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But I would hate to ask Pac [to be our roadie]. Ten minutes later my phone rang and it was Tupac. Chopmaster J: A Digital Underground show was like a vaudevillian variety show. This guy was the guy who filled up the buckets with popcorn, filled up the buckets with confetti, made sure my champagne bottles, the cork was off. Wax on, wax off. Paint the house. That motherfucker was down to do these things. He did what he had to do. He went from roadie to movie star in less than a year. That was the spring of the first year, Each tour, whoever the new jacks were, would have to load the equipment, the turntables, set the table up.

Put the black drop thing over the table, hang the banner up. Setting the stage up was his thing. He always handled his business. Pac was solid. The real headache was the party pack. We always had to throw these party packs out, which was these Ziploc bags and each bag had to have a condom, a shot of liquor, gum, a bag of chips. Like everything you need for a good little hookup evening. Like sometimes every four days they would sit and make them at the hotel. And you put each thing in each bag and seal it.

Nobody wanted to be on that detail, cause that and blowing up the dolls were the two most degrading parts of it. We would hump the dolls to that. Me, Money-B and Tupac spread out onstage, all three in unison with our asses humping the dolls right to that. It used to kill. And then at the end of the day, we can fold them bitches up and put them back in the crate, throw them under the bus [ laughs ]. Money-B: The very first day of the very first tour that we took him out on, he tried to swing on the soundman.

Luckily Atron caught his arm at the last minute and stopped him. Chopmaster J: He was like the most obnoxious little cousin that you had to look out for. You acting like this world owe you. Every black man owes me. Money-B: One thing Tupac hated is when I used to tell him to calm down. Gregory: I mean maybe on occasion he had a short temper, but more than a short temper, he hated injustice. So you take the Atlanta shooting [in , when he shot two off-duty police officers].

The reason that happened was because of injustice that he saw happening in the middle of the night after a show, that some white guys were doing to this black kid. Fuze: OK, so we were in the Bible Belt down south. Get to the hotel however you can. The only person who got caught was Tupac, out of all of us. The rest of us, we were trying to bob and weave and get out of there. Chopmaster J: I was his roommate.

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And it was a headache. Pac would invite everybody back. He was a guy for the people. But for me, I had had enough of that and felt as though I deserved my own room. Because it just got too wild. He would just clean out his blunt and leave the tobacco whatever table he opened it up on. I think because Tupac grew up not really having anything and living from here to there, living in unstable situations, he never had something that he called his own that he needed to take care of. The thing about Tupac, too, rooming with him, he loved the women, but what he loved more than women was weed.

That was one thing he had to have. That was the breakfast of champions for that motherfucker. He was like a tireless worker; he was focused exactly on what he wanted to do that nothing else was important. Chopmaster J: He probably left more clothes and shoes in hotel rooms … He stayed at swap meets or different malls through the country and stayed buying whatever the latest shit was out. Fila or designer sweatsuits or knockoff versions of those designer sweatsuits. But he was shopping just as much. Money-B: Big Daddy Kane was like the first rap sex symbol.

After shows, his whole floor of whatever hotel room he was in, would just be filled with women, trying to get into his hotel room. Girls would never come to concerts by themselves. So if Kane had a girl, her friend had to wait in the lobby for her to come down. We were getting the friends that were waiting. Like he installed the belief that we were going to get bitches … and then we did [ laughs ].

He sounded how he sounds when he writes. He was the one that we brought to the battles. He was our soldier. Shock G: We gave him eight bars of freestyle on the tour usually and then the after-parties of each show. I would sit at the piano until there was not one person rhyming no more. And Pac would stay there and rhyme as long as I played. Maybe anybody from the tour once or twice, but Pac and Serch always there, every night. I would just throw the beats as if I was a hip hop DJ and just keep changing the beats every 18 bars or so to the next, you know, hip-hop breakbeat that was piano-able.

And we never slept at night.


He could freestyle. Pac was known as being one of the better, if not the best MCs of Digital Underground, without even having a feature in the show.

Money-B discusses history of Tupac's 'I Get Around' - video

But to come off the head, we knew Pac was our dude. Pac was threatening. Money-B: I never even thought of it that way. I was already established. When Pac came along, he was more like a little brother who I was just trying to show the ropes. Even though we were only a year and a half apart in age, but I had already been in the industry a year longer than him. Mon is a cool motherfucker, but at the end of the day, that rapping thing is all about machismo and pecking order and all of that.

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God bless you, because that guy would upstage most people. He upstaged hip-hop itself. Shock G: Then, summer of that year, another tour came up. We was supposed to gross a quarter of a million. We got offered, for a hundred thousand dollars less, to go on tour with Public Enemy. Hell, yeah. And so we turned down the Hammer tour. Everybody thought we were about to fight. Chopmaster J: Public Enemy would travel with the Fruit of Islam security or they would meet us in each town. And he knocks on the door and opens the door and each one of them got their dick in their hand.

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And these guys are like six feet something. Why would I even be so bold? Pac one time came to the rescue of P. Everyone was enamored with Public Enemy and Chuck D just because of what they were talking about and what they stood for. He stole the jacket! Gregory: The guys were playing with this dumpster.

Pushed the dumpster back and forth, hitting each other with it, just messing around. And when the dumpster hit him, he put his foot out to brace it and it knocked him over. Money-B: [Pac and I] were the youngest. So we were just running around wanting it all the time. But I think Tupac even wanted it a little bit more than me. Like I remember one night I literally watched him fuck six chicks in one night.

I was in the room with the one chick that I had. Chopmaster J: Yeah, I remember one night in particular in Phoenix, we was having a contest, how many can you do. I remember, I think, Pac had like seven that one day. Shock G: We had a contest that it was a pot. Two jars.

One is money. One is condoms. By the end of the tour, whoever had the most condoms in there gets the pot.

The Beach Boys - I Get Around (Live/2013)

And the pot was up to almost five grand by the end of the tour. It was a nasty jar. And Pac won that shit. Actually maybe Money-B won it. But Pac should have won it because, man. And then sometimes right then, that initial venue meeting. Just those 50 people, of staff running around, friends of friends, secretaries and grips and whoever. And Pac would bed two then.

Those times along the way on the road sometimes, the bus stops at Hooters or something and Pac would bed one. He had it, man. Money-B: The condom jar? But what I do know: We had the Batman shirt. If you got caught taking a really ugly or unattractive chick to your room, then you had to wear the Batman shirt. But the thing about it is the Batman shirt never got washed. But you had to wear it the whole time during the show.

So basically you performed in the shirt. So the shirt got sweaty and wet and you never washed it. Luckily I never had to wear the Batman shirt. Shock G: Pac was a ladies maaaaan. The oddest ones to me were soundchecks. He would just get it done right there while everybody is talking. If liked a girl, I would date her the whole tour sometimes.

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But him and Mon were every night. It used to make Pac mad when sometimes a girl would quit her job and roll with us for a few cities. Gregory: Tupac would fall in love with girls. So he might get a girl and take her on the bus for five days. Tupac was, you know, a hopeless romantic. He would want to fall in love. Shock G: Sometimes I have a kind of scrawny-looking hillbilly-ish white girl.

When it would be a white chick, he would mind that I got this girl every city with us. Send her to the back. Shock G: It only happened once ever. Throughout the night, in the club here and there, every now and then I go into the Humpty voice to say something. But then, when we got in the bedroom, I let that go. Put the nose on. And when I told everybody else the story the next day, they were all laughing. More important than the condom was the nose.

Fuze: Pac probably had a little bit more immediate pull with the ladies, cause he was, like, the movie star. Pac had the Al Pacino thing kind of going on. The Marlon Brando. I was in the far background. So I looked like some Joe Neckbone office-supply dude. DJs get attention from male groupies. Chopmaster J: We basically ended up in Japan over in Yokohama. So these Japanese girls, they were flirting with us, you know, over there in the parking lot before we were even getting ready to go in. They started taking these pictures.

Obtaining an ORV permit is an easy process that takes only minutes from start to finish. Ocracoke Express Passenger Ferry Details. Getting Around Ocracoke Island offers golf carts, bicycles, and even parasails. Ocracoke off-road adventures. For whom the road is merely a suggestion. Annual proof-of-permit stickers will be mailed; the printed proof-of-permit is good for 30 days. Show the required documentation to the National Park Service staff members selling permits.