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Schrödinger’s Cat explained

So a sudden absence of photons means that the qubit is about to make a quantum jump into an excited state. Instead, a quantum jump always occurs in the same, predictable manner from its random starting point.

This deterministic nature means that it can also be reversed with another pulse of microwave radiation, sending the qubit back into a ground state. Nonetheless, with the correct monitoring we can with certainty detect an advance warning of an imminent disaster and act on it before it has occurred. The new study, published in the journal Nature , will prove useful in the development of quantum computers where qubits jump all the time, causing computing errors.

Where traditional computers perform their calculations in binary — using 1s and 0s — quantum computers exploit the odd characteristics of the quantum state of particles at the atomic scale. A quantum computer is theoretically thousands of times faster than a traditional computer. He does many reprehensible things in the course of the tale. Do his flaws mirror our own?

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He may be the one we are rooting for, but Hammy may be a 'better' person. Yet even Hammy is prepared to attempt to kill Graham.

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  • A Rational Philosophy of Life.

This is more than a succession of amusing incidents. The storyline is a vital part of our journey. So is it a satisfying ride? Would the book be stronger or weaker without the alternative endings? Is the ambiguity satisfying?

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Is it a cop-out, or a logical consequence of the philosphical questions explored? How many of the scenes are real, and how many from the author's deranged imagination? It allows us to explore the implications of multiplying universes. As the bus passes he's shocked to spot himself inside. Like Schrodinger's Cat in the famous quantum thought experiment, the caterpillar's spawned parallel possibilities.

Schrodingers Caterpillar

This comic novel explores Graham's search for a better life among the various overlapping alternatives. Another clone, Grim Dupeint, is a loathsome international arms dealer. Graham infiltrates Grim's corporation, then embezzles cash for charity.