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In eager loading strategy, if we load the User data, it will also load up all orders associated with it and will store it in a memory. In this section we will look at how can we configure fetching strategies in Hibernate. We will reuse examples from the previous section. As we mentioned, the main difference between the two types of fetching is a moment when data gets loaded into a memory.

Boost the performance of your Spring Data JPA application

With the lazy initialization approach, orderDetailSet will get initialized only when it is explicitly called by using a getter or some other method as shown in the above example:. But with an eager approach in UserEager it will be initialized immediately in the first line of above example:. For lazy loading a proxy object is used and a separate SQL query is fired to load the orderDetailSet. The idea of disabling proxies or lazy loading is considered a bad practice in Hibernate.

Boost the performance of your Spring Data JPA application

It can result in a lot of data being fetched from a database and stored in a memory, irrespective of the need for it. The following method can be used to test the above functionality:.

[Angular 6 + Spring Boot] #14 Fetch Data Using HTTP in Angular

Now it is important to have a look at the queries that are generated in either case:. The above setting in the fetching.

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If you look at a console output then you will be able to see generated queries. For Lazy Loading the query that is generated to load the User data:. The above query is generated for all Users , which results in much more memory being used than in the other approach. I think you need to retreive owner values to UI..? Do you have all the required jars for Jackson?

A Note on @Fetch

Resolving exception from handler [public java. Failed to write HTTP message: org. May be you need to use Transactional annotation on your impl class. One of the key points about Transactional is that there are two separate concepts to consider, each with it's own scope and life cycle: the persistence context the database transaction The transactional annotation itself defines the scope of a single database transaction. Shikha Shikha 1 1 1 bronze badge. I'm using Transactional in class level.

A bit of theory: loading types EAGER and LAZY

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Hibernate – fetching strategies examples

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