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The working platform is about 20 m above the surface of the water to keep it out of reach of high waves. Jack-up platforms are used in depths of up to m. Semisubmersibles Semisubmersibles are used in deeper waters and are typically towed to site by tugs. They do not have support legs, and instead have giant pontoons with ballast tanks which ensure the center of gravity of the floating platform is as far as possible below the surface in order to maximize stability. Semis can either be anchored to the seabed using a minimum of eight special anchors or kept in position by a computerized dynamic positioning system, which controls the thrusters propellers to ensure that the rig remains in position over the well even in high seas or during heavy storms.

Semis can be used in water depths of up to 3, m. Drill ships Drill ships can be used at depths of over 3, m. They have the added advantage that they can simply transit from drill site to drill site under their own power. This makes them ideal for exploration, since often only a single well is drilled at a remote location.

As with semisubmersibles, the vessel is held in position by anchors or by dynamic positioning. All of the above drilling vessels can also be used as production platforms if moored permanently. They can be used to drill additional production wells or injection wells and bring them on stream. Most often however, a dedicated wellhead or production platform is fabricated and installed. To develop a large oil field, drill rigs use directional drilling techniques.

This technology dispenses with the need to build a separate production platform above each well. The animation shows an offshore field with three directional wells drilled from a single platform so as to tap the deposit as efficiently as possible.

The oil and gas industries are highly capital intensive and it takes a relatively long time for the capital employed to deliver returns to investors. The total duration of a project, from the start of exploration for hydrocarbons, through to field development, production and the decommissioning of a production system is known as its life cycle. This can last for anything from several years to decades. The process begins with exploration in a frontier area. This phase usually takes between one and seven years.

During this period initial geological and geophysical studies are carried out, and the first exploration wells are drilled. If they are successful, additional appraisal wells are drilled to determine the size of the discovery. During the initial development drilling the processing facilities and any required export pipelines are constructed.

Hydrocarbon exploration

Production and export of oil and gas usually starts as soon as processing facilities are available, and frequently before completion of drilling all the planned production wells. The production phase can continue for several decades, depending on how prolific the field is.

A field is nearing the end of its economic life when some wells are only producing small quantities of hydrocarbons together with very large amounts of water. Then the task is to decommission the installations properly, and restore the surface to its original state. In oil and gas industry parlance, the term "abandonment" refers to the plugging of exploration or production wells: Every well that fails to encounter commercial quantities of oil or gas, and every production well that has reached the end of its useful economic life has to be safely plugged. Well abandonment is coordinated with the relevant authorities and landowners.

It has three main aims To prevent oil and gas from escaping to the surface;2. To permanently prevent water horizons from mingling, and in particular, to protect them from oil and gas bearing horizons; and3. To restore the surface to its original state. Decommissioning a well involves plugging the artificially created access to the oil or gas formation perforations with a special cement, which is injected into the tubing under pressure.

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The well is then mechanically sealed steel structure with special plastic seals. Next the well is cleaned to ensure that there are no more traces of hydrocarbons in the pipes. Depending on the geological characteristics, the well is plugged with additional cement plugs measuring at least m in length.

Finally all the metallic parts are cut down to a depth of 2. A plate is welded on top of the well and then covered with a large slab of concrete. This in turn is covered with a layer of topsoil to recreate the natural terrain, and the site is returned to its owner. In Austria, well plugging is subject to statutory regulations. Research in exploration and production is geared towards the development of environmentally friendly and economic exploration and production methods.

Three-dimensional seismic has been in use since the late s. This exploration technique uses wide arrays of geophone and exciter positions receiver and vibrator points. The result is a three-dimensional image of the subsurface. Home Our Business Upstream Exploration.

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For your recommendation a second click is necessary. Before your consent, no data can be transferred to Facebook. Before your consent, no data can be transferred to Twitter. Before your consent, no data can be transferred to LinkedIn. Search Geoscientists use a variety of techniques to discover traps. Geology and Geophysics The science of exploring for oil and gas is called petroleum geology.

Rotary deep drilling Drilling a well requires a drill bit that eats its way through the earth's crust and long pipes drill string , linking the drill bit to the surface. The most important piece of drilling equipment is the drill bit. There are two types of drill bit: Roller bits usually consist of three cones. For companies involved in the construction of deep drilling rigs, EDPSolutions supports the development of deposits with even higher efficiency keywords: low-cost principle, slimhole drilling.

EDPSolutions is a qualified service provider supporting onshore companies and offshore companies in the construction of deep drilling rigs and the development of deposits for oil, gas and geothermal production in addition to providing highly flexible project support.

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Enjoy the benefits of personal, expert support for your onshore and offshore deep drilling projects. Keywords: companies in the oil, gas and geothermal industry, service expert for major industry, petroleum and energy companies, drilling companies. Customers Companies in the oil, gas and geothermal industry We support your success to help you make discoveries EDPSolutions is the solution for national and international large enterprises and oil companies that require support in the planning and implementation of exploration projects in order to meet the demand for oil and gas. National and international corporations Oil exploration companies Gas exploration companies Offshore companies Onshore companies Geothermal companies Mining and tunnelling companies Deep drilling companies and drilling firms Oil industry companies Gas industry companies Generating plant operators Energy companies Energy service providers Government authorities, cities, municipalities Plant operators Institutes, public authorities Technology companies.