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Around this time, he started to share a home with Heather Stoney, [18] an actress he had first met ten years earlier. In February , he suffered a stroke in Scarborough, and stated: "I hope to be back on my feet, or should I say my left leg, as soon as possible, but I know it is going to take some time. In the meantime I am in excellent hands and so is the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Since Ayckbourn's plays started becoming established in the West End, interviewers have raised the question of whether his work is autobiographical. There has only been one biography, written by Paul Allen, and this primarily covers his career in the theatre.

For example, in Bedroom Farce , he admitted to being, in some respects, all four of the men in the play. What is less clear is how much influence events in Ayckbourn's life have had on his writing. It is true that the theme of marriages in various difficulties was heavily present throughout his plays in the early seventies, around the time his own marriage was coming to an end. However, by this time, he had also witnessed the failures of his parents' relationships as well as those of some of his friends.

Both characters feel themselves in trouble, and there was speculation that Ayckbourn himself may have felt himself to be in trouble. At the time, he had reportedly become seriously involved with another actress, which threatened his relationship with Stoney. It could be that Ayckbourn had written plays with himself and his own issues in mind, but as Ayckbourn is portrayed as a guarded and private man, [26] it is hard to imagine him exposing his own life in his plays to any great degree.

In the biography, Paul Allen wrote, regarding a suggestion in Cosmopolitan that his plays were becoming autobiographical: "If we take that to mean that his plays tell his own life story, he still hasn't started. On leaving school his theatrical career started immediately, with an introduction to Sir Donald Wolfit by his French master. When he complained about the quality of a script he was performing, Joseph challenged him to write a better one. The result was The Square Cat , written under the pseudonym Roland Allen and first performed in After thirty-four appearances in plays at the Library Theatre, including four of his own, in Ayckbourn moved to Stoke-on-Trent to help set up the Victoria Theatre, now the New Vic , [36] where he appeared in a further eighteen plays.

Whatnot , but reportedly because was having trouble working with the artistic director, Peter Cheeseman. Ayckbourn's earliest plays were written and produced at a time when the Scarborough Library theatre, like most regional theatres, regularly commissioned work from their own actors to keep costs down [ citation needed ] the other notable actor whose work was being commissioned being David Campton. His fortunes began to revive in with Mr.

Whatnot , again premiering at the Victoria Theatre. This was the first play that Ayckbourn was sufficiently happy with to allow performances today, [ clarification needed ] and the first play to receive a West End performance. However, the West End production flopped, in part down to misguided casting. Ayckbourn used the pseudonym 'Peter Caulfield' because he was under exclusive contract to the BBC at the time.

The height of Ayckbourn's commercial success included Absurd Person Singular , The Norman Conquests trilogy , Bedroom Farce and Just Between Ourselves , all plays that focused heavily on marriage in the British middle classes. The only failure during this period was a musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber , Jeeves , and even this did little to dent Ayckbourn's popularity. From the s, Ayckbourn began to move away from the recurring themes of marriage and explore other contemporary themes, one example being Woman in Mind , a play performed entirely from the perspective of a Woman going through a nervous breakdown.

Despite his success, honours and awards which include a prestigious Laurence Olivier Award , Alan Ayckbourn remains a relatively anonymous figure dedicated to regional theatre.

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Ayckbourn continues to write for the Stephen Joseph Theatre on invitation of his successor as artistic director, Chris Monks, with the first new play under this arrangement, My Wonderful Day , performed in October Most of the rest of his time is spent directing. Ayckbourn began directing at the Scarborough Library Theatre in , with a production of Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton. Between and when much of his time was taken up by various productions of his early successes Mr.

Whatnot and Relatively Speaking he only directed one play The Sparrow , written by himself, later withdrawn , but in he resumed regularly directing plays, mostly at Scarborough. At first, his directing career was separate from his writing career. It was not until that Ayckbourn directed a play of his own a revival of Standing Room Only , that Ayckbourn directed a premiere of his own The Sparrow. After the death of Stephen Joseph in , the position of Director of Productions was appointed on an annual basis.

Ayckbourn was offered this position in and , succeeding Rodney Wood, but he handed the position over to Caroline Smith in having spent most of his time that year in the US with How the Other Half Loves. He became Director of Productions again in , and this time, on 12 November that same year, he was made the permanent artistic director of the theatre. In mid, Ayckbourn accepted an invitation to work as a visiting director for two years at the Royal National Theatre in London, form his own company, and perform a play in each of the three auditoria provided at least one was a new play of his own.

He announced in that he would step back from directing the work of other playwrights, in order to concentrate on his own plays, [73] the last one being Rob Shearman 's Knights in Plastic Armour in ; the exception being in when he directed the world premiere of Tim Firth 's The Safari Party. In , following a dispute over the Duchess Theatre 's handling of Damsels in Distress , Ayckbourn sharply criticised both this and the West End 's treatment of theatre in general, in particular their casting of celebrities.

He announced in June that he would retire as artistic director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre after the season. In March he directed an in-the-round revival of his play Taking Steps at the Orange Tree Theatre , winning universal press acclaim. The show ran in The Stephen Joseph Theatre and received critical acclaim. Ayckbourn also sits on the Council of the Society of Authors. A Chorus of Disapproval. The Revengers' Comedies [nb 15]. There are eight one-act plays written by Alan Ayckbourn.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alan Ayckbourn. This includes the full-length plays performed but later withdrawn and full-length plays for family audiences, but excludes revues and musical entertainments, adaptations of other plays, plays for children, individual one-act plays, "grey plays" those written for performance but not publication and plays for television.

It also treats each of the plays in The Norman Conquests , House and Garden and Damsels in Distress as one play each, the one-acts from Confusions as a single full-length play, all variations of Intimate Exchanges as one play likewise for Sisterly Feelings and It Could Be Any One Of Us , both parts of The Revengers' Comedies as a single play, and the rewrites of Jeeves and Callisto 5 as the same play as the original.

Other sources may number plays differently. Premieres from were at the current Stephen Joseph Theatre, in the Round unless otherwise stated. In some productions, the official premiere date was later than the actual opening night. The premiere date is shown here. It is not available for production and it is intended that the script will never be published. However, a copy is available at the Bob Watson archive in Scarborough. Archived from the original on 17 May Retrieved 23 September The eight variations offered after the third fork are often treated as individual plays.

Allen, , p. Allen, , pp. Retrieved 29 August BBC News. Archived from the original on 23 July Archived from the original on 7 January Retrieved 4 May CS1 maint: Archived copy as title link "Archived copy". Whatnot history [ permanent dead link ] on official Ayckbourn site. Theatre Journal. Archived from the original on 20 July Retrieved 12 June Archived from the original on 16 June London: Telegraph. Archived from the original on 10 March Haratani, Richard.

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