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There are two slide sets in Spanish with titles that indicate that the material .. Item 8 Title Be Safe with Pesticides, Use Pesticidas con Cuidado ' Address .. and evidence of cancer, reproductive damage or mutagenic effects in animal toxicfty publicidad a la existencia de los materiales educativos en salud y proteccion.

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If you survive. Alliant Energy Center Exhibition Hall. It is the age old battle between humanity and the undead in a Russian Civil War Classic!

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Artillery, true god of Russia. A Putilov Shambling counter-revolutionary undead!! Stalwart Red Heroes! The barricades of Borodino. The Great Redoubt. View from the heights! Do not miss the Halloween fun for the whole family.

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Halloween Comic Fest is this Saturday, October 29th from 11am to 2pm. We will be giving away free comics while they last to all of the Trick-o-Treaters who stop bye.

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We have decorated the store and have some spooky suggestions in comics and games to make your weekend a blast. Be sure to dress in your best costume because we will be having a Costume Contest as well. Friday, Oct 14 — Booster Draft — p. Friday, Oct 28 — Booster Draft — p. Saturday, Oct 8 — Mini-Masters — p. Saturday, Oct 22 — Mini-Masters — p. Saturday, Oct 29 — Booster Draft — p.

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MAE 6. We have changed up the Game Shelves Tuesday to make finding stuff easier. Come down and check it out. Sun, Oct. Free admission. You are invited! Hello Everyone! Happy reading, Tim. Beer, couches, tacos and the best popcorn in town! On the big screen! I've been playing the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game demo on Xbox to death.

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Now they have this trailer for Batman's arsenal of gadgets and I'm even more excited. Tags: Batman , Video Game. Here's the original short film that District 9 is based on spoilers probably. All of us at The Launchpad are looking forward to this flick. Anyone else checking it out this weekend? Tags: Film. All Singing, All Dancing Spider-man.

Looks like Julie Taymor's Spider-man musical may be kaput. Can't say that I'm too sorry to hear that. The unconfirmed report is at Cinematical.

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Tags: Marvel. We've got Phantom Darkness and Raging Battle boosters back in stock. Get 'em while they last! But this veteran hero has been scarred by his exposure to man's infinite capacity for evil, and he's seen one too many perpetrators escape justice. One day he crosses the line In our first heroic issue, Superboy can't wait to jump back into his life - but which life will it be?

With a clarity he's never had before, Conner makes a beeline for the greatest place on Earth And it's one that will not only impact Superboy, but the future of the DC Universe itself. Fortunately, the off-kilter Legionnaire won't be dong it alone! Lightning Lad! Superboy's pal Simple Simon! Sun Boy and Polar Boy! Ultra, the Multi Alien! Wonder Girl! Black Lantern Alexander Luthor! And many, many more new and familiar faces! The renegade angel Zadkiel is out to thwart Biblical prophecy by assassinating a young boy bred by Satanists to rule the world, so if Ghost Riders Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch are going to save the world, they'll first have to save the Anti-Christ.

Guest-starring Hellstorm, the Son of Satan. The black rings tear into the planet and the Lantern Crypt causing all the dead Corps members to rise and wreak havoc as a new and deadlier battle threatens to engulf not only the Corps, but the Universe itself! And rarely for the better. Local legend, Luke Cage, invincible, unstoppable, unflappable, finds that out the hard way when he returns to the mean streets of Prohibition-era Harlem after a ten-year stretch in Riker's Island.

All he wants is to be back in the loving arms of his woman, but certain powerful men have different plans for Cage. Willis Stryker, Cage's childhood friend turned Godfather of Harlem, wants him on his crew, and under his thumb. And wealthy white socialite Randall Banticoff, whose wife is now very dead, murdered in a Harlem alley, wants Cage to investigate her death. Cage is about to learn that coming home is never easy, and to survive he might just have to kill a whole lot of people.

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Who is the mysterious old man who lies on his deathbed in a hospital in , and how does his passing mark the beginning of the first heroic age of the Marvel Universe - and signal the rise of the superhumans? Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting unveil the defining story of the origin of the Marvel Universe, revealing the hidden connections that unite the earliest costumed champions, and whose reverberations are felt dramatically into the present day!

It's a world on the brink of war, and the race is on to create the world's first super-soldier! Witness the first days of the Human Torch, the Sub-Mariner, and many more-- how they shaped the world to come, and how the future they would create in turn shaped them! Mint Year see all Year.

Universe see all Universe. Adventure Time DC 3, Disney Marvel 1, Star Wars Annual DVD Omnibus Single Issue TPB Age Level see all Age Level.

Adult Not specified 49, Publisher see all Publisher. DC Comics 4, Image Comics 2, Marvel 3, Marvel Comics 4, Titan Books 1, Character see all Character.

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Batman Ghost Rider Spider-Man Superman Wolverine Series see all Series. Amazing Spider-Man Books of Magic Darkness Free Comic Book Day Marvels 1, Features see all Features. First Edition Limited Edition Reprint Special Edition