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Philippians Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Sermons on Soundcloud. Sermons on iTunes. Building Use Request Form. Stuff We Do Together. Why "Scum"? Mission Statement. Vision Statement. Our Church Government. The dedication of the Resistance, the pride she feels at their successes and the desire—the imperative—not to let their myriad sacrifices be in vain are what keep her going after all these years.

The damage to the Finalizer created an opportunity they couldn't pass up, and of course, there were courageous men and women in the Resistance willing, even eager, to take on the severe risks. Under the guise of a repair crew, a small group of Resistance faithful boarded the ship and planted bugs. The bugs were active only a short time before their discovery, thankfully after the team was back safely, but in that time, they managed to send several hours worth of footage to the Resistance base.

Dameron hesitates. She turns to look at him and he smiles, but it is a weak shadow of his usual exuberant grin.

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Leia sighs. She places a hand on Dameron's shoulder, a show of what she hopes he sees as gratitude and solidarity.

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His smile strengthens, a little, and they go into the room together. A group of her advisers have already gathered. From their stony expressions, Leia assumes they have already watched the footage. Perhaps it is indeed grim. Well, she has seen the worst the First Order has to offer, time and time again. There is nothing that will shock her now. Admiral Ackbar, her old friend and ally, speaks first. We have yet to examine all the footage, but we have found a segment that may be of particular interest to you.

Particular interest. Leia doesn't allow her hopes to rise. Instead, she keeps a neutral tone. So he is alive. Leia's heart flips at that, as any mother's would.

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Of course, Leia could not hold it against her, just as she could not hold anything against Chewbacca. Now, Leia suppresses her emotions and squares her shoulders, the competent general in front of her troops. She needs to. Admiral Ackbar nods, and a holo image appears in the middle of the table. It's not Ben. It's General Hux, the First Order's would-be despot.

Would-be emperor, perhaps, but he won't get the chance. He's no Palpatine, Leia can see that. He's a little boy in a position too advanced for his years, a lover of rhetoric and genocide with no true capacity to lead. Leia has nothing but contempt for him. Still, she watches as he sits at a desk, gazing at a datapad. As Leia is about to ask if they were able to retrieve any classified information, Hux stands, looking at something out of view of the recorder.

The assembled Resistance officers watch as Hux takes a step back and Ben comes into view.

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He is scarred. Leia sees that instantly, even though the holoprojection is less than crisp. Rey told her about it, how she marked him with the light saber and, again, Leia cannot fault her for it. Kylo Ren is a monster, he deserves to resemble one. Even so, as she looks at him, Leia sees the baby she cradled while he slept, the young child who loved building blocks and flying with his father, the youth who claimed to hate everyone and everything but still sidled up and stole hugs when she least expected it.

My son , Leia thinks, and she knows he always will be, no matter who he is or what he does. There is no sound on the projection. They watch Hux and Ben talk silently for a moment, then Ben steps forward, crowding Hux.

For a moment, Leia is certain he is about to strike the general. Then he grabs Hux by the front of his jacket, yanks him forward, and presses their mouths together. Every eye is on her, but Leia could not look away from the projection if her life depended on it.

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Hux's arms go around Ben's shoulders. The kiss goes on and on, becoming softer and more obviously tender. Ben moves his hands to the other man's behind, and in a practiced movement they've clearly done many times before, Hux jumps up, his legs around Ben. Ben lifts him onto his desk, never breaking the kiss. Hux touches Ben's face, his ears, his hair, fondling and caressing. Ben pulls back far enough to turn his head and kiss the palm of one roaming hand. He unfastens the collar of Hux's uniform and, suddenly, the projection freezes in place.