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The pavilion houses a small catering facility, which serves as an excellent place to meet.

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Grotto was completed in June and is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Subscription pending. Your email subscription is almost complete. An email has been sent to the email address you entered.

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Delirious will coil riders upside-down on a seven story, degree freestanding structure with a high capacity, high speed train. Completing ten revolutions in less than a minute, Delirious will leave you craving more hang time.

Riders board the person train where they begin to rock back and forth. The train gains momentum and races around the inside of the track, eventually slowing to hold riders suspended upside-down; the ride then reverses direction. Delirious will be capable of completing 10 revolutions in less than a minute, producing a high intensity ride experience. Delirious joins other improvements in the picturesque Route 76 area, including new shade structures, improved lighting, and enhanced seating and gathering locations.

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