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In turn allowing the children to understand the potential underlying reasons for the strong emotions in the book. View all 3 comments.

What I don’t get about ‘Not Now Bernard’

Nov 27, Becky Sparkes rated it really liked it. This book is all about a boy called Bernard who is very neglected and never gets attention from his parents. This is a good book about teaching children the importance of inclusion and not ignoring each other. As a result of being ignored from his parents Bernard was eaten by a monster.

Drama activity: Jeremy Kyle style show- have Bernard and his mum and dad and get the audience to ask them questions. Jun 16, Lydia De Pedro rated it liked it. Bernard is ignored repetitively by his parents and is ended up being eaten up by a monster. It is repetitive and an easy read. Bernard has a problem, as he has found a monster in the back garden, but his parents don't listen, as he tried to tell them that theres a monster and he needs help.

He goes outside eventually by himself and that doesn't go to plan, as his parents are simply to busy to listen to their son. Sep 20, Jasmine Longworth rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-books. I really enjoyed reading this book and I think children would really enjoy it and find it humorous. After discussing it and looking into the deeper meaning it provides an interesting insight into children experiencing neglect.

Nov 21, Ebony rated it really liked it. This book escalated quickly. Jun 12, Megan Ledbetter rated it really liked it. Short and simple book which is effective when working with children because it portrays a clear message.

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His parents are ignoring him so much that he goes into the garden and gets eaten by a monster, they fail to notice this has happened to him. The pictures throughout the story are really effective and work alongside the rest of the story. Sep 20, Fiona Hill rated it really liked it Shelves: picturebooks , ks2. Sad story about a boy whose parents ignore - but a good message for parents and for children whose parents perhaps do ignore them to relate to - but also you would have to be sensitive about this too.

His parents don't even notice when Bernard turns into a monster and children could discuss what the monster actually is. Aug 29, Nisha Patel rated it really liked it. Not now Bernard! This picture book tells story of a young boy named Bernard trying to gain the attention of his parents to warm them of the scary purple monster in the garden.

However, his parents are too busy and preoccupied to take any notice or have any time for Bernard and his warnings. Bernard carries on and he tries his luck by visiting the monster in the garden which leads to an unfortunate end, he gets eaten up by the monster! Following this delicious meal the monster enters the house an Not now Bernard! This story initially seems quite frightening, possibly making young children quite scared and cautious in finding out what maybe lurking at the bottom of the garden.

The adult reading this story will be able to read between the few sentences within this story and see that it is actually about a young boy whose parents do not have very much time for him. In terms of literacy and with helping young readers, the repetition of words can help with recognising sounds and letters, as well as the use of pictures to help describe what is going on within the story. This was a great story with a touch of humour and can involve the whole class on the carpet as children are all able to get involved with the catchphrase "Not now Bernard!

Most definitely a book that can be read many times over and over again, just as I did when I was a student in the classroom. Sep 01, Iram Ditta rated it really liked it. Not Now, Bernard is a story about a boy called Bernard, who seeks attention of his parents, but in return receives, Not Now, Bernard! Bernard feeling fed up ends up going into his garden where he encounters a monster, who ends up eating him.

Bernard's parents fail to notice that Bernard is no more and in fact they are speaking to a monster.

David McKee

Towards the end we are left questioning, do Bernard's parents ever find out that Bernard is no more? Short, simple story being the perfect read to Early Years Not Now, Bernard is a story about a boy called Bernard, who seeks attention of his parents, but in return receives, Not Now, Bernard! Short, simple story being the perfect read to Early Years and KS1, allowing the children to engage in the story easier.

Illustrations are colourful and vibrant, exact opposite to the story which is sad tale of a neglected child that ends up being eaten to his death. The story would provide an excellent source of teaching for teachers as it allows them to introduce and explore the themes that are used; 'feelings' and 'respect'.

Adding to that, it would provide a great class discussion where the class as a whole could discuss and answer questions such as, what does it mean to be kind to others? It's a good opportunity in making children from a younger age to understand about being respectful to others. However, teachers would have to handle the subject carefully because there could be children in the class that could relate to Bernard and end up getting upset. The story provides a useful education source, as it can be successfully used in a literacy lesson, where children can develop their writing skill, for example writing a continuation of the story.

The story isn't only a useful read for the children but also adults, as it brings into light an important lesson about the consequences of our actions. We as adults become so engrossed in our work that we may unintentionally neglect the needs of our children and the story clearly portrays the consequences that our actions can have.

Oct 04, Emma Butler rated it liked it. It is a classic story that has stood the test of time.


The story begins with Bernard saying hello to his father, however the only response he receives is "Not now Bernard", he then finds his mother to say hello, but is left with the same response again, his mother ignores him when he tells her of the monster in the garden. Feeling dejected he goes onto the garden but is eaten by the monster.

The story continues with the monster taking on Bernards role in the family, he eats his dinner, and watches televison and goes to bed with his bear. Throughout the whole story the only response Bernard receives from either of his parents is "Not now Bernard" This is a very short story, with simple easy to read language, there is no more than fifteen words on each page, this will keep children interested in the story.

The repitition of the phrase "Not now Bernard" engages the children as they can join in with reading the story in a class setting. The illustrations are bright and colourful and very eye catching. The illustrations are a great benefit to younger children, if they are reading on their own the illustrations can greatly aid them. I believe children would get great enjoyment out of this story, based on the fun pictures and the silly situations. It would be a great story for children learning to read as they will come to recognise the repeated words.

On a deeper level this book holds a message for adults and parents. We can sometimes get preoccupied with work and other activities and neglect the needs of a child, however the moral message would be lost on younger children.

Not Now, Bernard by David McKee

I think this book would be suitable for children from ages two till six. Aug 21, Pally Chohan rated it really liked it. Not Now Bernard is a classic story which has been popular amongst primary children for many years. The story is about a boy called Bernard who is ignored by his parents, who simply do not pay him attention and do not acknowledge his presence. When he is trying to tell them about a monster in the garden. Poor Bernard is then eaten by this monster, who then takes the place of Bernard in his household. T Not Now Bernard is a classic story which has been popular amongst primary children for many years.

The monster is simply ignored as is Bernard and we are left in suspense of, do they ever find out that Bernard is no more? The story is short and simple. It is full of vibrant imagery with very bright colours. The style of the text is large and this makes it easier for children to read. The text is repetitive which is perfect for those who struggle to read. The pictures also tell the story, this also makes this story ideal for either low ability or key stage 1 as children can guess the story through the pictures. This is particularly useful if children are reading within a group and possibly struggling with the text as they are still able to understand the story.

Is there a reason why Bernard is ignored?

Not Now, Bernard, and Other Monster Stories

How important is it for children to tell the truth? I really love this book by David Mckee! The title of the book is what is repeated in the book so it is perfect for children with English as additional language. We meet Bernard at the front page of the story. Bernard gets no luck trying to get mum and dads attention they are too busy doing jobs so they tell him "not now Bernard". Bernard seems to be seeking attention when decides to tell Mum that there is a monster in the I really love this book by David Mckee! Bernard seems to be seeking attention when decides to tell Mum that there is a monster in the garden that's going to eat him.

Mum obviously thinks this is another story and continues to give the standard "Not now, Bernard" as a reply and this continues. Bernard then goes into the garden and says hello to the monster thinking the monster will take some notice of Bernard.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

The monster does, but not in the way Bernard had expected because he eats Bernard up. The monster then goes indoors and is distracting mum and dad by roaring, biting and breaking one of Bernard's but mum and dad don't even notice the monster as they are thinking its Bernard and continue to say the same line to him: "not now Bernard". The book ends with the same line because mum switches the light off while the monster is in Bernard's bed.

His most famous creation is Elmer the Patchwork Elephant which is now published in more than 40 languages and has its own successful global merchandise programme. His drawings were influenced especially by Saul Steinberg and Andre Francois. This was published by Abelard-Schuman in and the version David re-illustrated in was re-issued in by Andersen Press.

David has written and illustrated over 50 picture books for Andersen Press including 24 original Elmer stories. View other formats and editions. Bernard's got a problem. He's found a monster in the back garden but his mum and dad are just too busy to notice. So Bernard tries to befriend the monster Loved by children, monsters and adults for thirty five years, David McKee's iconic picture book is celebrated in this special anniversary paperback that includes embossing and a free downloadable audiobook.

It's so powerful, it's so funny, dark - it's everything. That to me is the number one kids book of all time Little ones will love and recognise all too soon! Added to basket.

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