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Her sudden popularity also manages to intrigue Jeff who elects to stay much to Duncan's chagrin. Britta becomes the toast of the party. Back at school, Abed finishes a Kickpuncher outfit he created for the movie festival but is saddened he has no one to enjoy it with now that Troy is gone. Abed dons the costume and is about to leave school when he notices Professor Buzz Hickey is working late in his office. Abed decides to try and bond with Hickey by demonstrating to him a foam launching gadget on his costume.

Abed sprays Hickey's desk with the substance ruining pages of work he had just completed. Abed apologizes for the mess he made and attempts to leave so he can get to the festival on time. Before he can go, Buzz grabs him and handcuffs him to a filing cabinet intent on teaching him a lesson. Back at the theater, Chang runs out of the building terrified. He is convinced he just had a super natural encounter with either an old janitor or an audience who died years ago in a fire. Abed sprays Hickey's desk with foam. At the same time, Britta tries to inspire her activist friends to take up their old anarchist ways.

She ends up feeling humiliated when they refuse and Janet points out how less successful she is compared to them. Duncan then makes his move and goes over to comfort her offering her a handkerchief as well as a hug. Jeff watches as the last two seconds of his self-imposed one hour time limit run out. Over at Greendale, Abed compliments Buzz on his cartoons and apologizes for his actions. He then asks it be let go but Hickey still refuses to unshackle him.

Abed then angrily takes back his earlier praise and bashes the cartoons as unimaginative and joyless. After a heated argument, Buzz finally lets Abed go. Meanwhile, Duncan and Britta are in his car driving away from the benefit. He is caught off guard when she absently asks him if he has friends. Duncan makes his move. She mentions how throughout her life she has defined herself by her friends and now she feels worthless because of what her old anarchist buddies said about her.

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Duncan has a change of heart and decides not to take advantage of Britta and offers to drive her home. He then regrets his act of chivalry when she mentions how in her vulnerable state she might have done something stupid had he tried to hit on her. At Greendale, Abed goes back to Hickey's office and shows him a script he had written about a police officer. The ghost of the owner, Whitman Van Ness , tells the one that attacked the teenagers, Dexter O'Connell , that he shouldn't have done what he did and warns that if he does it again then there will be consequences. As the brothers pick up EMF readings, Dean tries to call Annie and they hear her phone ringing down the hallway.

They find it but no sign of Annie.

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As Bobby looks around, Annie approaches him and is able to see him. He realizes that if she can see him then she's also a ghost. She explains that she never saw a reaper, and is shocked that Bobby deliberately ran away from his. He explains that he has unfinished business, and they see the ghosts of the two teenagers walk by.

Annie talks about how Dexter came after her and then she died. Bobby explains that he doesn't seem to be able to do any poltergeist-type activities, and Annie warns that it's messed up. Sam and Dean figure that there could be several vengeful spirits in the house, but find no traces of any murders. They check Annie's phone and find a ghostly message with no originating number. One of the ghosts, Haskel Crane , enters the parlor where Annie and Bobby are sitting and adjusts a chair.

When they try to get his attention, he ignores them and Bobby tries to move something again and fails. Haskel dismisses them as amateurs and informs them that he's been a ghost for 80 years. They compare notes and Haskel says that he was stabbed in the house in When Bobby asks who did it, Haskel refuses to answer and starts to leave.

Annie appeals to Haskel's better nature and he suggests that she start small with a candlestick. Bobby and Annie both try without success and Haskel tells them that they have to let go of their frustrations and calmly tell the object what to do. When that doesn't work, Haskel tells him that his alternative is to unleash rage and tells Bobby that he's a pathetic excuse for a ghost. A female ghost suddenly screams and charges at Bobby, and then disappears.

Haskel says that eventually all of them deteriorate until there's nothing left. Dean and Sam come into the parlor and Annie tries to get their attention without success. As they leave, Annie wonders where her body is and notices a female ghost, Victoria Dodd, watching them. They talk to her and realize that it was her voice on Annie's phone. Victoria asks them to free her but before she can answer, Bobby suddenly disappears. Outside the house, Dean drinks from Bobby's flask and Bobby's ghost reappears in their car.

Quentin tells them about the house while Bobby tries to move a lantern without success.

Meanwhile, Quentin talks about the owner, Whitman Van Hess, who lost his fortune and let the house become a bordello. As the brothers start to leave, Quentin notes that Annie was there earlier and asked about the house, and he warned her to stay away from the house because it isn't safe. Sam and Dean check into a motel and go over the old newspaper clippings. Dexter murdered several prostitutes who worked at the house, escaped, and then returned to the house and was shot to death.

While Dean takes a shower, Bobby tries to calm himself. Two of Debbie and Dudley's friends, Brian and Jesse, go to the house that night and film a video as a warning about their friends. When Dean gets out of the shower, he discovers that the words "Annie trapped in house" are written in the steamed-up mirror. Dean calls Sam in and asks who is there, and the faucets turn on by themselves and the word "Bobby" appears on the mirror.

Dean realizes that Bobby is there and they realize that he's attached to the flask. The brothers head back for the house. Dexter appears in the hallway and charges at the two teenagers, insisting that they shouldn't have come there.

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When they try to run, Whitman appears and tells Dexter to stop. When the boys thank him, Whitman rips their hearts out while Annie watches from the shadows. Whitman complains that Dexter tried to warn them away and that Whitman has enough victims. When the convict tries to leave, Whitman destroys him in a burst of golden energy. Once Whitman leaves, Annie goes to the bodies and tries to grab their camera. As Victoria appears, Annie realizes that she can't grab the camera and asks Victoria for help. Prepare the Way Prepare the Way! For the dead and the living.

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Mozelle I met Mozelle in the twenty-second year of my life. Sweet By and By Sanford F. Baby, I just been missing you. The Jesus Song I was sitting on my porch last evening singing songs and feeling high. How you been? Put on a good show! She sends the shadows dancing with the fading light.

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A man had better keep his wits close and his eyes shut tight. Just truths, untold. Climbed castle wall just to gaze upon blue, felt your song there. They bleed into water and sink far below.

Will this heart of stone ever yield? The ax is already at the root of the trees. Seen the faces in this town?