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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Such a background breeds the attitude that sex is sex, irrespective of the nature of the partner with whom the relation is had. Sexual relations are had with women when they are available, or with other men when the outdoor routines bring men together in exclusively male groups. One of the most controversial aspects of this question is how the Mormon Church dealt with homosexuality in its early years.

Historian D. Michael Quinn who exposed the history has been excommunicated. He found the same ideas within American religion as in cowboy bunkhouses: men and women were allowed to express intimacy in the s, and this was not only accepted but encouraged. All of this has been seen as so contrary to the Western myth that until now, even Hollywood has shied away. Coming to theaters soon, however, is a real Western that addresses the homosexual theme: Brokeback Mountain , starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal see p.

One writer has suggested that Doc Holliday may have enjoyed Big Nose Kate because she was so ugly she looked like a man. Tripp—a homosexual and psychologist who was a researcher for Kinsey—makes a strong argument that the 16th president of the United States was a bisexual man. After all, Lincoln did have four children. Tripp wrote that Lincoln had a love affair with a handsome youth and store owner, Joshua Speed, when both were young men in Springfield, Illinois.

They shared a bed for four years. What most see as compelling are the letters the men exchanged while both were preparing to marry. The letters literally gush—some dismiss this idea, too, saying gushing letters were the norm then. Author Gore Vidal, himself a homosexual who knew Tripp, thinks the proof is clear.

Much of the hubbub about this, of course, is that it was the Republican Party that Lincoln founded—the party now leading the vanguard against same-sex marriages and any other rights for homosexuals. If Lincoln had founded the Democratic Party, which is far friendlier to the civil rights aspect of homosexuality, there would be little gnashing of teeth. All historians writing about this subject bemoan the lack of information on lesbians in the Old West.

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Part of that is due to the age-old problem that history has often ignored the women in order to concentrate on every nuance of the men. But part is also that lesbian women were hard to identify. Women have forever had close female friendships, and those that were sexual could easily be disguised. He tossed down his drink, and ordered another one. His grin made his eyes sparkle, it made his face light up, and it made my dick throb. Yeah, this was the man for me!

This one had me real hot!

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Now, to start my game. We exchanged comments about my pretend woman and his real one. He drank slow, the way a man that respects liquor drinks. The same way I drink. We talked, and I learned. I knew last call was nearing. It was time to set the trap, see if he took the bait. We were on first name basis now, even his name turned me on. Gil bought the lie, it got even better. I was in!

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He grinned real big this time. Could it get easier then this? The bar was out in the sticks, but I remembered a few houses along the way. We walked out of the bar as last call sounded.

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I followed Gil up the side of the road, watching the way his ass moved in the tight wranglers. True to his word, he lived real close, less than a city block. We walked up the steps of an ancient mobile home as he fished a key out of his tight Wranglers. Watching his ass on the short walk had made me throw one hell of a rod!

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As he opened the door, I pretended to fall against him in a drunken stupor. He hit the floor, with me falling on top of him. I slammed a fist into his side, not enough to do damage, but enough to weaken him a bit. I jumped off him, took a fighting stance, and landed a right into his flat stomach. My fist thudded as it hit hard muscle.

A left to his chest was next. Gil went into automatic, his fist flew towards my face.

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I ducked an got three more blows to his torso, winding him. The cowboy attacked again, He was good, I felt it when his fist made contact. Country men are healthy and strong. It took me over 10 minutes to punch his lights out. I was gonna have a few bruises in the morning, for sure.

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I caught my breath, looking down at the straight man laying unconscious in his own living room. Yeap, in the morning, a few bruises, tonight I had a straight man to use and abuse. First things first. I pulled out my pocket knife, and cut the cord off a lamp we had smashed in the fight. Cheap, ugly lamp, he would catch hell from Cheryl on that, I bet! I tied his wrist behind his back, using the lamp cord. His legs looked real powerful, thick thighs, strong calves I pulled off his big western belt.

I wrapped it around his ankles, tight. I notched a new hole in the belt to keep him from getting free. Now, came the fun part! My straight cowboy needed to be awake for this! I walked into the small kitchen, and got a glass of water. I looked down at my knocked out cow stud. I threw the glass of water in his face, and reached down, gently slapping him. He came too, recognition filled his eyes as he glared at me.

I smiled, kneeling beside him. I grabbed the fly of his wranglers, and groped him. His tan face flushed with blood as he felt my hand feeling him up. He had showed no fear when we fought, but it was in his eyes now. I saw wisdom in his eyes. I saw his body get even more taunt as he tested his bounds.

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But, I didn't see defeat. I saw disgust and hatred. Oh, this was gonna be fun! I took my pocket knife, and begin to slice his shirt off. Gil was silent, his eyes still boring into me. You may as well go pull your pud! I stared at the chest before me. Tanned, lightly covered in sun bleached hair. Toned with the muscle of working. Small nipples, slightly darker then the skin, small man nips My mouth watered as I took in the chest.

The nips drew my attention, I just knew they were nipples that had never been chewed on, small, perfect, and as sexy as the straight man they were attached to. I ran the blade of my pocket knife over each nipple.