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The Guyandotte church came to be known as the mother of Methodism in the region, since it spawned four churches in downtown Huntington. Marshall Academy also enabled a Presbyterian church to get its start on the Virginia side of the Ohio River. Both soldier and bovine were startled, and the cow jumped out of the balcony, breaking her leg.

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Confederate Col. Wheeler, a Union officer himself.

The Confederate forces stormed into town and took control of the camp. When their attack was finished, 10 Union recruits lay dead and at least 10 more had been injured. The Confederates lost three cavalrymen to death and 10 more to injuries.

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As the Confederates withdrew from town on Monday morning with prisoners in tow, the steamer SS Boston appeared, moving slowly up the Ohio from Ceredo, 10 miles west, and carrying about hitchhiking soldiers from the 5th Virginia Infantry who had learned of the attack. The steamboat crew landed briefly at Proctorville, OH, to pick up several members of the Ohio Home Guards, then tied up on the Virginia side about a mile above Guyandotte.

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The southern Methodist church was either burned or fell into ruins and was torn down. Here, she and her little dog Shakespeare have come home for a family visit on August 12, Although ill and confined to bed, she saw the soldiers approaching with lit torches and rushed out into the street, crying and begging the troops to spare the house because she could not move her husband.

The soldiers extinguished their torches. Huntington ordered his surveyors to continue their search across the Guyandotte River. Look Inside.

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Overview Details Author Reviews Overview. Southern West Virginia possesses great natural beauty and a rich history in which lodging has played a significant role. This book traces the evolution of lodging in the area from the late s to the present. The various types of accommodations included log cabins; lodging in rail, coal, and lumber communities; picturesque stagecoach stops; state parks; bed-and-breakfasts; and opulent mineral springs hotels.