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You ain't fancy! Your diary is written in a composition journal, girl! Also, what secrets did you personally have at this age?

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  • 1. Santa IS real?
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Your life was not that juicy at ten years old! Whose is??


All you did was fangirl over books and go to ballet class. Also, why was I writing as if someone was going to read this when the whole point was that no one was supposed to? Why didn't I just save the page and keep my journal to myself like a normal person?

9 Secrets I Found Re-Reading My Childhood Diaries

And why did I write in all caps as if that makes a difference?? And, of course, what is with me writing out things like "hahaha lolzz". Help her! I actually think my first 'date' happened my first year of college, but at least I had dreams! This just goes to show that I was always a romantic, and maybe that's not the best thing to be especially at this age. Not only is this fan art, but it's fan art for The Fault in Our Stars. Yes, I was that teenager.

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I was even the fourteen-year-old that went to the premier of this movie dressed as Hazel Grace Lancaster. Am I a little bit embarrassed? Sure, now I am, but I definitely wasn't back then. This is only one of the pieces I made for John Green, and I'm not even going to expose myself for the fan letters I wrote him Oh how much one can love YA fiction.

In conclusion, I found it fun, extremely telling, and comfortingly nostalgic looking back at the "old me.

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I still keep a journal every year. I am still completely lame, a tad angsty, and able to make fun of myself un-ironically. If anything, these journals made me realize just how I became the person I am today, and I'm proud of her for accomplishing almost everything I set out to accomplish in my life, constantly being myself whoever that is , and continuing to write-although I really hope I'm a better writer now than I was then!

Declarations of love Ava McLaughlin Oh those good childhood days: when love was as simple as the cute boy in class picking you to be on his team for Freeze Tag, and quietly holding hands under the desks while your girlfriends smiled in jealousy at your success. Song lyrics? Angst-y eighth grade art Ava McLaughlin And now we enter the truly angsty years Fan art? My fifth journal introduction Ava McLaughlin So. A fifth grader's dream date! Ava Mclaughlin So Ninth grade fan art At University of Wisconsin Branch Schools. At Auburn University. At Missouri State University.

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At Eastern Michigan University. At University of Georgia. At University of Missouri. I HATE math! I have a test on Friday today is Wednesday and my mom thinks that I should do the tutering class during lunch and recess.

1. Santa IS real

I think lunch and recess are the only free school times to socilize. Dear Diary, Today a boy in my P. Also a few days ago Steve Irwin died, which was sad.

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  • 9 Secrets I Found Re-Reading My Childhood Diaries.
  • 2. Declarations of love;
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Dear Diary, Today I broke up with the boy from P. The good news is I just had lunch so I should be ok for a while. Just wanted to let you know that mom came home and heard me banging on the door and she let me out.

What I Discovered Reading My Childhood Diaries As An Adult

I forgot to tell you that I read The Shining. Dear Diary, Today my swim coach told me he wants me to move up to the senior group and do two practices a day AKA swim from am before school starts AND swim again after school. I told him I would think about it, but what I wanted to say was that I would rather gouge my own eyes out and pour salt in the empty sockets. I HATE swimming. I still think Michael Phelps is hot, but I feel like I can still admire him from afar even if I hate his sport.

No offense, but my diary is a little more fun to read I think. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.