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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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Maybe they go and make their own things! The Grand Piano from Steinway from northern Germany is coming here for one year and that is my doing and I am having artists that play on it at least once every month! To find the store head to Wahlenstrasse 24 and find it in Regensburg. The downstairs is full of growing your own plants and includes my real cool tents that I love.

They can help you with everything that you need, just ask and bring a car! You can create your own image! Meet Tommy Chong! The charming cafe is open to the Public and situated right opposite the lovely Palace of the Thurn und Taxis and as you can see they have real great sweets! In the s, Princess Gloria thew a ball for her husband, the Prince,the likes that had never been seen before or since, and rumor has it when she descended the grand stairway in the Palace with a 2 foot high powered white wig of Marie Antionette, the guests had a moment of silenced awe At the time of the marriage Marie Antionette was only 14 years old when she married the futuer King Louis XVI, and the real reason was for political aspirations of forming a alliance between the enemies Austria and France from the 7 years war.

With the offer of the hand of the littlest child from the reigning French King, Dauphin Louis-Auguste, the alliance is formed! If it is the first day of you trying German Food in Regensburg, I hope you come here.

That is when I am not falling over concrete posts near the Christmas Mercatos as I run to chase Albert aka Austin Powers, or trip down the stairs or fall flat on my face on the cobblestones. Yet he is real cute and thus far worth it! What is with the deal of the scary looking chair number 7?

They are always totally happy when they see the results, though.

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As a classicaly trained theater actress I love LaufSteg 36 having met and interviewed Krilic the first time 5 years now. He combines the love and passion that he has "for everythin:, cut, color, style Champagner Of course if you want to just come in for a cut that is alright too! I personally love the warm leather brown chairs and old-fashioned barber shop feel of the salon! Everyday when I open the doors of the Orange Bar, I smile. I love the Austin Powers and flower child era and that is totally the Orange Bar.

When we chatted on the December 22, a young college aged crowd soon wandered in. The bar is supposed to be a place where you can feel comfortable. My drinks are cheap compared to most places and it is really about the feeling of the Orange Bar, I guess that brings the people here. I have people of all ages, too.

From 18 to 65! About 15 minutes and here come two gorgeous 40 year old women with coiffed hair and dressed to the nines sitting at the bar ordering more exotic sophisticated drinks! About 5 minutes later, here come 4 business men laughing and ordering mojitos at their table. Very eclectic and very cozy with just the right touch of cool Austin Powers decor and light soft modern music. The prices reflect that too! The guests know the beef type that they want and the weight in grams every time. They are very educated when it comes to my menu. I guess when you pay that much you probably know what you are eating!

Kobe Wagyu Beef can come to 1, euros per kilo! When the guests come to Kreutzers usually a 10 day reservations-in-advance guest!

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The highest quality of beef available in a elegant beautiful restaurant. Every year I strive for perfection and to find around the world the rarest and the best meat. I believe the website shows the quality that we have and you can judge for yourself. Does Mattia eat Wagyu Kobe steak everyday? He laughs, "About once in a while, I love it, yet it is a very deep rich meat, so if you have it one day the next you can choose something different since we have lobster and prawns and great seafood, too, that we grill over the charcoal grills, that is what we are famous for.

There is only about 10 places in Germany that have the charcoal grills. And I hope that they are entertained with me as I prepare it for the guests! I love my bar and I am hoping to have in the future people that come specifically to Regensburg to see me, not just to try to find a cocktail bar. I want it to have a great reputation as great cocktails, service and just a classy intimate bar.

I hope people that come know cocktails and want to try mine and I appreciate people coming in a little tentatively, too, and feeling comfortable to ask me to help. We have these cool weathered leather aprons that a designer came in and sponsored my team and me with and it just adds to the charm and coziness of the bar. The light colored leather chairs give the bar a classic s timeless feel and that is my idea, too," says Thomas as he explains the way he hopes people see his bar. Maybe opening the Renaissance Bar in the future. Another play on words!

I went to college to be a biologist and started working at a 5 star and loved it too much. When I told my father I wanted to own a bar, he supported me a little hesitantly with the fact that he understood I wanted to follow my passion, yet he wanted to be sure that is what I wanted to do. We are a great team. If some members of my team, and I must say team, since that makes the bar function smoothly and makes people have fun when everybody is working with each other, if they are inexperienced at bartending at first, I train them.

It is more important for me to have a feel about somebody. Are they a good person and honestly want to learn? I hire that person.


That is what people say. I believe it is just right. The drinks start from 9. Yet they are very good cocktails. You can come in and have a glass of wine, or you can come in and have a expensive cocktail. Just come in and enjoy the bar, that is all I ask. We still have the guest artists that exhibit in the restaurant every year, too. That is something I try to encourage. To bring new artists to the recognition that they deserve. Now for a couple of months we have Normanno Locci from Italy.

His paintings are very sensual and deep and rich.

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Very different than what we have exhibited in the past. Power Blues. That is a must for me. I try to promote and use the local farmers and I insist on the highest quality. Good quality does not come cheap. We do have a student menu and a special tester menu at lunch everyday for only 7.

That is to introduce the slow cooking food to the guests. At night it is known at Leerer Beutel as being a elegant and romantic restaurant with lighted candles everywhere. The inside of the restaurant is delicate and elegant amongst wooden beams and century old stone walls that are covered with the artists work. It is a real fine dining experience with the coolest artisitic owners to indulge in conversation with. Me and my brother, Thomas thought, alright people have to know us, " laughs Stefan, who along with his fiance, Franziska, run the entire 1, seat Spital Beer Garden and seat restaurant.

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It is safe, up on the secluded woodsy garden, private, yet within a nice little walking distance to the Stone Bridge. Next April we are very happy that the biggest Whiskey Collection Museum is sitting up on the hill with us. That should bring in a lot of curious people from around the world, and of course after seeing and having a taste of the Whiskeys, they are welcome to eat some traditional German food and drink some Spital with us, " laughs Stefan. And we have the local Germans. The people love the traditional Dirndls and Ledenhosens, too, and that seems to be a big clothing purchase for the tourists when they come to Bavaria.

Every month we have magic shows in the winter and a couple days a week the local Regensburg groups ask if they can do theater. Of course you can drink the Spital beer and eat our great food and enjoy funny theater in the stage room. It is, I believe, a Bavarian tradition, to have a theater space in a big beer garden restaurant," says Franziska. That is something that both me and Thomas insisted on from the first day. Now Thomas has delved more into the marketing and IT aspect of his line of work and for me the restaurant is my life," says Stefan.

Hope you can come to the lovely cozy warm and traditional Bavarian Restaurant in the winter, where the fawn colored heavy wooden tables and curtains make it a homey feel to have dinner. Or if you prefer to wait til the weather is nice enough to sit outside, come and enjoy the Bavarian Beer Gardens of SpitalKeller. The Beer Gardens of SpitalKeller, having fun with friends Yet, "It is a casual friendly bar and you happened to come on Country Tuesday where I play all Country!

Samstag, Aus meiner Erfahrung aus Hamburger Zeiten haben Dienstag, Kurzfilme Freitag, Cannes-Gewinner Ruben Dienstag, All my Loving Highlight. Wo liegt hier der besondere Reiz? So etwas kann man nicht deutschen Film. Montag, Und um nochmal auf NRW Samstag, Welcher Titel? Cleo Generation. Denn ich Berlin genommen. Sonntag, KINO waren nun fast 7. Rund zehn Prozent unserer etwa Filme stammen inzwischen von einem oder Freitag, Mo, Ina Weisse gespielt. Ein Film, der wie aus der Zeit gefallen wirkt, der polari- siert. Und der einen Nerv trifft.

Gemein- szene. Ich sehe aber, dass Haus Wert auch erkannt haben. So wird Coworking Space, Netzwerkplatt- funktionierende Leuchtturm, der wir sind. Game Jam. Gerade politisch gibt es viel zu tun. Unsere Mieter sind international gut vernetzt und sehen, wie z. Deutschland muss da aufholen. Das Konzept Weltweite Community entwickelt.

Gerade auch bei den Ausbildungs-Institutionen aus. Da bleibt dann oft dischen Eindhoven. Leaders Breakfast Sandra Winterberg Mediennetzwerk. Er soll Zuschauern als Orientierung dienen, szene der Einladung des Mediennetzwerk. Nathanael Liminski, Karsten Lehmann games. NRW und games. Ziel der Veranstaltung ist es, games. NRW Investoren zu vernetzen. Dem Spiel- virtuellen Mehrspieler-Erlebnisses.

Na dann: Lasset die Spiele beginnen Betroffene unser kreativer Gestaltungsspielraum war im Gegen- sollten mit Hilfe der VR-Technologie auf eine virtu- satz zur industriellen Anwendung, wo die absolute Die Weltenweber, das sind Lukas Kuhlendahl, Beate elle Zeitreise in ihre Vergangenheit geschickt werden. Anwendung in ihre Demenz-Therapie aufzunehmen. Die Weltenweber schaftliche Relevanz hat. Die Vier arbeiten dran AB Creative Europe zu beantragen! Januar kommerziell ausgewertet haben.

Produktions- und 5. Fast 80 Prozent aller Euro erhalten. Voraussetzung ist die Beteiligung unter info ced-nrw. David Figura Jugendpsychatrie machen, in dem ich meine Erfah- hat nach seiner Ausbildung zum Mediengestalter Der Stoff ist autobiografisch. Mir war dokumentarische sowie szenische Kamera studiert. Dazu hat er schon im Februar erst noch beweisen. Es werden zunehmend mehr Seminare dazu sehen sein. Der Kurzfilm ist nach der Erstausstrahlung noch 90 Tage tung vor. Februar findet von 19 bis 21 Uhr im Kino der Pfeiffer-Poensgen zeichnete am November drei Rettinger.

Der experimentelle im zweiten Publikumsfragen beantwortet werden. In dem penbesuch aufgebrochen wird. Doch die Thera- Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverbandes Westfalen e. Am April und am Mai besteht pie erweist sich als schmerzhaft und anstrengend. Bis NRW mit Mai im Plane- tarium Bochum. Es gab Versuche, die Avantgarde-Schule mit bauen. Denn am Morgen nach lich armen Kubanern entlarvt. Von einem Drehbuch von Thorsten Wettcke vom Alle 23 Drehtage finden in NRW statt.

Die Film- und statt. Zum Jahrestag des Kultur und Medien. Als Darsteller sind Annina Hellenthal, Palatsik. Damit waren Claims abge- steckt, die bis heute nachklingen.

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Zeltinger kann laut, er hat aber eben auch Haltung. April Kinostart: Leo spielt leiden- waltigung Livs sein tragisches Ende findet. Ein komplexer machen. Als Jasmin sich bei der Recherche in ihren Seele liegt. Die B ist keine In den Tiefen des Weltalls. Maximal zwei Jahre hat die reso- men an Bord eines Raumschiffs.

Dabei kehr von ihren Strafen freikauften und an Bord mit Australien und Neuseeland. Ferdi, der von dem Schwarzen Loch. Grimme-Preis ter zum He wants to marry her, but her family refuses. Desperate, he kidnaps the girl and asks for a ransom, figuring it will allow them to start a new life together. He is arrested and put in jail. The girl tries to help him escape. It deals with the sanctity of life and the pains of taking decisions- radical decisions. The Bastard is a combination of Tragedy and Nightmare. All films are screened the in original version English or with English subtitles.