, with one exception: gluten-free processed foods are,indeed, expensive.

They are also completely unnecessary, like all other processed foods. Loads of research about gluten related, non-celiac diseases that never made it to your curriculum, apparently. The last time I heard a similar comment they were trying to keep gay people from coming out of the closet. Get real. We have a winner! This article is sadly misinformed. We do not need genetically modified wheat! I do not have celiac disease, but I went wheat-free in order to lose weight and feel better.

The first week was tough, but I quickly lost ten pounds and lost my cravings for wheat products. I now enjoy fruits and vegetables more than ever, and I feel great! Do not let those with a vested financial interest—such as the writer, apparently—convince you that wheat is healthy for you. It is quite the opposite. Holly the suppermarket is full of gluten free foods like all the vegetables, fruit and meats and seafood! Fresh and nutritious-delicious!

As someone in the middle of this range, I test negative for celiac disease, and yet I experienced many positive health benefits when I stopped eating wheat. A wheat-free diet cured my IBS, and I also had improvements in sleep, allergy symptoms, energy levels throughout the day, as well as a decrease in appetite and an effortless weight loss of 20 lbs. Nutritional deficiencies? I eat vegetables, well-raised meat, and healthy fats with every meal.

I also lost edemas and a slight depression at the same time. I would like to respectfully request that the author of this article read the well-researched and documented book by cardiologist, Dr. Davis has discovered in his research and clinical practice …. On another topic, the type of crowd-sourcing that is going on as a result of this article is one of the more interesting consequences of a growing and broadening internet. So I would ask her if she feels she is justified in quickly dismissing the testimony and experiential information provided by so many who actually now live with and who have so clearly benefitted from these changes.

I would like to know how she plans to present her hypothesis and scientifically test her own claims? I love being wheat free! Shopping is easy. I just stick to the inside walls of the supermarket. I have lost a lot of weight in the past seven months and have never felt better. I never thought I could do without pasta, but I can.

I use a lot of almonds for making pancakes and waffles. I grind them myself for almond meal. Who needs wheat? My husband and I went grain and rice free back in Our blood tests are perfect as is our blood pressure. Doctors always say you must eat low fat, whole grains and get lots of exercise- and boy are they weirded out when I say, NO, entirely the opposite!

We tell everyone who will listen about our grain-free food choices and encourage folks to try the same. Not to mention feeling like you can go without eating for more than twenty minutes once you get into burning fat, not sugar, for your fuel! I suggest, oh, deluded writers, that you try out a grain-free diet for yourselves rather than just listen to us. The proof is in the pudding.

Strawbridge, I am both appalled and saddened by your promotion of the nutritional myths in your article….. We have become a nation of sick, fat people listening to the rhetoric you spout……. I wake up every day and thank God for Dr.

Not sure what to cook?

Davis……because of his message, my husband and I are living our golden years in much healthier and happier bodies! I wish I could show this lady how wrong she is. I go out to restaurants with my non-paleo friends and family and easily find things on the menu that work for me. Would you argue that my avoidance of sugar will offend diabetics? No way. Have you really done your research? Do you realize what wheat does to every person who eats it? I am not allergic to wheat but I have stopped eating it. My entire family which includes myself, my husband, and two children under 12 are not eating wheat.

We are doing fine. Is this difficult? I have been living wheat free since November It is now March of What has changed? My eczema, dry skin, and allergies are gone. My afternoon sleepiness is gone. My cholesterol, in spite of eating lots of meat and eggs,is normal.

My triglycerides are lower than they were in November of My carpal tunnel symptoms in my hands are gone. My thyroid medicine synthroid has been lowered for the first time in 10 years. I have lost 20 lbs. I eat meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and nuts. In fact, I think I am a better cook now. You want more information? They will show you why wheat and other grains are not good for you. Passing fad? Just wait. This way of eating wheat free, low carb is not going away.

For your health, try it. Do you think the problem was the blend or that it was in the oven for a very long time? Maybe it is because I did the crust very very thin? Thank you for sharing the recipe! I will try next time and I want to know what was my problem :. We prefer pre-baking for that long otherwise the center can remain a little doughy when toppings are added.

Also, I would recommend using the gluten-free flours listed for best results! I made this recipe once without the correct flours- I used Cassava, Tapioca and a Gluten Free four blend and the crust was semi-hard but still edible. We loved it. I made it today with the white rice, brown rice and Tapioca flours and followed the rest of the directions except that I use date sugar and the crust was perfect- it was not hard.

Letting the yeast activate is the key and I allowed it go a bit longer than 5 minutes. My son who is Celiac loved the pizza crust and told me we do not need to go to our favorite Vegan restaurant here in Austin as often for Pizza. Thank you for this recipe and I agree that the flour blend makes a huge difference. I made this crust for dinner tonight and it was by far the best pizza I have ever had, glutenous or other wise!! I have been struggling with my Celiac Disease lately because most gf breads are gummy and grainy.

This pizza was delicious and I had to remind myself it was gf lol. We have been making traditional pizza dough weekly for years and am so happy to have found this! One thing I noticed is it reheats much better than traditional dough the next day! Thanks for this! This recipe is amazing! The crust was to die for, and it felt soooo good to eat a yummy pizza! Loved the story about the friends making it together, too.

This recipe is a keeper! I used the Krusteaz gluten free flour mix as well, followed the recipe to a T, and had the same problem with the dough being just a bunch of crumbles. I simply added in more warm water until it came together better, and BOOM, perfect pizza. Once again I am blown away by this recipe! This crust is crunchy and chewy at the same time. We are so excited to have pizza back in our lives. Hi Caroline! Perhaps it had to do with the brand or freshness of the flours you used? Did you bake it a bit too long?

Also, I found that a pizza stone will make it crispier, but a metal pan will keep it softer. Hope that helps in some way! This was amazing! Made for my friend with Celiac, and we both devoured it. I made it exactly as written, and it turned out delicious. Even my gluten-loving husband thought it tasted pretty good. Will definitely make again! Thanks for the recipe! It seems weird that you put pepperoni was it real pepperoni?

Vegan, anyone? Any suggestions? Try our Vegan Pepperoni recipe! We recommend keeping the yeast in the recipe, but if you experiment with leaving out, report back on the results! I gave this a shot but it tasted like yeast. What did I do wrong? Did I need to wait for the yeast to activate longer? Warmer water? Hi Katie! It is possible that the rising temperature is just too high… and if the dough rises at too high a temperature, the bread WILL taste yeasty.

Also, try and be very accurate when you measure the yeast and sugar. Too much sugar will make the yeast grow too fast or too much, and that or just too much yeast will result in a dough with an unpleasant, yeasty taste. Lastly, if left too long to rise, time can also cause a yeasty taste. Hope this helps! I made this pizza crust with the suggested 1c. Crust was crisp and tasty. We put sausage, chicken, red onion, and corn on top. Several years ago I found a pizza crust recipe online that was outstanding.

I made the regular version for friends, then substitute gf flour blend with xantham gum in it , and it produced the perfect pizza. One of these days!!!! I used flour that included flax meal but all the other ingredients were the same. I rolled the dough by mistake instead of spreading it by hand. Turned out great. It was tasty and crisp.

I was so pleased that it rolled so well because gf dough often does not. Now I am planning on using it for sausage rolls and meat pies. I think this dough would work and might even be able to tolerate some spices. Thanks alot! I just bought all of the ingredients, mostly from Giant, and made this dough for my non-gluten free husband.

He really liked it! We will probably do a little less sugar for the next batch. Thank you! Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I live in Indonesia and found everything in this recipe spot on! This is my new go to recipe! Thank you for sharing this recipe. My little one recently had to go GF and was missing our homemade pizza night, until I came across this. While the texture was great slightly chewy middle with a crunchy crust it tasted strongly of yeast.

It was the first thing my husband noticed when he ate some. I double-checked my proportions and I followed the exact recipe. Any idea why that might be? I used tapioca , cassova and almond meal. But followed the recepies exactly. It is very nice. She said it was lovely and taste like normal pizza?? Omg I just made this and it was amazing! Held together beautifully, texture of the crust was great. Not too light or too dense right in the middle.

Prep was super easy this was such a low maintenance recipe. Seemed almost too easy to be this good. Oh, and I followed the recipe almost exactly just used a preset gf flour blend and extra xantham gum. Worked great!! My experience so far making breads and doughs, both gluten free and conventional, is that the dough sits for awhile to rise. Hi — in my previous comment, I forgot to mention that I use sweet white rice flour in this recipe, instead of regular white rice flour. I use a Tbls of garlic infused olive oil on the pizza pan to coat the dough and that helps with the stickiness.

Hi Dana — thanks for posting this recipe. This is way better gluten free crust than the pizza place in town serves here. I left everything else the same and I think it gives the crust just a little more of a crunchy texture that I like. It will last me about a month. I prebake it at degrees F about minutes on the rack just below the center. Then I add the toppings and bake on the center rack at degree F about minutes. For a bigger pizza you would probably need to adjust the times.

Thanks again —. This recipe is the best! We use it all the time and love it! Thanks for all the great recipes :. I made this today as our family is on a gluten free diet. It came out very good … as good as regular pizza. Plus it is very easy to make. I will be making this more often now. Oh my goodness thank you so much! I am coeliac and have made my house gf! This dough has made pizza night fun again Thank you thank you. Hi — I just want to be sure I understand before I try this recipe — a total of six cups of flour?

I have made this pizza crust many times now, and I came back to it just now because I got a huge craving for a pizza dinner tonight! I like to use the sauce recipe given at the bottom, and top it with Daiya mozarella, mushrooms, onion, olives, bell pepper, and spinach. Thank you for this fabulous recipe. It seems like there is at least one gf camper each session. I used to buy packaged gf crusts at the grocery store for pizza night. I came across this crust when I had a camper who had gluten and dairy allergies. This was the first, and last, one I tried.

The dough can be a bit sticky so I just line my sheet pan with parchment paper and use gloves to press out the dough. Tossed veggies in olive oil, pinch of salt, garlic powder, black pepper and chili pepper flakes. My husband requests that I make it every week! I used a medium size cookie sheet and worked the dough to reach all edges… Did not crack or crumble.

I only made the crust as I was looking for a simple, healthy, gluten free, vegan crust and omg… This is the best gluten free pizza crust I have ever had!! I used coconut sugar instead of cane sugar and I used coconut oil instead of olive oil. I also used GFJules gluten free flour blend instead of making my own but her blend is similar to the suggested one.

But as I blended the dough it came out SO beautifully! And the dough smelled delicious too! Can this be made to freeze for later?! Trying to find a healthy homemade pizza recipe to stash in my freezer for a busy night later on! The crust was acceptable but had very little taste. Even with the expected cracks after baking just the crust, I was pleasantly surprised that the crust held together when cut into triangle pieces. Its easy to make but I wish it would have more flavor and crunchiness on the bottom.

Before that, it looked darn good. I used Domnico GF flour blend, and it worked perfectly. After 20 years of IBS and almost dying in the hospital after a rupture in my GI line, they finally figured out I had celiac. After some months of crying and misery, I started finding things that I enjoyed eating. Thankfully, I found a delicious Italian pasta brand that I can sink my teeth into.

But pizza?!? I took the compliments of this recipe with a grain of salt…. Again… grain of salt… but the dough seemed easy enough. I keep all that stuff on hand. I realized I could eat pizza again! OK things I had to change: 1 just 1T of olive oil? Use 2T. Use OIL. I used olive, but you can use anything too, even Crisco. I picked that dough up like a cymbal player and sculpted the pizza around and around until I got the crust thin in the center and thick around the edges. I like pizza. A good and useful recipe!

The photos look very tasty. I LOVE this recipe! I often make this recipe once every two months…at least! I absolutely love it! However, I would HIGHLY recommend completing steps 1 — 4 in the morning before work, then complete steps 5 — 8 about an hour before you eat. The reason why I would HIGHLY recommend letting the dough rise for that length of time is because the dough needs that much time to rise! After hours of sitting in the fridge in a ball with a wet towel covered the dough, lets the dough rise more! I believe by allowing it to rise for a lot longer it will allow the dough to taste much better, and gives you time to make a quick meal for you and your family!

I made this dough today and it while we liked the taste, it was definitely on a hard side. I made the dough exactly as described. Will probably try one more time and make some modifications to soften it up a bit as I had to stick it into a microwave which I dislike going very much once we got to the third piece. I have used many delicious, successful recipes from Minimalist Baker… unfortunately, this was not one.

This crust was like eating a crust of clay. Husband and I ate about half the pizza before scraping the toppings off and chucking the crust. Way too dense. Two stars because it is edible, albeit not good. I was wondering if your vegan pepperoni would work alright on this pizza? Has anyone tried adding nutritional yeast to the crust to add a more cheesy flavour?

Could hardly cut it. Hard as brick. Sat on my stomach like a brick and I used the suggested flour blend. After years of horrible tasting cardboard pizza crusts, this one worked wonderfully! Soft on the inside, crispy on the edges, and mild taste. This was positively inedible. I made this recipe twice, thinking the first time I must have messed up something.

It came out like flavorless brick. The kids and I scraped off the pizza toppings and ate those. Crust when to the garbage. Not this one. I need to pat my dough out a little thinner next time, but it was quite delicious. Thanks for sharing. Can someone clarify a question about the yeast.

The recipe calls for 1 Tbsp 10 g yeast. Is this the active dry yeast that is sold in packets? Is this correct or is it a different yeast? I did not have xanthan gum, so subbed in chia seeds with the dry ingredients and it still turned out delicious. My newly gluten-free kids thank you! I also liked it. Thanks for a great, easy recipe. Made the crust and sauce! I used a cookie sheet and it was crispy and chewy as said. It did take scissors to cut through… no biggie! The sauce is perfect! Thank you so much. I had to eliminate gluten from my diet due to health reasons and how I missed pizza!

This recipe takes care of that. Thanks again! My son recently tested negative for celiac yay!!! But still spends the next day in the bathroom if we get a gf pizza from several local pizza places. I have made it several times now with different gf flour and it is delicious and forgiving. Thank you so much for this!! But what ist tapioca flour and where can I get it? This is a great and relatively easy to make crust!

I am gluten free and soy free, and my husband is gluten free and corn free. It is so hard to find a pizza crust recipe that meets our needs, and almost impossible to buy one where we live.

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Thank you so much for this recipe! This is bar none the best gluten free crust out there. My husband described it as luscious! My only problem has been the perimeter sticks to the pan but yesterday l bought some parchment paper and will try not to make the perimeter so thin, plus brush it with olive oil.

This is seriously broke your mouth tasty as we say in Hawaii. Out of five stars l give it a ten. Thumbs up! This is a simple recipe with fabulous results. I also used olive oil on my hands to spread the dough, which worked well. This crust is slightly chewy, has a smooth texture, holds up to extra toppings without breaking, and tastes great.

Thanks for sharing this great recipe!!! I tried this recipe three times and every time the outside of the crust got fused to the pan while the rest of the pizza was spectacular. Any idea wbybthis is happening? I have two other pans, so will try it again with one of those, we cut the pizza out of the pan and ate it minus the fused on edge part and it was spectacular. Maybe the 4th time will be the charm! Thank you for the gluten free pizza. Whenever I try to print one, though, it prints blank other than the photo. We bought a new kitchen aid mixer on Black Friday and it finally showed up.

Thank you for sharing!! Posting again because I forgot the star ratings. We love, love, love it! This was great. I let the dough proof for 30 minutes and that helped. I oiled my hands to spread the dough out. The extra oil seemed to make the texture really nice. I used Namaste flour blend. It was crispy and chewy, really yummy! We have friends that need gluten-free.

We had them over for pizza and they loved it! I made one substitution, Chia seeds for the xanthan. That meant soaking the seeds and adding with the wet ingredients, minor adjustments. Also my dough came out moister, but it was still great. One pizza very thin, other much thicker. Friends said it was just like having regular flour dough pizza, chewy and bread-like.

Having never had pizza before, because of her numerous allergies, my 11 year old daughter wanted pizza for her birthday. We made it and everyone loved it so much we are going to have it often! Thanks for posting the recipe, I appreciate it. I had issues with the mix being to wet. The only thing I had altered was using all brown rice flour and no white rice flour — but same quantities overall. I rectified it by adding additional flour, and the end product was delicious, if a bit sweet for me. The dough was very dry with the flour I used, but it still turned out.

If anyone prefers a thicker rising crust, Hodgson Mills makes a great GF pizza crust kit that has a great rise and is more like gluten crust. Would I be able to substitute the flour mixture with the costcos GF flour? I wanted to make it tonight but do not have all the ingredients…. I topped it with tomato sauce, thinly sliced yellow peppers, thinly sliced precooked potatoes, and dollops of cashew cheese which complimented the sweeter crust nicely.

Experimenting with veganism and was one of my few successes in the last few weeks. Is it possible to pre-make the pizza crust, freeze them and then bake them weeks later? Should I thaw beforehand or bake crust frozen with fresh toppings? I did everything you suggested, but you have to have gluten. Great website though! This is not a silly fad to quite a few million people in this country. Celiac is a aerios auto-immune disease that, at times, has gut-wrencging symptoms with even the slightest little bit of gluten ingested.

These symptoms happen to the majority of us. Wow, talk about rude. Also, the vast majority of people said their pizza came out great, so it seems like you might have got the instructions wrong after all!!! I was told by a several doctors and some friends to try an elimination diet in order to identify the culprit. My doctors always suggested wheat first. I dismissed the idea for quite some time before sheer agony and chronic suffering finally broke me and I tried it. I cut out wheat, dairy, and soy eventually after figuring out they were my enemies. Several times, I tried the re-introduction of gluten back into my diet only to have my horrific stomach issues return within 2 weeks.

I have no idea why this is happening to me; call it an intolerance, call it an allergy, call it whatever you want. This pizza looks hell a good. Thanks for this great recipe. I was wondering where the flour blend is best kept. I sometimes get these darker spots on the dough after using the blend that had been sitting in the jar for a while tried both in cupboard and fridge.

Could it be the Xanthan Gum? Hello, Dana! Turned out super chewy and tough, it was hurting my jaw and the crusts were like rocks. Might have been the flour I used, it was a premix. I use a commercial mix for cakes and pancakes, but used suggested ingredients and found texture pretty good. Yes hello food goddess. Thank you for this recipe. It, like so many other of your amazing offerings, has changed the landscape of my food life completely.

Luckily, I happen to be pretty well-stocked with GF flours and stuff. I was craving some bread. Guys, I made naan. With this dough. So good. I followed the dough instructions to a tee except my flour blend was 1c soy flour, 1c tapioca starch, 1c brown rice flour, and a scant teaspoon of xanthan gum because i suck at measuring. Then I heated up my cast-iron pan, coated that sucker with oil, and used generous, generous amounts of masa flour to make and flatten lumps of dough. I tried a couple different ways of frying and found that a light coating of vegetable oil over medium-high heat works best, although it tastes great burnt, too.

Now I have a stack of fresh, warm, delicious, gluten-free naan beckoning me on my countertop. I have been looking around for Daiya products but to no avail. I live in Canada by the way so not sure where to get it. Tonight, I made Focaccia instead with tomatoes sliced and black olives on them. Drizzled the pizza with a little bit of olive oil extra virgin and on the ingredients as well. On my pan, I put cooking parchment paper and spread a little olive oil and placed pizza on it.

I cooked it in a F oven for mins only once. It came out amazing. Will be making this again. Thank you Dana for the delicious recipe. I do have to say I am a little disappointed with how easy you think lactose intolerance is. I in all honesty would rather give up gluten which I have done instead of my cheese, butter, and icecream. Thanks again for the recipie I will be trying it out with my girlfriend in hopes it can help her step away from gluten. Like any allergy diligence is key and none are easy. Thank you so much for this pizza crust recipe! My husband is always skeptical about eating any of my gf stuff so the first time I made this I also had to make him a separate gluten filled pizza.

He tried a bite of my crust that night and loved it so much that I now only make one pizza with this crust every time! We could never see wanting a gluten crust again after making this one. Thank you again! Hi Cole, the one I use is Red Star. My dough rises with it after is sets of course. Try it out and see for yourself.

The one I get as ingredients, shows just yeast and nothing else. Hi there — are you using active dry yeast, fresh yeast, quick rise, etc? Not sure which one to buy. I make this recipe almost every weekend. I do add more baking powder 2 tbsp and I roll it out between two pieces of oiled plastic wrap. I bake it on a well seasoned baking stone to get a crisper bottom crust.

Food Substitutions: Healthy Ingredient Alternatives

Thanks for the recipe. Was wondering if anyone has ever tried this recipe as a colzone dough? Havnt made this before but wondering if its the right consistency or if it would just fall apart?? To Marie, I have not used tomato sauce on pizza for a while now, I much prefer homemade pesto!

You should give it a try. Truly delicious, easy to spread out — completely covering my cookie sheet, hold all my yummy toppings and then be slid off the pan onto my waiting cutting board! How much xanthan gum did you use? Total cooking time for me was about 35 minutes. This is crazy good, it can even substantially hold toppings — ive never found this with homemade GF bases. Ridiculously delicious. Crazy crazy good, I dont want my flatmates to try it, theyll love it! The crust was OK. I am not a huge fan of Tapioca as it tends to hold onto the liquid too much.

My yeast was old but this crust was better than I expected. It is nice to find a recipe I am not allergic to. Hi, this looks like a great recipe I would like to try, but I am confused by your addition of yeast. Since there is no gluten to form stretchy strands and trap the air bubbles a by product of the yeast in it there should be no need for yeast.

Unless you are putting it in for taste??