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One of the most important contributions of the study, says Dusek, is that it confirmed the importance of check stations. As part of the study, biologists altered the harvest regulations in two different but adjacent hunting districts and over a five-year period. In one district, FWP steadily increased the number of permits for antlerless deer to see at what point a measurable change in doe harvest would be sufficient to affect the deer population. In other words, when a white-tailed deer population is healthy and increasing, FWP can provide extensive doe hunting opportunities without concern that hunters may depress overall deer numbers.

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For instance, in FWP is offering B licenses permits that allow hunters to take an additional whitetail doe for hunting districts and No surprise: lions eat deer Another key finding of the study: Other than hunting, mountain lions were usually the lead cause of adult doe mortality—ahead of bears, wolves, auto collisions, snowfall, and cold temperatures. The exception was during the brutal winter of — Lion numbers have increased in northwestern Montana since , when the cat became a protected game animal that could be killed only during regulated seasons.

But wildlife managers will have to consider lion predation and abundance when deciding how many antlerless deer permits to issue each year. In fact, adds Dusek, whitetail numbers across the northwest have rebounded nicely from the —97 winter, even with current lion populations. Winter habitat In addition to examining deer population dynamics, researchers also studied critical winter habitats of whitetails.

Wildlife managers say the information is essential because forest managers regularly ask FWP to provide input about maintaining deer habitat on proposed timber projects. In the past, FWP had only limited information to provide.

Deer Mounting: How To Protect Your Trophy For The Taxidermist

Wildlife biologists knew conifer stands were essential for keeping snow from getting too deep on the ground and for creating thermal protection acting like giant sleeping bags for groups of deer huddled within the groves. Soon they will. Though the final percentages are still being tweaked, Wood says FWP has already provided deer winter habitat information to the U. Forest Service.

Hunting Trophy Whitetail Deer in Cabela's The Hunt: Championship Edition

The study also analyzed how 60 years of logging affected deer habitat. The findings, along with those of other studies in northwestern Montana and northern Idaho, challenged accepted wisdom. No abusive comments, threats, or personal attacks. Use clean language. No discussion of illegal activity. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and generally hateful comments are not tolerated. Keep comments on topic. Please don't spam.

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  6. Click here to cancel reply. I am a new hunter. I want to hunt to help feed the hungry family in Florida. I would give up my time to feed the needy if I had some kind of financial help or hunting tools or trailer and freezer. I think I can start in Florida and due for other states as well my name is Barry Beasley e-mail Carillon10 hotmail. This is the first time for me checking out your web site. I have just taken on a new family and we all hunt so I will be looking forward to all you have to offer.

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    The boys need outfitting and seems like I always need something. I grew up in the woods,started bow hunting at age of Never really used all the gear and accessories. Probably cause it was too much for me to keep up with. Over the years I have added a few things. I love having the sportsman guide to keep my blood thumping come season. Hitting age 44 I still love to hunt and help those would love to try.

    I have taken several people out on successful hunt excursions with the bare essentials. I think if I could be outfitted with some gear I would be able to make this a full time hobby. I got him to go and after locating good spots he was able to take down his first deer at age We have been going back for the last 5 years and now our boys are involved. I really feel like a student of the hunt and love teaching others the passion. Hi Jeff … thanks for sharing the thrill…your enjoyment of hunting, and most importantly, your effort to introduce others to our great pastime.

    Thanks again and continued success in the woods! You forgot casual shoes ie:tennis shoes,flip flops on your deer hunting checklist. Great job guys. Keep those little needle nose buggers from flying around your head. Always keep one in my pack.

    1. Plan … to change your plan

    I hunt in the northwest Ga. However with the help of Sportsmanguides lower prices…i have killed several deer out of their lockon tree stands. Now my son is old enough to go with me more…he cant wait till season opens up again. I carry at least two just in case something happens to one of them. I began deer hunting age 12 here in the mountains of Pocahontas County, WVa I learned this hard earned lesson and have wanted to live it out as an adult.

    Nice anecdote. Do you think people will bring a rifle if it is bow season? I was 12 when I started with them…. I apologize for going on. Camouflage, if you could find it, was recycled military. To me, it was about the experience, not the kill. Be selective and leave the kitchen sink at home. Most sporting goods on the market today are not required. Get real. Technology and mass production means that not only does modern gear last longer, but it is also less expensive than it was when first introduced generally speaking. I will take modern gear that I have to buy once every couple of decades over thrift store trash that performs miserably, thanks.

    Anytime you go hunting and expect to field dress a kill, you need to have a few essential tools with you. The knife needs to be an item you are comfortable with no matter what brand you choose. A short knife is usually easier to handle but you will want to make sure it is sharp and at its best.

    Making Sense of Mountain Whitetails

    It is also a good idea to pack disposable gloves and a few bags so you can carry your trash out of the woods. Plan on about 20 minutes to field dress your deer. If you have never gone through the process before, it may take longer.

    Does the cost of wild game meat pencil out?

    To make the process go faster and easier, you may want to include a hunting buddy. You could also take along water and paper towels to help you clean up after you are finished field dressing. Put the deer on its back and find the sternum. You will then get out your knife, cut from sternum to crotch clear through the hide and membrane. Make sure you do not cut into the guts. Once the cut has been made, take the guts out of the deer starting at the crotch. You can do this while cutting the membranes that link the spine to the interior of the deer. Be careful not to cut too closely to the spine or you could damage the tenderloins.

    As you make these cuts and pull out the guts, expect to see plenty of blood. As you near the end of this portion of field dressing, find the last membrane, sever it, and pull the rest of the guts from the deer.