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Stay away from the other survivors. Stay away from the Infected. She has obeyed her father's rules since she can remember running from the car accident that claimed his life. But one night that all changes. The knock at her cabin door and the voice of the girl on the other side don't make Emma help the girl. No - it's the fact that the girl, Anna, is willing to die to save her wounded brother that changes everything in Emma's world.

Emma finds friends and family in Anna and her brother, Jake. She feels things that she thought she never would.

But like her Granny always said, "Everything comes at a cost. You must decide what you are willing to pay. Emma knows that she will pay anything to get Anna back, including her own life.

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Emma has obeyed her father's rules since she can remember running from the car accident that claimed his life. Twenty years ago scientists made some remarkable discoveries with genetics and the ability to perfect the babies we gave birth to. Ten years ago the governments of the world made a hard choice: Earth or people. Nine weeks ago the choices they made came full circle. Fourteen days ago the truth of their mutations leaked out into the borderlands and other areas.

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Twenty years ago a man made a child he never intended to love. The time I spent telling their stories, before I went to bed, on my lunch break at work, long into the night at the weekend, all of these moments resemble grabbing a coffee with friends, or meeting mates for a beer in the pub, or just catching up over a quick lunch. I hope the characters in the Reborn Trilogy are as real to my readers as they are to me, despite their paranormal existence.

So what happens when life itself is more eventful than your stories? Mary Ann Evans was one of the leading English novelists of the 19th century, writing under the pen name George Eliot to ensure her novels were taken seriously in an era when female writers were most commonly known for romance novels. The person who scolded us when we were naughty, and beamed with pride through every one of our successes.

First off, a massive shout-out to nurses across the world today on International Nurses Day.

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Secondly, and perhaps with a little less fanfare, kudos to the great Edward Lear, the English artist, author, musician and poet who is most famed for popularizing Limericks. Logically then, I should be able to pen a suitable ditty to honor both Limericks and nurses. Realistically, not my finest writing, but here it is anyway.

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So, kudos to all my fellow nurses across the world, and hats off to those poets who can write much better Limericks than me. My son is now entering the US Navy as a Commissioned fighter pilot, and will continue to make me the proudest mum alive, but I want to give a massive shout-out to everyone graduating college, and all the parents, friends and family who have stood behind them.

Not of the biblical, harp-playing kind, but more a companion through life that watches out for us, occasionally messes up, and is there to provide some comfort when they do. The Reborn Trilogy is based on these phenomena; angels who are just like everyday people with a bit of sass and attitude thrown in for good measure.